Idle head is a Personal & Lifestyle blog, and the tagline “i think anything” refers to the possibility of idle chatter. This blog is about my life’s journey, personal opinion, and then things that I find beautiful and should love that they are appreciated and promoted.

Idle head is simply to express how I live my life differently from how you do, and then getting wrapped up in yours. Even though I may not live long enough or travel enough or associate enough or be wealthy enough to have cognizant of various cultures, products, items, events, I can be a part of them by relational experience through this blog.

Essentially, in God’s love and mercies, I just want to live, enjoy, learn, and then find ways to humorously express them. And I’m winning because I can laugh at almost anything and I’m an internet enthusiast!

If you still want to learn more about me, here are some of my private confessions.