Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

A couple of times I’ve had what started out as a good gift idea, but soon before the gift idea caterpillar matures into a gift idea butterfly, the exact reverse metamorphosis happens such that, rather than burst open from the gift idea cocoon into a brilliant beautiful gift butterfly, it returns badly into the gift idea caterpillar it had originally been.

Even worse it could somehow disintegrate into dead matter. This is the stage where your mind would have shot down all possible traces of idea loading by being too critical and specific about the gift choice.

What is the Ideal Gift Choice?

This, I have come to realize, is less of a big deal than we actually make it to be. As much as a gift should make some sort of meaning to a person, I believe we confuse the act of giving with the actual gift itself.

When you try to measure the worth of the gift so much so it comes with a responsibility to madly function in the life of the recipient. Like speaking to the gift to “go and make a difference”. The gift with a mission! It no longer functions to make someone’s day brighter, but to solve a problem.

Not like solution gifts are defective gifts. But when the gift comes with that kind of mission statement – like to rationalize deeply into whatever occasion it is required, then to provide a package that would unravel the profound thought process of the giver – for example, a china cooking bowl as a wedding gift, though mindful and intentional, they often result in generic and rigid gifts.

Gift Ideas that are Casual, Warm and Smile Provoking

Bracelet: There are specifics in kinds for either genders but here, the intention is for items that could pass for either sex. Bracelets make for excellent gifts. Some men like to radiate the feeling of being easy going and not uptight. That’s the attitude that’s stirred up from common bracelets. For the lady, a bracelet wouldn’t compromise a minimalist fashion.

They’ll only add to the suave of the final urbane look. Even better are the bracelets that come with inscriptions, or charms. But take note to obtain the ones that could be clasped or hooked, to avoid the bland appearance that would become of the bracelets that are simply wound on the wrists like bands, after they’ve been stretched past their elastic limit from continuous usage.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Are not So Cool

Remember also to stay clear from giving wristbands as gifts. For me, they are passive and ordinary looking. Wristbands have a cheap, thoughtless feel to them especially when branded, or are the end products of a campaign.

Fit band: Very close in concept to the bracelets and bands is the Fit band. They have the appearance of a slim wristwatch and they display digital clocks too, though their primary function is to monitor the BPM/Pulse rate and steps taken.

Synced to your phone, the steps taken would convert into distance covered (km), and with this, your active energy in kcal would be estimated to give you the important metrics for your fitness/exercise activity. If you’re not aware, we are in the era where peace of mind is the new kind of cool, and your health status could keep you at bay or unrest.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

Imagine gifting the source of these functions to a person with an acute (or not) consciousness for fitness. I even failed to mention how it tracks your phone calls and text/social media messages. This gift has a sophisticated look that could match just about any outfit. It would give anyone a sense of self awareness.

Though a bit pricey (N7,000 – N50,000), this will give the highest reading on the appreciation meter. The focus here is on actual fit band with/without multiple features, not smart wristwatch.

Water Bottle: You’ll be surprised that this isn’t even targeted at the insulated water bottles or hydro flasks that are seemingly functional as they could be pricey. Instead, this is pointing at plain containers with the absence of vacuum or double walls for insulation (against heat transfer), implying that your hot water stored will turn cold in less than 2 hours.

So it’s really just a mug with an airtight cover. When it can be a desirable gift is when it is fancifully packaged and compact.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool
like this, simple and handy

An example is this kind (picture above) that has the outer layer on a rubber spread while the actual container is made of a glass. And the lid of this bottle performs double functions, where, asides closing the opening, it acts as the handle for the container.

This is a lovely gift because it has little stress at managing and handling. However, any other kind of fancy water bottle is appreciated.

External/Bluetooth speaker: What do you know, this mechanical gift would make for a glorious music experience in your homes or selected venues. Not only is this an exceptional gift for any gender, it also can carry a broad age class.

A teenager would find this worthy just as well an adult would, for more music impact. This could be an expensive gift, but there are brands that are easily affordable. The difference would be the quality of the listening experience.

The higher the quality (interpret this as price), the better the playback effect and connection and the sounds that would be produced from the device would resonate every of the artist’s intended sounds in detail.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

You may assume you would promote a noisy environment if you shell this out as a gift, but don’t overthink it. Everyone tries to find better ways to hear the music they enjoy louder.

WiFi modem: Granting this as a gift proves a really grand gesture. One UNICEF statistics revealed that there are presently 60million Nigerians connected to the internet. So it’s not a secret that a supply of the medium for internet data source, which is a Wi-Fi/ Mi-Fi modem device, would always be a good first start to please anybody.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

This is a substantial gift as it’s the right amount of expensive for a loved one or someone special, but I’ll discourage it for a friendly gift because it tends towards prohibitive expensive.

Goofy Tee-shirt, Sweat shirt or Pullover (Size L/XL): I believe anyone would have a need for any of these at some point. Since they can always be perfectly paired with jeans, they would always make for the ideal go-to outfit. A large sized shirt will fit the average male/female comfortably.

For a person with a smaller physique, the shirt tends to be loose-fitting, which would still trend in fashion as well as stay as snug as a bug in a rug. Goofy tees are cool in every aspect. What is especially alluring is how you could even customize a plain tee to a text print or graphic of your choice.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool
Image source: @tee_shirt_designs

A gift card: if you’re the kind that’ll rather give a gift of an experience, a gift card is the one way you could achieve that. It’s like finding out a friend desires to travel to a certain state, so you provide an all-expense paid trip for the person. Only in this case, it’s a little less grandeur.

Here you may simply grant an opportunity that otherwise would have been missed. A N5000 gift card of 2hrs at the nail salon or N2000 gift card for a certain bookstore of the person’s choice. There are gift cards to comic stores, even for grocery shopping when coupons are limited.

Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

Though this is somewhat of a lazy gift since you’re less confined to the torture of gift idea brainstorming. Nonetheless, this gift would always leave a good mark. This is because, usually, people feel less guilty (happier even)  indulging in spending sprees and frivolities when they aren’t footing the bills themselves.



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