For the people that don’t do Sunday Church attendance

church sunday attendance

Not everyone fancies going to church on a Sunday. While some have credible reasons, others don’t. My friend’s rationale encircles the general opinion among his peers being that churches heap an uncontrollable number of hypocrites worse than the members of the country’s Senate and House of Assembly put together.

My other friend expounds the adage-like sentence that sort of deduces in the form “Going to a church doesn’t make you any more a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car”… something along that line.

And while I’m the last person to take their sides seeing as I’ve only intentionally missed church for less than maybe 5 times in my entire life, I’ll say, on behalf of them, even regarding them as reference points for all others that wouldn’t be bothered about Sunday Church prep, I’m using this medium to employ those that do, to kindly keep their judgmental horses to themselves (their words).

And in the light of comfortably sitting on the fence as regards that, and also to persistently ignite the hope of salvation buried deep within me, every once in a while (Sundays perhaps), I’ll cull up some things I read sometime that could inspire someone to utter some words in prayer, or just to feel glad about the day, or their existence, or someone else’.

The reason behind this is really simple – You don’t know what could be of immense help to somebody, whether interested in being in a community of believers sunday-ly, or not.

Using Devotional Guides to Compliment the Church

When I used to follow the devotional guide monthly, The Word for Today (TWFT), each day on the book, I’d always want to gobble up the pages. If you’ve ever had to read a day’s guide on TWFT, you’d understand.

There are different writers for different days I think, and each of them had the same style of writing -partly humorous with relational story cites before the “word for the day” would hit the meaning.

For almost a year I never had a direct source for TWFT. Occasionally, different people would meet me and serve me a copy for the following month, randomly. I never asked for it. But then, you know, like most good things, it came to an end abruptly and I had to search for copies with no luck.

It was only months later that I got to discover more of the powers embedded in a smartphone. If you have the kind of Bible App as mine, “YouVersion”, you’d agree it answers a lotttt of spiritual questions. Think about anything that has to do with God and that app has got it.

Do you need to read the Bible for a year? Do you need a bible challenge? Do you need a kid’s Bible version (or a kid’s devotional)? Do you need verses in audio/podcast/video formats? Do you need just a verse for each day mailed to you at whatever time? Do you need it in a different language(not talking about the available 50+ translations), say Yoruba?

Now if the concern, like mine, is for a daily devotional read, what kind of messages do you need? Grace message, heart-lifting, praise, worship, broken heart, family message? If you want particular guides – Joyce Meyer, Our Daily Bread, John Piper?

There are tons of everyone’s favorites! You could have
an audio message of your style preference by your favorite minister delivered to you anytime – when washing your mouth in the morning, or cooking, or while eating, in the toilet…

Notice all these activities take little time? You could choose your messages to be brief.. or in parts….  Need I say more?

When I was a little consistent with the daily devotional reads, some messages that I thought had brilliant sequences with brilliant flows and relatable meanings, I would screenshot, so I can always go back to ponder over them (and marvel at their accuracy).

I always smiled when I did read them again no joke. In subsequent weeks, as I said, every once in a while (Sundays perhaps), I’ll share those short articles (usually about 100 words) I’ve read and screenshot over the years that I can still find, that could inspire someone in some way.

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  1. The Word for Today is still being published( I’m currently using one). It is indeed a favourite of mine. Sadly I cant profer supply solutions because I get my supply from a pastor, who I dont know how she gets her supply.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Its a lot scarcer than it used to be. I’m ok with my online devotionals tho. But I know not everyone likes soft copies of material.
      Thanks for reading dear

  2. YouVersion is the best ever. I bless God for accidentally stumbling on it. Everythung you said is on point. Currently following an amazing daily devotional.

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