What to Consider First After Buying Your First Apartment

2 Things To Consider First if you’re About to Own Your First Apartment

Are you a potential first-time apartment owner? Or are you building a budget for when you would move into your own space? I’m hardly the expert on apartment sorting, but having lived in different house scenarios (with family, with multiple roommates, with only a single roommate, flatmate, independent single rooms, now independent one-bedroom), I have a good sense of different […]

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This Present World, Technology and Ideas that would blow your mind!

The world is a bigger and smarter place than it used to be in the last decade or century. And this is considering almost everything you can possibly think of, not just a single aspect. I’m talking in terms of materials, humans, structures, nature, flowers, chemical elements, knowledge, ideas, etc. Now, there’s a whole lot more information to process, technology […]

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