Work Register: This is how the trouble continued at work

Work Register: This is how the trouble continued at work

If you skimmed through the last post, you’d know I’m supposed to come up with a reply concerning the certification exam, which I only candidly gave some thoughts lately, and found no charming deduction. Now some people would be confused as to why this can even be anything to lose sleepover.

In fact, in one light it seems as though I’m being given a free ticket to a career promotion in such a little time and all I have to do is write some damn exam and pass. And that’s true, but only if I intend to continue in this line of industry. It is an interesting and challenging one but do I really want to switch careers?

So my boss said it was only a suggestion, it wasn’t something I needed to think about if I didn’t want to. That I have big girl pants on and could surely make out an imposition from an option. He thought from his observation of my acts, I could do better than the position I’m at, and he wanted me to take advantage of my surrounding.

He said you don’t always have to wait for doors to open first, sometimes you walk right up and knock on the doors. He tried to ask if I liked what the company was about. I was under no pressure to come up with an answer, he just needed to let me know he’s considered it for me, and he’d like that I did the same for myself. The decision was all up to me.

This is how the trouble started at work

The weekend passed and I had barely given it a minute’s thought then. Come Monday, while I was in the kitchen trying to make some coffee, this boss strutted in with his breakfast to microwave. I almost moon-walked out, but he was blocking the entrance. We shared pleasantries, after which he asked if I’d considered what we discussed. I said, “not so much”. (There was really no need to lie). He said, “OK”, and started to tell me about his weekend. He also has some exams to take. These exams happen twice in a year, April and September, meaning they all have exams before the end of this month.

Also to say the vibe at work lately has been intense and cheerless (in a motivational way if I must say). When you don’t see them on the computers doing work stuffs, they’re usually with a bunch of papers trying to pass through ridiculous formulas as they study. Sometimes I get to the workplace around past 7 am and even at that time, a couple of them would be gathered around the conference table, scribbling, and calculating. Some stay till past 8 pm to study, after close of work at 5 pm. Good sight I tell you.

Now he went on to relay how his weekend went, studyingly. lol. He had to come to the workplace to study on Saturday as he does sometimes, and he ran into his colleague, my other boss, who also came in to study. These are Senior Actuaries that earn over N1million in a month, and have wives and kids in the house.

So boss 1 and boss 2 got to talking and my name was mentioned. Boss 2 says he’s thinking to suggest I join in their exams but he’d want me to settle in first, since the next exam is by April. Boss 1 tells him he’s thought the exact thing and even approached me on the issue and now he’s awaiting feedback from me. And there I was in the kitchen inches from his face.

I tell him I feel honored to have been on the minds of such good men with such good intentions (lol), and I will thus give the suggestion a full session of brain-racking. He gives me a warm pat and leaves with his meal. Come lunchtime the same day and I get descended on. Boss 1 and Boss 2 walk up to my desk and boss 2, since he hasn’t spoken to me about it personally, begins first to relay his thoughts extensively and I keep having to nod in compliance.

And it was weird because I was sitting all the while they were standing. They did not also forget to remind me that I was under no pressure, but not before telling me I needed to make up my mind sooner so I could register sooner and get a head start on the materials and questions/answers, should I choose to do the exams. Oh, and by the way, I get to pay all my exam fees myself but they would be there for moral support or questions of any kind. Then they leave together.

I’m perusing everywhere on Quora searching out for anyone with similar work-academic confusion. I’m googling websites and random topics I found in one of the company’s directory concerning the course. I’m skimming through eBooks, making lists of Pros and Cons. I mean, that’s just been my life for days now, and it’s not remotely funny. I think this is called mental suffocation.

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  1. To be honest.
    To be VERY honest. I think it is great they are pushing you. It’s so easy to relax, rest and not think about all this, just coasting day to day. Its easy and simple. But time keeps going. And there’s something i heard someone say, “we never stop progressing, We are either moving forward or backward”.

    1. That’s what I thought too. Because they don’t have to, and whether or not I write the exams, it makes no difference to them. So their selfless interest for my welfare and future is also giving me need for concern you get.

        1. It’s not that easy to be full on. I’m weighing the what ifs. I did spend 6yrs in school studying something, just to turn around and study something else just because, you get. But yea, I’m thinking close to taking advantage

  2. Well on the one hand, it’s kinda nice that they want you to progress and move on. On the other hand, isn’t it weird the way they have suddenly descended on you? Anyway, I hope you didn’t think I had an answer for you oo because I don’t lol. Just hope you get to make the best decision for yourself though.

    1. My point exactly. What makes them think their profession is superior to mine. They could easily have encouraged me to improve at my discipline by taking advantage of the company’s resources, say internet for online courses when the work load isn’t great

      1. Exactly. And it’s one thing to encourage someone to consider something but its another to put so much pressure on you. It just feels weird the way they are ganging up on you over this.

  3. Why do I feel like you’re being stampeded?
    Anyway take your time to think about it, is it what you want? The cost of the exams is pretty steep and the naira’s epilepsy is not helping matters.
    So think and pray about it seriously.

  4. Sorry about the ‘mental suffocation’ (lol).
    I think its great that you are being pushed to explore the limits that you can. I believe you can do it.

    I wish you all the best and God’s grace in the examination. Excel!

      1. Lol. Probably.

        Anyways, don’t feel pushed around. Trust God for the best. Whatever your decision is, it’ll be for the best.

        Perhaps I’m prophetic now.

  5. My opinion. ..You have a decision to make and this is just you and you alone. Truth is I don’t think they feel their field is better than yours .. I just think they feel it’s a step forward to financial buoyancy and you might love it.
    I don’t know why, but I think £125 isn’t bad at all. Just try the exam.

    1. If the exam was easily affordable I wouldn’t have troubles just trying it though.

      But thanks…I like how you objectively analyzed it. Only just yesterday I made up my mind about it, for it. I haven’t even told my bosses.

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