Apartment Vibes: How Have I been Living?

Apartment vibes

Spirituality has not been something I express but I have so much depth for my religion. So much so I regard some episodes in life as simply messages from God. For this, I don’t believe in coincidences. My belief is everything happens for a reason and it’s good to seek out the ‘whys’ when we are unsure. Many scientific theories […]

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The Steady Horrific House Hunting Experience

The day is here. The last day where I have to secure a place to call my own. By the end of this week, my current house rent would have expired and I’d get revisited by the small guy (caretaker) and then the big guy himself (landlord). Yet I still haven’t gotten word of a good place. Now I’m picturing […]

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My Rookie Experience at Finding an Apartment

Clearly, apartment searching and moving are two activities we’d wish technology could take over while we sip some wine at some corner. You may only understand this if at some point you decided to move out of the parent’s house to a different apartment. If you’ve had to engage (multiple) real estate agents for various apartment listings and undertake a […]

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