Do You Know the Color of Fabric that best Suits Your Skin?

Who else finds out something real about themselves and feels betrayed by their minds for leading them on the wrong idea for so long! When, what you had thought all the while, hadn’t been what it really was. Like being steadied on a tightrope in assurance. And then having to discover afterwards that the tightrope was hanging on air, as opposed to being fastened at both ends to a firm attachment like it appears. You could be whirled away at high turbulence and miss your balance at any time. When you were unaware, you felt safe and swayed like a cat.

A better example is this. For this part of the world where I’m at right now, where for a larger fraction of my day I’m wishing for electricity, but having electricity is a privilege. What readily comes to mind is when I have to use the flashlight in my phone to make out things in the dark. I’ll look out the window and everywhere would seem spot on serene. And then my sister dashes into the room to retrieve something, and then flicks the switch, and I realize there’s been electricity…

In a previous post, I talked about how pure my detest for the color “white” is. And also how it couldn’t be adjusted or managed in any way, but only to be avoided altogether in my shopping sprees. Now I just discovered that the color “Red” isn’t a flattering color on me either. And I almost have a bulk load of red and red under-toned clothing. Even, I’m pretty sure Red is the most popular color in my wardrobe. Now am I supposed to strike out Red just like I did White?

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Almost a cause of grievance because I have consciously made red the theme color for a lot of my programs. I didn’t even bulge, it came out and unfolded by itself easily. The representation of love is red, and being who I am, you know If you’re not a visitor on my blog, you’ll know that I talk about love a lot). So I was tempted to give this blog red highlights. I’m almost certain you haven’t noticed because it really isn’t that big of a deal – the logo, headers. I had to tone it down a little to brick red, so it doesn’t hit you in the face like that of the Instagram page did at some point (Do follow me!)

My Red Color Escapades

I had a busy month back in December 2017. For the first time I’d gotten to dress up and attend fancy events for consecutive days in a row. So I really tried to look different each day the best way that I could, to avoid color repetition and all of that.

Boy did I achieve that. I had no idea my wardrobe could accommodate my petty selections. I sparkled in themed colors – yellow, red, white, torquoise. Somehow I could have something to pair up the outfit of the day and it would almost look as though I purchased them at the same moment.

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The paring is not about styling monotonously, just selecting a thread tone from the fabric of the dress chosen, and selling it on the accessories I pick. You know how you don’t have to wear blue sandals because you want to clothe on a blue blouse, or purple wristlets (or wristbands) because of the stripes on the shirts are purple colored. That era of fashion has long disappeared. Long long long ago.

Even when you try to go the reverse direction, and maybe pair a red purse with a blue shirt, it could be a fail since color blocking is also a thing of the past. I want to say that you have to approach your fashion game with a bit of tact, but then it’ll sound like someone needs an education to simply look good. (Incase you’re wondering, this is what happens when a friend asks for my opinion on some outfit pair up. It escalates into a training. I go school on cool. This needs to change now in 2018)

But really, just be alert and prepare your mind that, you could offhandedly go for a gold purse on the blue shirt, and it wouldn’t be until you notice they actually look good, that you’ll find that the shirt has an undertone of gold. It could be in the threading, or as simple as the buttons of the cloth. Fashion has a way of making the less obvious blossom at their time.

I attended this fair, and it was after sweats and panic attacks that I chose the jumpsuit that I eventually wore to the occasion. The popular color on the jumpsuit was red. I paired with my beautiful tardis blue colored bag and it was an elegant sight. Did I mention it was an ankara Jumpsuit? Yes! If you’re wondering about the bag color with the red jumpsuit, it did blend well even though the bag color is blue (blue bag on red dress, really? Yes, really). Tardis blue is between midnight blue and navy. I had to look up that color at the time I got the bag and if you’re curious, see here how it pops.

I took satisfactory pictures and the event ended without incident. The next event was a cocktail party and I pegged on a crimson dinner dress, another shade of red though. This time, paired with silver and gold studded clutch purse. But that was the last of the reds I favored from the wardrobe. The other events like the fashion one, I chose yellow & black for one day, and another day it was some torquoise bodycon.

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While I was collating all the pics the other day, my brother asked me why I liked red when it didn’t look good as the other colors did for me. He couldn’t have been truer. Back in the days, Red has been my go-to pick for times I want to appear fashionably conscious (which is almost always all times). Go-to lipstick color and undertones for outfits more than half the time therefore will be red. So I’d just been blinded all the while to notice that it really didn’t do a lot of skin snatching, slaying queen justice to me. What a shame. Remember the time when red shoes were the bomb?!

I still don’t know which color I’d say performs the best magic to my skin tone. How do you find out? Do I have to get clothes of all colors and match them out on my body? Now I have this function to attend. I physically had to stop my hands from snatching the red affordable sleeveless I spotted on a hanger at Mr Price. I huffed and I puffed and I…

What color tickles your fancy? Have you found your color “calling” yet?

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