What is your prayer for 2017

What is your prayer for 2017

My prayer has always been to be on the lookout to improve my prayer routine. Then on 11/12/2016, a passage opened. I made a new friend/guider. This happened after I stumbled on a then-recent blog post of hers where she promised she’d genuinely assist anyone in prayers if only the person would write to her and request for it. We’ve exchanged emails since then. This was my first email to her, and these are my prayer requests for 2017.

I’m Oluchi. I’m a Nigerian. You won’t believe I only just came across your blog some minutes ago, and I’m willing to take a chance to do this because I really am in need of prayers as I struggle to find the time to pray. I’m covered in shame right now to admit I barely have a personal time with God, and if I have to be honest it’s really not a problem of time. I’m typing this now, I could easily just pray, but I feel too lazy to. Please how do I get better? one

A lot has happened to me this year, and in all, I give utmost thanks to God. But I have this need, to be productive in my doings. As minor as it may appear, it’s something I wouldn’t want to take with a kid’s glove. Now, I need to feel like I’m adding value to myself mostly. I haven’t felt that way, I don’t want to say in forever. I want to feel that I’m being useful, that my time is being spent wisely, and that I’m having to live consciously. That I can manage to influence a section of the society, even though minutely. How can I get there? two

I constantly feel like I lack focus and discipline, and I want that to change. I don’t want to have to get into the new year feeling inadequate and ill-prepared for good surprises, and that’s likely to happen if I stay the way I am today. I don’t want to engage in a project and quit midway like I’ve been known to do which is sad. This I need prayers for. three

This question I keep having to ask myself, “am I doing enough?” The answer is usually negative. I’m not 20 yrs anymore and I feel I should put more effort into this my personal life business. Into growing -mentally, spiritually, socially, academically, economically, and even physically. These are all achievable, with bits of sacrifices and dedication I know, and I’m willing to give into them. So do I really need motivation for this? I’m aware motivation is not a gift of the holy spirit. How do I then build it into my daily regime? four

Most importantly, I want to hear God. I want to actively feel his presence in my life. I worry a lot about so many things and I just want, sometimes, to feel a hand on my shoulder or a calming word in my heart. Most times I don’t want to move ahead because even though I’ve prayed, i dont know if it’s the path God would want me to take. I don’t know because I haven’t heard Him say, and I don’t have any assurance my decision is His decision. There’s no way to know whether he placed the thought in my heart or it was as a result of logical deduction. Please, help me. five

As common as those points may be, it saddens me to think I lack them and I may stay with a hollow heart with their absence in my life. I know they won’t manifest at once, but I only want to feel the growth daily and constantly, the only way I can feel any sense of accomplishment with my life. I know those are selfish prayer points maybe, but how would I love another person if I’m never able to love myself first.

This mail to you is just my way of holding Phil 4: 6 & 7  to the guts.

Kind regards

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  1. Be careful for nothing but in all things through prayer and supplications, make your request known to God and the peace of the lord that super-seeds all human understanding will dwell in thy heart…..i just prayed for you even though the mail was not meant for me

  2. Wow. It’s like you read my mind. I have been feeling most of the above, but I know with God all things are possible.
    I pray that God guides and helps you achieve everything listed above and more.

    Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks dear.

      I pray that God guides “us” and also helps “us” achieve everything listed above and more.
      <3 Happy new year Sugar

  3. Oluchi… This prayer is fromone sincere heart to another sincere heart (moi). I feel you buddy… Especially the “i am no longer 20 part”… Time is going… Buh I know God hears our prayers.. He is a good listener.. So heres to a better us hopefully in this new year…

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