Have you encountered love at first sound before

I don’t think there’s anyone that regards “love” like I do; the whole concept, idea, and enchantment of it.

From the instant of the romance to the little planning details, the stumbling on a nickname, the ceaseless giggles over (seemingly wasteful) phone calls, the embarrassing blushes when friends start to tease..! Simply put, if you have the faintest idea of what I can do while in/for love, you’ll call me crazy. Because crazy is as crazy does. When are you content with being single?How I Encountered The Sound of Love

I met my future boyfriend in the bus 3 weeks ago today. I don’t believe in love at first sight and I’m always prepared for a speech if you intended to go there, but it happened.

I was captivated, struck, and lost for words at my spot. Not like I needed to say anything at the point, but I certainly wasn’t supposed to droop and look ugly and dumb like I was.

But what else could I have done? The moment I spotted him, I felt my heart glide into back-flips. (And then I eventually did the world’s creepiest thing. I’ll get back on that (or you can just guess what it is and continue in that line of thought and pray he wasn’t your brother or relative).

What was perplexing about the whole episode was the whimsical nature of the attraction. I wasn’t entranced by reason of some dazzling features he possessed.

Though his entire look was admirable, he wasn’t all that. In the bus, there were markedly 3 stunning men, 1 being my seat partner and another his, one with really trimmed hair, straight to his chin.

But what singularly endeared me to future boo, was the sound of his laughter.

I don’t care so much for physical features as I do for overall appearance. That is, I’m not wild about facial appearances as do a lot of people.

Not that I didn’t care that he had the looks of what I assume peanut butter would look like if it were a person, but primarily, it didn’t matter.

Infact right now, nothing should matter because even though I’m somewhat single, I’ve willfully emotionally blanked myself. Meaning crushing on anyone is futile and improbable.

It’s like my mind has romantically shut down. Why not? When all I do is question the essence of dating, feeling rather like I’ve gotten tired of men.

I said ”somewhat single” because I haven’t been able to define the relationships I have going on with my two unsuspecting good men.

I’m at this place in my life where I’m not eager about getting into strings of unenthusiastic flings just because.

I’m cool where I’m  at, no need being with someone I’m not crazy about in ALL respect or one I don’t feel truly proud or confident about with ALL my heart. Even if he is good people.

But future boo sounded like he deserved ALL my heart and wouldn’t do anything to affect it badly. The sound of his laugh was tranquilizing and enlivening and spoke volumes about his character.

He sounded like he was assertive, opinionated, and had a good sense of humor. My top 3 must-have qualities in a guy. I stared at him for an undisturbed 4 mins.

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He kept his hair in a little neat inky-coloured afro (it had tight baby curls) and he had a faint dimple on his right cheek, his side that I could see.

When he smiled, which he did too often, you’d notice his lovely dentition.

His outfit was lit also. He was dressed on a professor jacket, the one with the patches at the elbows, over slim jeans.

And while on the phone, he kept touching the back of his neck and leaning a little forward like he was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be heard. Dude! We especially can hear you! can’t. block. sound. of. voice!

To add the cherry on the top, the fine man beside him was having troubles reasoning with the conductor for his balance.

Future boo stepped in and I heard him decipher an algorithm that proved Laplace Theorem as defective, to his seat partner who then nodded in agreement and apologized to the conductor.

Where is this man from?!

Future boo actually only just said the fare (but his tone and tact.. he could have just been explaining matter relativity)….  Fine seat partner presumed the fare was lower.

We were in a bus going to CMS, from Ikeja, (mainland to Island). As the bus was approaching the last stop I knew I had to save his features in my head somehow.

I was seated at the back seat (row?), he was at the penultimate. It was possible I may never see him again, even the people seated around me.

Somehow that got me bold. So subtly I did what I had to do which i haven’t ever done in my life. I lifted my phone and clicked.

Yes, I snapped him. I’m a new kind of creep.

So you can imagine my shock when I saw him on the Island yesterday. On my path. Walking to the bus station. With that same dreamy smile.

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  1. loool
    You know that feeling; when you can percieve the aroma of all of your favorite meals but dont have them before you. Thats how you make me feel when i read your blog.
    *****I could be drooling for more***** Thank you.

  2. Ah,there’s nothing like a tale of budding romance to spice up one’s boring Tuesday evening. XD

    I’m keen to see how this pans out, you’ll have an interesting “How I met your father” story to tell your kids.

  3. You had me at ‘the sound of his laughter’ – for some reason, I just smiled because I totally get this.
    For real.

    I soo get the connection, doubt I would have been forward enough to snap a picture.

  4. I have a question how did one of “the fine people” end up sitting next to you?? and then…..

    and this is one week later have you freaked out your future boo yet?

    I “met” my voice crush on bus field trip. There was nothing extraordinary going on until she opened her mouth to sing…. oh my word….. her voice vibrated at the natural frequency of my very heart I swear… never saw her again, dont even know her name …. but she sang the way I imagine would sing

    1. I only noticed he was fine because he sat beside me so I could get a clear view. The other passengers were probably also just as fine, I didn’t see. Lmao I saw only mine and his! That was how attentive the love was! I still have my eyes on the ground for when I’ll see him again. I wish I do. fingers madly crossed! Don’t scare me with your “…never saw her again..’ bit

  5. 😀 aww… This got me smiling and to believe it actually happened! So maybe someday you’ll get to speak with him and show him the picture 😁 (hopefully he wouldn’t freak out…no, I’m sure he wouldn’t…it’ll be adorable).
    And by the way, you got me imagining how peanut butter would look if it were a person.. Thanks! 😂😂😂

    1. I wish that! That I could meet him and speak to him somehow. Hopefully, like you said, he wouldn’t freak out. Please let him not 🙁

      And Oh yes! Peanut butter goodness!^^

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