Apartment Vibes: How Have I been Living?

Apartment vibes

Spirituality has not been something I express but I have so much depth for my religion. So much so I regard some episodes in life as simply messages from God.

For this, I don’t believe in coincidences. My belief is everything happens for a reason and it’s good to seek out the ‘whys’ when we are unsure. Many scientific theories and factors in humanity like psychmind over matter, tend to place the world above religion, but that does not debase me.

When I moved into the apartment I’ve only lived for ten months (and counting), I started to see positive progress in my life. The first time I made a connection of my luck to my apartment, I laughed. I imagined to myself that I had become like the locals with apartment vibes.

The October I moved, my next-door neighbor was welcoming and good-natured as she reeled off the little history of the building. She told also about my flat, hers, and the other 2 flatmates residing in the building. It was a four- flat apartment.

Tales from the loop

It wasn’t like gossip. She coined her tales like an inside story. I took an earful of all the lowdown like counsel and I appreciated it. She had only known me for less than 2 hrs and she was sharing already. With time I got to learn that she was a trader. She is petite in size with two toddlers and she does not appear above 30 years. 

I‘m not the type of person to indulge in people’s lives and practices so I knew I would never have known all she was telling me except by chance.

Interior decoration: How Have I been Living?

My mum and sister would live in a place for a week and already know everything. The shoe size, the extended family, and the number of female relatives the neighbor 2 houses down the street has. They called it “studying the environment”.

When my neighbor wrapped up the tales of the good and bad conditions of the building, she talked about next door. The apartment adjacent had been vacant for years. She continued that, if a place is vacant for that long a time, then it becomes something to pray about.

She chipped in also that she believed she heard about a death in that apartment. Implying something like “Strange things keep happening in that house. People don’t stay there for long. That is not a good thing”.

She drew back to our apartment and pointed out the reverse. Her information was clear – I was in a place where I would find good apartment vibes. 

A month after my move, or later that same month, I got staffed at my workplace. No one ever saw it coming. This was eighteen months after I had begun to work there. I was not even praying over it. It was something I and a few contractors older in the business than I was, gave up on. 

In a month after the huge house move, I was no longer a contractor but a full-time staff. A process that should take 6months, the least. But after one year of zero feedback, it was thought of as an episode that will never develop, and it was forgotten.

For some reason, I felt like I should celebrate my house move. That period, though people talked about how bad the road was to my house and how remote the area was, I knew I was going to keep the apartment. They had the same concerns I had against moving in, but it had brought me luck.

Apartment vibes

Three-quarters of a year later…

Now after more than three-quarters of a year spent, I would say that the apartment vibes is far from the best. I had already nursed the idea of a second move before my dog started reacting badly to ticks three to four months after settling. That sealed my decision. It was so bad that I thought of giving her away at some point after I had tried almost everything I read but didn’t work.

I never got the vibe of the vicinity and I was getting more worried and sad living. This is not to say it isn’t a beautiful apartment because it is. I’m an incredible interior decorator and you would hardly find a better decorated house in a mile radius.

But my allergies kicked in terribly because the area has a lot of dust. I wasn’t hosting people as much because it was far from everyone. At some point, I stopped trying to get people over because I felt I didn’t want their cars to ruin while coming over. The road trail was mercilessly bad.

In a space of 4 months, every single one of my plants died. About 6 or thereabout. Some plants that had even lived for a year and even thriving when I moved in. Even the impossible to die snake plant and the palm. At first, I thought it was because the place lacked humidity but when the palm died, I knew it wasn’t a humidity problem. Palms stay outdoors and go months without nurture and survive well. The weather just… wasn’t…

House Vibes: How Have I been Living?

Much ado about Apartment Vibes

About five months in, I got a beautiful SUV almost for free and it got me exhilarated. This makes me wonder during some quiet moments if there was an association with the apartment or it was simply my grace.

I have a month left for the apartment vibes to switch before I have to renew my rent, or not. I sent word around about my need for a new place and I have agents looking out for it. Guess what, it’s a month left and I haven’t seen any new prospects. On two occasions I had gone to inspect some places but something went wrong with the agents and I saw nothing.

I’m trying not to see this as a message. Because again, everything happens for a reason.

Apartment Vibes: How Have I been Living?

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