Music Mania: Idle head’s Best Act of the year goes to…

Music Mania: Idle head’s Best Act
For a more light-hearted read, even with Davido’s newest FIA single, and Wiz kid having internationally won the music hearts of many by snagging the Best International Act at the 2017 Mobo awards; that which happened around November, with contenders like JayZ, Travis Scott, Cardi-B, back home, we know the Act that still takes home our hearts musically! That’s my baby boy aka Kiss Daniel.

Who else, especially “musically selective”, gets startled at themselves for finding delight in a not so profound brand of music?

Music Mania: Idle head’s Best Act

Last month, I remember feeling like Kiss Daniel found his voice. I say this with regards to his leaving his pioneer record label G-worldwide Entertainment to his self built one, Fly Boy Inc. Even though the label title sounds like a name he roughly stuttered to his friends during a hangover from an all night clubbing, and having his friends chorus, “Ahh Chairman! Make sense die”!
Because, asides it being impossible to oppose their super star club VIP ticket, they were perhaps sorting out the states of their brains and stomachs against the headaches and belches hangovers are known for.

“Fly Boy Inc” had to have been generated from that kind of situation, no kidding.

Music Mania: Idle head’s Best Act

Forgiving Kiss Daniel, he’s a 90s son after-all (90s children are positioned to have wild tastes!), I applaud his bold (but stupid, stupid, stupid!) move which may have been borne out of greed and poor advises. He’s one of the only Nigerian pop stars I closely monitor and it used to have little to do with his music career.

Kiss Daniel, desirably known by me as baby boy, challenged my power of sight.

I couldn’t be convinced enough that he wasn’t the same person as Teju Babyface. Yes! Is it just me or do they have similar features? So in the reign of his first appearances on the media, there was a shift of affection from my long time crush Teju Babyface to baby boy. I really wanted to know if there was a connection beyond their doppelgänging.
And lo and behold, that started the phase of my real interest in what we have as Nigeria’s pop music. Before then, I had already lost track of the artists that swooned after Wizkid/ Davido’s pioneering era. I used to think Tekno was a popular caller tune in Tecno phone since that brand of phone was in the lime light at the time of Tekno’s musical breakthrough. But hey, Tekno is an actual recording artist.
Music Mania: Idle head’s Best Act

My sister’s attraction to him, baby boy, also has little to do with his music. Instead, a lot with sympathy and anger, which I could understand. The confusion at Kiss Daniel’s record label’s perceived refusal at granting him collaborations with other artists. There can be no denial that the offers haven’t been presented.

Kiss Daniel was (and still is) a hit machine, and even while an upcoming artist at the time, he got popularly loved enough to be awarded a Headies. This popularity, seconded by his choice for party-jam music beats, is enough to draw his fellow artists towards selecting him for a feature.

It’s impossible to think Kiss Daniel would refuse to accept because wouldn’t that lead to more growth, fame and attraction? What more would a young Nigerian pop artist want from a music career?

Music Mania: Idle head’s Best Act
Even with his little growth back at his early stage with his record label from his hit singles, remember the issue he had with his manager? The news of not financially rewarding baby boy, but the tightfisted manager only responded by shutting out the media with claims of the singles not being matured, or talks in that nature. I also heard rumors of what Kiss Daniel’s earnings was, and I was surprised a B rated music star could earn less than a quarter percent of the gross proceedings from his acts.

Well, now there could be a new era for Baby boy & Fly Boy Inc, and I can only wish for him to surround and armor himself with sound team and advisers, so he doesn’t pay for his decision badly. But as noticed from his current negative media attacks, he is starting to anyways.

His previous music label hasn’t been the most excited management in agreement of his label uprising, and they have forbidden his rights on the use of the name Kiss Daniel as his contract with the label is yet to be terminated. Seriously?

While I support artists having a state of musical autonomy when they can afford to, I’d rather it was bred out of wisdom. Kiss Daniel’s apparently wasn’t entirely well thought over? Baby boy could be in for a musically rough 2018. Whether we make our decisions collectively, we have to live with them independently.

Nonetheless, “Yeba” is still Idle head’s Party-jam music tune for the year!

Even though you don’t fancy Nigerian music artists all too well, what one artist have you liked that surprised the hell out of you?

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  1. Interesting Read! Love the bits of humor and sarcasm too…..And I have been jamming Yeba since baad2017…it stuck because Adesua danced into the hall while the song was playing….and yes I attended on social media…

    1. We all attend in social media hun. But you invested a lot in BAAD17. I thought I did, but I didn’t even catch the hall in dance song! That song screams “chairman”. I don’t expect it being carelessly used on the streets omg

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