Why You Should Buy Items You don’t Need

You know how you may wish to compliment your homes with those extra items, but soon decide to leave them out, for the fear of incurring additional unnecessary expenses? The supplementary items would have moved you from an economy class level of comfort/ satisfaction to a 1st class level.


You would think it would be an over-and-above surcharge that could break the banks. And so you conclude that the worth of the items does not justify the budget.

Here’s Why You Should Buy the Extra Items

For those pieces, electronics, utensils, elements, components, or units that you may wish to purchase, even though they do not serve key fundamental purposes around the home/room, and you could live without them easily, here are some reasons why you should go ahead and get them anyways.

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Let us call them superfluous items, because, well, they are.

#1 Superfluous items keep you productive

Some scraps or pieces let you remain alert and tracked. Some even go-ahead to keep you organized and aid to plan your day.

In a few homes, there’s this oversight on timing/ tracking devices. No hanging wall clocks, or positioned digital clocks. No calendar, not even a desktop/table planner.


As much as you get to save a few bucks from not having to purchase a clock simply because you own a wristwatch, or could make do with your cell phone’s timepiece if the need ever arises, the traditional mounted clock, or calendar has not lost points in usefulness.


You will find that, when it is available, you would look at the clock multiple times in a day and allow yourself to measure and regulate your activities accordingly. You would unconsciously be aware of time spent idly, or time spent gainfully. It’s just the way it works with clocks. When it’s available, it’s conveniently utilized. Yet when it’s absent, it’s quickly forgotten.

The calendar would save a bit of time by helping with rapid planning. The one without the kind of distractions the phone/tablet screen would provide if they were to act as alternatives.

#2 Superfluous items keep your spirit and mood uplifted

It’s possible to find elements that could keep the spirit in a relaxed state. One of them is sound. The right sound can heal the soul, mend the heart or edify the spirit. Music gadgets around the home can contribute to driving in a conducive atmosphere.

A conducive atmosphere does well to keep the mood in check. The right mood can generate the right attitude. Right attitudes can build positive results and induce positive chain reactions when it’s transmitted from person to person.

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Not only do music gadgets bring this form of mood-lifting, scented candles and incenses do too. Incenses, even, have been known to provide a special kind of “high”. It’s not only sought after for its mood-lifting properties alone, but the fragrance, as popularly acclaimed, helps in fighting depression and fostering tranquillity. Fat guess on what can be achieved with these benefits.

#3 Superfluous items keep you healthy

Additional comfort might seem like an unnecessary luxury until you learn the dangers of its neglect. One that comes to mind instantly is the insecticide. It can be sold at exorbitant prices in the market, but its objective cannot be negotiated. How many times would you swat the mosquito against the wall? Or clap your palms in the air?


There’s also the blanket which has a price almost or more than twice the price of bedding. So we try to sleep away the cold by cuddling ourselves. Rather than squeeze out the money to purchase or find ways to improvise.

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Another would be the provision of a fire extinguisher around the house, but that seems like overkill. So let’s not go there.

#4 Superfluous items promote organization and reduce clutter

For example, as simple as the ice-cream dish may seem, it can serve various purposes asides, well, ice-cream dishing. It could be positioned on tabletops, kitchen counters, bedside tabletops, and most flat surfaces to be employed as a mini organizational tool.

Why You Should Buy Items You don’t Need

Say, they can be used as forms of fleeting storage medium for small-shaped objects, mostly the ones used daily. This would avoid litter on flat surfaces as best as possible. And also save lots of time in searching for these objects. Especially how easy it is to lose those kinds. Keys, wristwatches, rings, bangles, hairpins, earrings, cufflinks, pins, needles & threads.


Not only ice-cream dishes, but other items could also be bought and positioned at angles around the room to capture objects from disappearing, or just collect objects from having to cause a cluttered mess. Bedroom dustbin, laundry basket, foot mat, trays, etc.

#5 Superfluous items build engagement and style

Lush items have a way of gently forcing sparkle, color, class, or warmth into a room. They not only enhance the appearance of a space, but they enrich the atmosphere also. You could move instantly from an envisioned dull character to intriguing, just by the addition of an artifact to your wall, or a vintage item at a corner.


A curtain holder or curtain buckle could genuinely upgrade the style of a room with ease. A picture frame would not only revamp the outlook of the room but could also serve as a conversation starter. Talk about a dream catcher and the likes. 


Many more superfluous, yet needful items could make life a lot swell, but we focus on the price tags more closely than we may have to. How about if we let loose on the piggybank keys, just for some moments in some months?!

If you have more ideas on examples of such items, please do share!

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  1. Babe….I grew up always having a wall clock and calendar in the house… I cannot not have them now that I’m grown… but I’ve done away with wall calendars and use table ones instead….

    Going by your list, I guess ‘I am superfluous enough’ Don’t know if this example counts but for number 5, hubby hung up a dartboard in a corner and I thought it wasn’t useful… but I find me using it when I just want to ‘play’and guests are drawn to it as well

    1. Dartboard is so cute, it’s always an attraction. A good distraction at that. Only someone inclined to pretty peculiarities would think of having that around. Thank God for those few! I’m loving hubby already.

      Thumbs up for keeping up our clock and calendar!💪🏽☺️

  2. If I ever buy something I don’t need and make use of it, then I definitely need it. Me I am fund of buying stuff I don’t need and never need…

    1. You could buy something you don’t need and make use of it. But are you sure you need it “definitely”? If you don’t have the item in particular, I’m sure you would still be satisfied with how things around you worked anyways. The presence of the new item just helped elevate the comfort?

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