Why do you have a blog, and what makes you write?

This is the first period in years that I’ve left my blog just go for months without updating.

To be honest I really did not want to. But I see other bloggers do it. And I just wanted to have a feel of what it was like to not have to worry about being here. Would I feel guilty, like I was letting someone down? Was I selfishly withholding value-adding information? Would someone check up on me? Do people even really care about the lifestyle of others, as per, being a lifestyle blogger?

I was starting to feel the blogosphere wasn’t really how it used to be. This blog doesn’t get the kind of engagements it used to, even though I’m consistent-ish. (I was.). The bloggers I used to interact with, my pioneer blogging community, about 80% 95% have all gotten retired. Haha. I can bet you reading this, you’re new-ish to this blog. (And I love and appreciate you). So now, my findings…

For what it’s worth, being away was not necessary. It didn’t prove anything to me. I just itched to write and then forcefully held myself back. And that makes no sense because why withdraw really?

Granted a part of me was feeling resentful towards this blog and I was going through a couple of rethinks. I’m not earning via this blog, I never had. But I renew the hosting yearly. But I give a lot of thoughts to my write-ups. But I give myself a restrictive timeline for posting. But I give my time judiciously to make content. Tbh it’s dispiriting.

Oh well. It sucks that I love this blog. And I love writing. And I love engagements. And I love the feeling of making contributions. And I love having to make myself accountable. And I love the drive for consistency and how it shapes me. And I love that having and keeping up with this blog has taught me a whole lot, and I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way.

So cheers to a hiatus-free blogging experience once again.

Oh my God, I have so much to write about! Something about a car. Something about a dog. Something about a house. Something about a process to promotion. Something about salary raise. Postsssss loading.

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  1. Hi there, I am not new-ish , but I myself stopped reading blogs and even when I do ,I just read and go.
    I truly relate to your thoughts as regards your blog, I stopped talking about my blog to people because I started to feel the pressure of spending so much time creating content and not making money from it. Especially as I don’t have a stable source of income to support me. But I just can’t give you on it so I renew my hosting even if I haven’t posted in ages.

  2. Dear Oluchi,

    I feel your pain. Why consistently put effort into something that does not get the attention it deserves. On the other hand, why not, after all what is important is the joy you derive from doing it. This was such an honest post (I am sure many bloggers can really relate) and I genuinely admire your consistency with your blog posts. Well done Oluchi, we are rooting for you!!!!

    1. Thank you sugar. What’s interesting is, I actually earn from writing, which is the by product of having owned this blog. And I’m more consistent with updating the content of others and getting paid for it. So why does “home” suffer? It shouldn’t be so.

      Thanks for your sincere empathy.

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