He is the Facebook founder but also a movie actor

Free Samples is this movie I watched for the first time in 2012 and enjoyed. I’ve seen it a couple more times afterward, even sometime recently. It’s one of the inconspicuous movies Jesse Eisenberg has played in. He is the Now You See Me actor that played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, the Facebook movie, in case you aren’t sure exactly if Jesse’s name rung any bell.


His movies, for me, are enjoyable. If you can just ignore his know-it-all smirk and smug-edgy profile roles, which makes me think he characteristically selects movie scripts for the kind of movies he wishes to be seen in, as so far he’s basically opted for roles where he’s been captured as witty, introspective and cheekily super-smart, which really is how he appears to be outside the movie world. I’ve watched him being interviewed and wow, he’s just so eloquent and driven you’d appear diminutive if you were together with him. He’s that type of friend you may just want to yell hi from a distance but walk faster so he doesn’t catch up with you.

Forget his presence in movies like American Ultra (a highly-trained CIA killing machine agent. Can you picture that dude acting super tough with guns and kicking stuff?!) and Batman vs Superman, he doesn’t always go for high profile movies. Infact some of the movies he’s played in, even recently, are low budget indie films that didn’t get lots of buzz on the internet. He was the lead actor in Why Stop Now, which I doubt you heard about or seen. A 2012 movie where he was a piano prodigy. See him go on the piano. He was just… sigh. Free Samples too, is also one of those low-key films.

imageHis role in it was little. He wasn’t a lead or a supporting actor, still, a significant role. If you haven’t seen it and you’re the car-chase, less talk-more action kind of movie person, don’t bother seeing it. It’s a good movie, but it’s kind of slow-paced, in a good way. But i know there are few people like me that can enjoy such.

It’s one of those movies where the entire span of the movie was just played out on a day. You’d see detailed activities that directors would normally skip. Just like when you see a character in an office setting scene, of course you know he took a shower, picked an outfit from a rack of clothes in his dress shelf and then drove to work or took a cab. We don’t need to see all that to believe he does all that before getting to work every day. Do you get?

I don’t know how to give reviews about movies, but here’s one I read about this Free Samples movie that resonates well with me and I think it sums up pretty much how the movie is.

535th Review: A nice small movie about honesty and ice- cream…. 6 /10
Free samples is what an indie movie should be: small, quirky interesting, more character than action – about real life rather than just imagination. It’s a film that requires little effort to enjoy but is full of little vignettes that leap off the screen. All in all, I for one enjoyed this more than many big-budget movies: the characters have something to say, the comedy is nicely observed, it’s well shot with a great sense of slacker pace about it and it has a charm of its own. Seriously, a nice gentle comedy set around one day of looking after an artificial ice-cream van (so free samples) with some vitriol in the exchanges – the whole thing comes across as ten times more honest than most comedies and this is one I would warmly recommend.

Like it already?
The point of this movie advertisement is just to relay a conversation that ensued between Jesse (Tex) and Jess Weixler (Jillian, the lead actress. the movie was about) in the movie.

Jillian: You got your masters in literature right?
Tex: Yah
Jillian: Ok…answer me this…
– If I avert devotion then I’m faith-less
But if I’m filled with hope then I’m faith-ful
Tex: Yea.. that’s right.
Jillian: Ok
And if I go to the dentist for like a simple cleaning then that’s pain-less
But if I get a root canal then that’s pain-ful
Tex: Yes
Jullian: Ok. Now.
-If I do anything to get what I want, then that is ruth-less,
But if I actively don’t pursue anything, then is that ruth-ful?
Tex: snickers I see
Jillian: Do you?
I mean who’s this ruth person and why does her name work in one context and not another?
Tex: err… I don’t know..
.. but i will have an answer for you tonight!
(he’s asked her on a date 2ce but she kept negating).

His reply
(Over dinner that night at a Mexican restaurant)
Tex: erm… oh… ruthless.
It’s not actually based on errr a conniving woman named Ruth. It’s actually a variation on the word rue as in R-U-E which means to have compassion or pity for.
So if you are ruthless, it means you have no pity for or unto others.

Boring? I’m sorry. That’s actually all I wanted to point out. Lol. I like that part. It was a twist. He explained it by defining it which ofcourse she wasn’t expecting. If you watched (and not read) that part and saw the facial variations on him and his super-fast talk thing in that scene alone, the overall awkwardness and her smile all through as she listened and realized he looked the word up in a dictionary for her… good movie.
Again I’m sorry. Carry on with your day.

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  1. Hi Oluchee,

    Ah, Jesse Eisenberg has such brilliant depth, it’s so amazing. I half suspect that the reason he’s so good is because he really isn’t acting at all, that’s actually how he might be in real life. I feel the movie characters are simply an extension of one or more of his personalities. 😀

    After watching “The Social Network” I recall reading an article that mentioned that he had OCD and social anxiety difficulties in real life.

    I enjoyed the wit in that conversation between Tex and Jillian, I love indie films too because most of them aren’t run-of-the-mill plots. Now, I want to watch Free Sample.

    Very nice review!

    1. Thanks dear.
      Someone else feels Jesse! People think he’s a snide actor, arrogant and brutally honest, Almost all his roles, he’s had to slightly patronize his other fellows. I just feel he’s real in a way he can’t totally control.

      Nedu, i can tell you’ve been busy. You only just sniff around once in a while, what with your project and all. Good to know you’re ok. I’m so glad!

    2. Aunty Nedoux, I throway salute o. Otojo meta (its been awhile). Guess you have been busy with your upcoming project. I miss you ma’am fa!

  2. I am not actually so much a movie person except action packed, kiss ass types.
    But this movie review by a twin is nothing but interesting. I like that line of conversation between Tex and Jillian, very witty lines.
    I might go get it maybe.
    Your movie review was great! More please

  3. So Jesse is amazing…the first movie I ever saw him in is “now you see me” and yes I fell in love with his character and with his humor and of course I went on to stalk him…It’s nice to see others that appreciate Jesse…and you should totally check out double, it is an amazingly weird and deep movie, I think you will love it and it doesn’t suck that Eisenberg has the lead role either.

    1. That one! Yea. And then there’s Cafe I hear is amazing. he did with Kristen Stewart.
      ‘Now you see me’ was really brillant, but in a way, it sort of reminded me of Oceans Eleven and the other series of that movie. I wonder why

  4. Lol not boring at all. It’s cool. I love-hate Eisenberg. He’s so cool but I just hate that smirk on his face like he’s laughing at s private joke in his head.

    1. Exactly how I mean! But then I’d remember he’s the voice of Blu in the animation “Rio” and I’d just love him again

  5. Yes, I really enjoyed to hear that name, but I still believe and know that Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook

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