Do you want to be a hero? A Typical Fallacy You Should Avoid


“After all, who doesn’t want to be the hero of their own story?”

So this is what is wrong with that statement – Hasty Generalization Fallacy!

A hasty generalization occurs when someone generalizes an experience from examples, not evidence. Also known as hasty induction or overextension, it is a form of jumping to a conclusion. It’s easy for anyone to do, especially if you’re not fully informed, but it can be harmful and misleading.

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Not everyone’s aspiration is to be the person who “did it” for themselves, in their lives, in their career, in their personal agenda, and all and all. Honestly, I would rather have myself up on a couch and be fixed up by a different person other than myself.

Let my car run when I start the ignition, and don’t make me check if the radiator has any water left. Let the gas in my cooker still be alive when I try to make a meal. Let me come home to a ready-made bed with puffy pillows….

Some days, I get angry at my washing machine, for no absolute reason other than its technology being part-way, not 100 percent, not AI, not robotic as I would wish. I want ease in every aspect – good enough the washing machine takes away the stress to wash, but not all of the laundry stressful process. I still have to manually fill the machine tub, and monitor the process. 

When the washing is done, I will have to manually take all the clothes out, and set them right. Because I do not have a dryer, that means I still have to get all those clothes to the drying line. And then another monitoring, before I get them back into my room fully dried. I will have to organize them in my wardrobe before I can fully say the laundry process is completed.

Back in the days of pre- washing machine era, during laundry days (every two weeks), I had a laundry man. Without any sorting, I stuff all my dirty clothes, including bedspread, pillowcases, and towels, in huge shopping bags about 3 or 4. The laundry man takes them away and delivers them in 3 – 5 days dry cleaned, ironed, and sealed in nylons. I don’t even have to undo any. I pick them off as arranged when I need to wear any out. 

So what do all these mean?

I don’t necessarily wish to be the hero in my story. If I am, then that’s fine. If I’m not, I will not work towards it like a mission.

Not everyone wants to be the hero of their own story. I’m fine, you can take the medal. 

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  1. There are certain tasks or roles that I find quite difficult to delegate to man or machine. This is due in part to the phobia of not handling it as I would.
    Yes, I could teach some persons or model structures on how to do it like me but what I fear most is their resolve and will to carry out that task with every discipline as I would and be in sync with the motivation within me every time.
    For context: If I found the cure for hunger, I want to be the hero in that process.

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