The Personalities of Love and Passion (+ a review of 3 Screenplays)

For the purpose of the love season we’ve gotten into, there are three screenplays I’ve offhandedly selected here to which their love connectivity will be reviewed.

I’ll take you down the path of a few of my favorite love stories re-enacted into movies, and we’ll see the plot and the different ways the male characters in love reacts.

First Love Screenplay- Friends

Friends is a sitcom that starred the individual lives and relationships of 6 best friends – 3 males and 3 females – who happen to retire at the end of most work days at a coffee shop. The coffee shop manager goes by the name Gunther.

Reference 1Gunther had this huge crush on Rachael, one of the 6 friends. This crush later developed into love because he couldn’t stand to see her hurt without doing anything about it if he could.

He never spoke about it to her even though he had to see her every other day in over 7 yrs while in his workplace where she frequently hung out with her friends (the coffee shop).

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He kept hoping she’d notice him, and when she never did, he was content with only seeing her frequently, from afar or close by. As his crush/love grew, his intention to be with her grew too, but he wasn’t going to break past his timidity and will himself to confront her of his undying love for her.

Second Love Screenplay – 30 days of Summer

This is actually “500 days” of Summer, a romantic comedy drama about a hopeless romantic, Tom, who falls in love with a non-love believer, Summer. She doesn’t believe true love exists.

Reference 2 – Tom developed a crush on Summer the moment she resumed at his work place as an assistant to his Boss. It tortured him seeing her every day at work that he had to do something about it.

He dated her, even though she was skeptical and not so into it, which eventually led her to breaking up the relationship. Tom was so torn apart after the breakup that he lost his sense of being and eventually lost his job.

He emotionally sunk low but gave it another shot, but she had already moved on by then. She wasn’t interested in being “his”. After his depressive phase, he found a chance at another.

Third Love Screenplay – 50 First Dates

This is one of the most brilliant classics to come to romantic television screens! Here, this movie is about a playboy, Henry, who falls in love with an incredible lady, Lucy, in just a day.

Reference 3 – The following day she, Lucy, acted strangely towards him and from his later findings, he got to know that she had a chronic case of STML (Short Term Memory Loss) and wouldn’t remember any details past 24 hrs.

Every single day was a brand new day for her and every acquaintance was always a stranger the day after. Now, the only trouble was, Henry had already fallen madly in love with her after their very first meeting.

He was advised by Lucy’s father and brother to stay away but love isn’t that way. Instead, for every new day he found new ways to woo her afresh and make her fall in love with him. Every new day for 50 days and more. Wow

The Characters and Their Personalities

Now, I believe every guy in love must find himself in one of the males of any of the above screenplays. At the least, a part of themselves in Gunther or Tom or Henry.

Gunther – The one with the complex, who feels too inferior to be seen relating with someone that appears above their league. He may or may not stand a chance at the relationship, but he resigns to bond with the peers he’s most in sync with.

Whether happy or not, he wouldn’t reach further. He’ll be dignified by his level of self-respect, which would be enough to keep him in his place.

Tom – the one who feels daring and bold enough to take a chance, even though he knows the lady is above his class. He cowers under pity and misery once rejected, beats himself up for trying and probably resolves never to reach beyond himself again.

Then he’ll pick himself back up and then eventually try again.

Henry – The one who would go back day after day after day and keep shooting his shot until clarity sinks in the female that “he” is the one. He’d do all he’s capable of to win her heart. He’ll persist, harass, intimidate, push, struggle and fight for her attention until she gives a chance.

The Personalities and Their Credit 

These different personalities portray how different people could act while in love with another person.

You could play it all back and you’d find credit in the decisions made by each male in any screenplay if you were to reevaluate it.

Gunther, could be thought of as having made a good choice by escaping the real throbs of heart break, and maintaining his place where he’s most comfortable. He wouldn’t have to live under scrutiny of his acts in case he isn’t totally abreast with how to treat a high class.

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He isn’t trying to live a life of pretense and he isn’t trying to work beyond his capability. He knows his strengths and he sets aside his desires to maintain his position of the average life.

Tom is the overachiever, and he gets what he wants by going for it. He has his heart set on a plan and he aims to pursue it for the right reasons. He knows his worth and he treats himself to what good he can get out of position and life.

He’s willing to put in good work and learn the trades of another sector if that’ll mean his getting a good package.

Henry has the qualities that could break a bank. He’s inventive, hardworking, persistent, resilient, go-getter, innovative, arrogant, sincere, hot headed, thoughtful and romantic. He goes the length to capture the needs of his heart and he claims it without fear.

The Personalities and Their Discredit 

If you were to put the various character-personalities in a different perspective…

Gunther spent his life in part misery, not knowing what real happiness could be. For every lady he’d have, I presume he’d feel he was settling, because of the underlying reservation he keeps for the one true love he couldn’t get.

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He never got any closure (Since he never knew if she’d have dated him or not as he never asked). So he was ever reaching, ever wondering and ever seeking.

He never got any answer as he never asked any question. He just loved and wished from afar. The saddest kind.

Tom’s impulsive love sick daring personality almost cost him his sanity and beliefs. He blamed a lot of things and tried to relearn some things too, that love isn’t real.

His initial courage to over reach was trampled on and his self-worth was questioned. He may lower his expectations from relationships in general (lower than should be), and deflate his (essential) ego.

I presume he’d second guess future leaps of confidence. Which shouldn’t be so, and would never have been if he had maintained his class of wit and attitude.

Henry gambled with luck, which isn’t so promising for people all the time. He had a 50/50 chance of being rejected and his proposal not being reciprocated. And this is asides chosing to spend time, effort and resources into an activity that could fetch him a nil as a response.

By playing at the risk of being seen as obstinate and overbearing, he was setting himself up to be hated if he made a little wrong step.


There’s no condemnation of any of these men’s character, just an insight to choice varieties. We can’t all have the personalities to be fearless and bold and resilient and all the good-positive traits a lady may aspire her ideal man to possess.

With history, we’ve been led to act away from our mistakes and learn. So it’s possible a personality had been unintentionally reformed from a previous state (impulsive, irrational, or maybe spontaneous, etcetera) to a new state (careful, insensitive or deliberate, etcetera).

A state that perhaps prevents us from being the ultimate love versions of ourselves we’d rather be. But are we comfortable with the Gunther or Tom or Henry we have been, or we’ve settled with? Would we rather have a different love personality?



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  1. Wow, as I read through, I realize there’s no best personality, all of them had to go through some kind of pain. But I love Tom, he gave his all, fell off, learnt his lesson and I’m sure he became a better person, isn’t that what life is about?

    I usually don’t read love tales but you write so well that I couldn’t just resist.
    Nice post dear.

    1. Thank you 🙏🏽
      I love Tom too. You’re right, that’s exactly what life is about. Fall, dust, learn, rise.

  2. Tom is a lesson for life while Henry is a lesson for love life….but the Gunther traits………..just not cool with me. nice love tale.

    1. Thanks for reading sugar.
      Being a Henry is wow! I wish everyone could watch that movie. It’s so heart warming to think someone could generously, sincerely, playfully and wholeheartedly attempt to make another person fall for them genuinely❤️ no sex. no ulterior motive. Just “like me back please”

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