There’s Something About Writing

there's something about writing

If you are not a movie person, you would miss the subtle pun in the title. I coined it from the movie, “There’s something about Mary”. The 90s romantic comedy that had Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz in it. I watched a lottt of movies growing up. This also matched my book reading hobby. I read a lot of books. […]

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How would you wish to meet your partner?

If you were to create the perfect scenery for how you would meet your partner, what and where would it be? How would you choose to meet the one you’d want to share your time, moments, happiness, tv episodes, money, liberty, waffles, shower… Say you’re given some paintbrushes and then acrylic paints or just some crayons. A mug with a […]

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The Personalities of Love and Passion (+ a review of 3 Screenplays)

For the purpose of the love season we’ve gotten into, there are three screenplays I’ve offhandedly selected here to which their love connectivity will be reviewed. I’ll take you down the path of a few of my favorite love stories re-enacted into movies, and we’ll see the plot and the different ways the male characters in love reacts. First Love Screenplay- Friends Friends […]

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