How you should care for your hair to prevent hair breakage

How you should care for your hair to prevent hair breakage

Although I keenly subscribe to acute participation in hair care to prevent hair damage and I even very well observe hair routines, I’m not one to go wacky over hair care and hairstyles, especially now with the spotlight on natural hair, what with the hair teams, societies, the supporters and rivals, the channels. It’s now a serious matter, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the fact that sooner or later, a course will be introduced for those who’d want expert certificates.

But yesterday, I observed something after washing my hair, and I thought it would be nice to share with most new nappy subscribers, because it might help, even if just a little bit. A little backstory, my hair’s been natural for more than 2 years now. Length’s good and I make sure the hair is healthy. Around the time I went natural, there wasn’t any hype about natural hair as there is now.

True there were few blogs and YouTube channels, but there are blogs and channels for most things whether trending or not. I started off being a product junkie, which in hindsight, was just wasteful and ridiculous since I big-chopped my hair. I only stopped the junkiness because I couldn’t afford to keep up. Only after reading blogs for better understanding that I realized I should stay un-junkied, and stick to a regimen, which till date I’ve stuck with, and hair growth’s been decent thus far.

But Breakage!

Not only is it painful to see such amount of hair loss while combing your hair out on WashDay, but it’s also frustrating, especially when you actually combed your hair gently since all those bloggers say To prevent hair breakage, Comb gently; and you used a wide-toothed comb while at it, because those same bloggers said Use A Wide-tooth Comb While at it. And you pre-pooed minutes before wash-time, because you know, they said so, and you tried to detangle properly before all of those, because That’s how It Should Be.

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Still, when you pass your comb through your hair, and stretch it out oh so gently, you still see heavy hair strands on the comb’s tooth, and other strands scattered all around the bathroom floor. More hair care, more combing, more hair out. All the time! If this happens to you, why?

Because you’re improperly detangling!

Yes. You know this already. But some people don’t.

In all the blogs I’ve read ever, not one said much about this whole detangling business. They only just say “Detangle your hair, ok? Ok,” and it ends there. 2 years later and I’m only finding out what the deal with it is. Don’t be like me. Yesterday was the second time I think I did it right because I noticed again the smallest amount of hair loss after washing and combing, as I noticed at the previous washday at my first proper detangling.

How it works, the Logic: Strategically Detangling.

When you take out your weave, or braids, as long as you keep the installation on for a week, or over, there will be slight undergrowth because your hair works to grow daily even if you don’t see it, right? Mostly observed with braids, the undergrowth appears to push the weave/braid further away from the scalp.

The tip of the hair braided/weaved initially at the root, no longer is at the root, but slightly away, because now, with the undergrowth, there is a new root. Thus, where the new growth meets the start of the braid (the point that used to be at the root), it forms a little knot(or crease?), even though unnoticed. If you keep your hair for longer than 3 weeks you’d notice though, because that’s the first point that’d heap visible dirt as it gets slightly sticky.

If you did not understand that, skip it. Just as the Bible would say, here’s the conclusion of the matter

When you take out your weave/braids, especially if you have 4c type of hair like mine, you should strategically detangle before washing. Now, to strategically detangle, I mean, you have to separate your hair, lock by lock, from the roots, kind of like you’re trying to tear a bag open with both hands, only now you just use the thumb and index fingers of both hands, and you pick  few strands at a time (or locks) and gently try to unwind them from the roots. Preferably, the hair should be moist, but not dripping wet though.
Alternatively, you could use only your index finger to trace through the hair, from the roots to the ends, lock by lock (just like a little less than a handful of hair at once. The smaller the size of the handful/lock, the more effective the detangling power. So in other words, please make it just a few strands at a time). Make like you’re trying to part a red sea and you want to see a clear pathway. And that’s all!
How you should care for your hair to prevent hair breakage
I saw this pic on google. She is not making like she’s parting the red sea, but yea.. same effect!

It doesn’t really take a lot of time like you’d imagine it would, seriously. As your hair would be moist already, your hair would slip through easily. It will hurt when pulling the strands apart if the hair is dry. The slightest lesson in hair care.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I never knew this too until last week after I did a two twist strand. I hand to detangle for two days before I finally washed and I noticed less breakage.

    I did not know same applies to weaves and braids though. And I’m glad I read through this piece. Quite helpful

    1. Thank you. We usually skip the littlest things that could go a long way to help. I can’t also imagine I’m just learning this now

  2. I just bc’ed but am sure it will come in very handy pretty soon, as I intend to start braiding already.
    You are not a product junkie? List five products you are currently using on your hair just cos they are really necessary

    1. Leave-in conditioner. Coconut oil. Castor oil. Olive oil. Eco styler gel. (In that order). I get them first before looking at other unnecessaries.

      (Awww you just bc’ed)

        1. Shampoo is meh to me. Sometimes i skip it altogether, or just co-wash more regularly instead. As per, use a moisturizing conditioner.
          Cost? Well… less than 4k. Estimate

  3. Ndi naturalistas I hail una. Hair breakage happens to all of us though, sometimes even worse for those of us with processed hair. I’m saving this tip.

      1. Lol!
        I don’t like saying relaxed hair cos my hair does not relax. It just imitates the straight look for a week before going wild.

          1. I wish I could go natural but my hair in it’s full wild glory is not something I’m brave enough to take on at this point.

      1. Lool. It’s not new but, it’s a huge reminder. I forget my hair for days and then start wondering why it’s all matted up at the roots. Now i remember why.

    1. You know this! And the way they talk about ‘Steps to retaining length’ would make anyone convinced its because they don’t cook their hair with egg and honey and onions treatment and all of that causes their hair to break! 😩😒

    1. My dear… don’t let us talk you into it so that someone else won’t succeed at talking you out of it. When you’re bored of the creamy crack (lol), you can decide to experiment with this virgin hair business. You get? Lol

      1. Lol! I get purrfectly. I’m awed by the many people who have chosen to go natural and have stuck by their decisions. You guys are the real hair heroes!!! 😍❤️😘💁🏽

        1. The unsung heroes! We right here! 🙌🙌

          Lol thanks hun. Nwanne, its just interest plus patience plus target plus time plus energy. Skip one, and you might go crazy with frustration. <3

          1. Lol, that’s a whole lot though. It’s why you guys will always have my respect and admiration. 🙌🏽😘😍👏🏽

  4. I love your blog! How come i’m just knowing about you!
    Sometimes i’m stuck not knowing if y hair is growing or not. Detangling my 4c hair is one major reason i don’t allow other people to lose my braids. I like to take my time.

    1. Yea…I’ll like to say I take my time too……but, well, yea uhh ….

      Bunny you have an amazing blog! I had to quit going through the posts for now so I don’t feel bad I’ve had many bad shopping months with bad shopping wisdom

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