What happened at the movie theater last weekend

What happened at the movies last weekend

Something trivial happened while I was at the movies last weekend, and I feel like sharing. One of the days that preceded that movie weekend, a movie was released at the box office that interested a friend of mine so much that all he did was jabber incessantly about it. It was a movie about boxing and knockouts and WBC titles. […]

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How To Approach The Lady The Guys’ Way

How To Approach The Lady The Guys' Way

The lady sat by herself. She’s not so pretty, but she sure is attractive. Not to sound hating, here’s what I mean. First, she literally has big eyes. Second, you heard well, big frigging bulgy eyes kind of like Chucky’s, that evil doll. Third, she got big bulgy eyes with a contact lens. She wore some fake lashes too, I […]

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Ask Me Out Already!

Not to seem desperate but still eager enough for a hangout, you say to the light-skinned guy standing behind the counter you’ve been ogling and sizing up for the past 40mins, “Can I get your number?” You know this is an odd request and there is just a chance of 1 out of 5000 maybe, of actually getting the number. […]

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When the rain isn’t cool

The rain isn’t always cool right? Sometimes this saying, ‘It never rains but pours’ couldn’t be more true. When everything bad happens just once to you. Just all at once. Like minute after minute, you just hear another bad news. Maybe not a minute after, probably like the next day and the day after, but the interval between the next […]

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