How much do you know about living healthy?

New year resolution and food...

I crossed into this year with a list of resolutions, as usual for any year. One of them is turning to a healthy way of living. I was able to hold up for only about 10weeks, the first weeks of last year (2016). I found it super exhilarating, daring and fun that it propelled my decision to follow suit this year, if not make it a lifestyle altogether.

But one of the ways to turning successfully to a healthy lifestyle is to start by having lots and lots of money. Maybe not lots of it, but have enough for a start. Money doesn’t buy health, but it sure does buy a healthy lifestyle. (Doubt it? try placing an order for a smoothie, and then try another for a vanilla flavored ice-cream. Compare the prices).

Essentially, healthy living basically summarizes into healthy food habits and mindful exercise routines. Consistency in these healthy indulgence requires so much discipline and persistence from a person, you’ll be wasting your time if you took the plunge just after an overnight thought.

It requires deliberate planning! The kind where you take a pen and a little journal, scribble a few notes, then tear out those pages few minutes later in exasperation, only to scribble all over again. You may even have to chew the end of the pen at some point. Eccentrically all consequences of thinking deeply, that kind of real planning.

How much do you know about living healthy

If you make good research, you’ll find that healthy food fanatics tend to complement their diets with exercise regimes. Not as though it’s incomplete without it, but it’s a part of the package, so you derive the entire feeling of accomplishment in a scoop.

If you go ahead and do right by the healthy lifestyle police by brushing up your meals along with the exercise routines, with time you WILL drastically feel differently, physically and emotionally. You will feel lighter as you will lose weight, especially if your meals still add up to the exact calorie intake you used to enjoy.

Typically, if you’re looking to shed some fat, good for you, as you read on you’ll know to ignore money as an issue, but if you’re looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate it into your daily routine, I should think it’d be satisfying to not look like you’re suffering for it.

Money and The Healthy Lifestyle 

Now here’s how money is a need-to have not a kinda-shoulda have in this regard of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with healthy food habits and mindful exercise routines as factors.

Mindful Exercise Routines 

Since you’ll be engaging in physical activities that’ll burn off calories, leaving you with less than you started with, you’d need to consume more calories than you normally would, to retain your initial calorie count (pre-exercise).

This is another way of saying that, for you to stay looking your same physique, you’d need to top-up your calorie intake, so that the extras (topped up calories) replace those that would be displaced. It’s really not that complicated. Eat more food, you’ll work it out And to eat more means to spend more money on food.
How much do you know about living healthyHealthy Food Habits

If you decide, well, the exercises are not truly compulsory, I can go on consciously eating right and not need to bother about squats and burpees and running loose on a tread-mill, think again.

Remember, you’ll be on a diet that needs to either retain your existing calorie intake, or increase it. Notice the word diet, and then still the mention of retaining/ increasing the habitual total calories you consume. Ironical huh. I mean, this “diet”, what makes it tagged “healthy”. Answer, Food Classes.

You’ll be served less of carbs and fats Food Classes which, as we know, primarily stores excess digested substances at various portions of the body. Whereas your new meal Food Classes wouldn’t, rather majority of the excesses will be passed out as poo. Bye Bye fat storage warehouses!

And that’s how we’re back to you having less calories present in your system at the end of the day. To recover from having less food stored in the body, you’d have to eat more. And to eat more…How much do you know about living healthy?

So with or without exercises, refined weight loss is coming for you. Hence, bottom-line is you will need to spend more money on food as a consequence of eating more food, to compensate for the extra calories to be consumed to appear the same way (but toned!). Extra purchases, Extra budget.

Sidenote: People worry about how they’ll get some energy for stuffs considering healthy dieting eliminates these energy giving meal classes. Exercises help to tone the muscle, lose weight, or increase energy (even do all)! You see why there’s the need to combine exercises with your meal schedule too?

Additionally, If you don’t want to get bored along the journey, which is very possible because of the super restricted diet for some of us not used to veggie-salads, boiled-only and little/no fried meals, you may need to switch up the meals with playful fruit extras like nuts, say almonds, cashew nuts, and not just bananas and watermelons.

These extras are quite pricey no kidding. And, you’ll consume potatoes a lot and oats. Also, steer away from meat that isn’t chicken. Typically lots of don’ts and dos if you really want to make an impact to yourself.

New year resolution and food...

Healthy Bonus Tip

There are various right exercises that work on specific needs. Say you need to lose weight, you should worry more on particular routines and ignore some others. Plus, it’s imperative to know your body mass index (BMI).

The reason is funny actually. It’ll help you learn whether you have the perfect body status by measuring your current weight against your height. See, this kind of information is helpful, you might be overweight/underweight and you wouldn’t know.

You’ll be thinking you’re relatively healthy since you haven’t been hospitalized in a while, and then one time you’ll be working/walking and boom, you fall to the ground. Just like that.

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  1. Yikes! No soy milk, please! It is NOT GOOD for women of childbearing age, and especially harmful for women who suffer from estrogen imbalance related conditions such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis. If you want to replace dairy milk, I would suggest almond milk or rice milk.

    1. Are you serious? Why do medical practitioners still advice for it. Oh…gender is never really specified. Thank you for this information.

      1. I don’t know what responsible medical practitioner would advise a woman, especially a woman with the conditions I mention, to touch any white soy product. Fermented soy is fine, as is green soy bean (edamame). But white unfermented soy is virtual poison for women. Just a sip of soy milk is enough to provoke inflammation and profuse bleeding in fibroid patients. I am in process of writing a series on my blog about this serious and debilitating condition. Stay tuned and stay blessed!

        1. I’ll be in anticipation of your blog series. Knowledge is power. I do wish there were more people aware of conditions like these because information is key. These are not the kind of talks you readily have daily conversations about

  2. Yes! I love this! I’m also trying to improve myself this year, I’m aiming for a healthier lifestyle instead of dieting for a short amount of time and then giving up.

    1. Like a lot of us! The healthier lifestyle is more recommended. You’ll beeeze out of weight easier. Only it’s a lot tough to keep through. You need grace (and discipline!)

  3. Post filled with valuable information. My journey to healthy lifestyle started of with me losing excess weight and now I’m custimed to live this way. Healthy lifestyle needs to be embraced to overlook expenses to maintain this lifestyle, it’s hard to maintain but we’ll try our best!

  4. You and me both missy. This deliberate healthy living this is one kain. But health is wealth abi? 😩

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