This Present World, Technology and Ideas that would blow your mind!

The world is a bigger and smarter place than it used to be in the last decade or century. And this is considering almost everything you can possibly think of, not just a single aspect. I’m talking in terms of materials, humans, structures, nature, flowers, chemical elements, knowledge, ideas, etc. Now, there’s a whole lot more information to process, technology to keep up with, and data to analyze.

You can say some big moves:

  • Inventions like juicers are used comfortably to extract juices from fruits and vegetables.
  • There’s been a convenient movement from VHS to DVDs, now to easy downloads with mobile devices.

There are gender ultrasounds, projector devices, AI, blockchain, push-button cars, and so on. All for smarter living.

In a Times article, research even explained how human beings today are inches taller than humans just a century or two ago. We have an improved diet when compared to previous generations. Even chickens, another article said, are bigger today than they used to be 60yrs ago.

What didn’t matter before has consequences if ignored in this age (e.g., social media to communicate back-to-back across worlds in seconds). And what mattered in the past leaves little to remember, let alone keep tabs of now (say, cyber cafes, BBM).

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The Technology of the world

Nowadays, how people are open to sharing information is even different from how it used to be in the old days. This has nothing to do with whether it’s too much information or not.

For someone whose first urge to a throbbing question is to search for a solution on Google, most times, I’ve been more surprised than relieved when I obtain the answers I desire. They are usually more broad and vivid than I prepared for.

So when people get skeptical about typing in questions they believe are too ridiculous to produce answers, I assist by letting them know that Google has almost all the answers. How? Because it’s an advanced model built to support this advanced world.

Besides, google would never judge the stupidity of a question. At the least, they’d provide identical answers if the question was truly stupid.

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The mind-blowing Ideas of the world

It’s funny how no matter how you come up with an idea independently, you’d find that oftentimes, the idea is not fresh or unique.

This is because not only is the world bigger, it’s presently more advanced, as has been said over and over. So the rate of assimilation of facts and knowledge is quicker, and people are madly taking advantage of it.

When overturned, however, the advancement is causing so many ideas to come to us that all we do is think of better, simpler, and more embracing ways to refine them. Leading to yet more and more ideas.

That’s why ideas that would have been perceived as silly and ridiculous in the past could definitely be sought after for their richness and relevance now. They would sell, and they would sell big!

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The world’s evolution?

Technology and advancement would not wait for anyone or even beg to be pardoned. Sooner than later, we’d emerge in an “eat or get eaten” era. Or a refined phase of survival of the fittest. Only it’ll be “survival of the reachest”. For the ones who reached further and then became rich.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s really not about those who have the most ideas, knowledge, or resources. It’s about the ones who built skyscrapers, bridges, likes, and followers out of those ideas.

Try viewing some of the world’s inventions and innovations on video sites. Most sci-fi documentaries, Artificial Intelligence models, and human efforts toward creating an enabling and easy lifestyle through machines.

Type this on youtube, “Guy uses camera to zoom in on moon,” and the 1:37mins video will instantly blow your mind, I promise.

The evolution of the world has really gone a long way and still is.

So the question now is, individually, are we evolving linearly alongside or getting stuck in stunted growth and primitive lifestyle?

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  1. This is something my dad and I were discussing this evening. The truth is the world is evolving and getting more technology advanced. We can’t decide to stay where we are, we have to move with the flow to see growth.

    This is the reason why people need to update their skills, develop crazy ideas, think more, do more and use all there is to your advantage. It’ll be bad if the world moves quickly and someone is still in the 90s.

  2. I am definitely evolving linearly. Gone are those days when we depends on other to have a knowledge of things. Now we have instant knowledge at our fingertips and it’s such a mind blowing thing.

    Lately, my search for knowledge scares even me. But then, what can one do?

    Such an interesting piece.

    1. What can one do!

      It’s scary to think that if we, as individuals, fail to advance, it’s purely our faults. Not society, not parents, not circumstance. Knowledge at our “fingertips” makes room for almost any category of people to excel or make themselves relevant regardless.

      Like we are personally accountable for our happiness

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