Here is an update. It’s been a long month

Here is an update. It's been a long month

I know this post is a long read. Thank you in advance for reading to the end❤

This month has happened and I’m all still basking in its glory. There is this song on my lips.

No time for moping around, are you kidding?
And no time for negative vibes, cause I’m winning
It’s been a long week month, I put in my hardest
Gonna live my life, feels so good to get it right

If you don’t recognize that quote (lyrics to a song), here’s another part of a verse to trigger your memory.

Feels so good, when you’re doing all the things that you want to do
Get the best out of life, treat yourself to something new
Keep your head up high
In yourself, believe in you, believe in me

Having a really good time, I’m not complaining
And imma still wear a smile if it’s raining
I got to enjoy myself regardless
I appreciate life, I’m so glad I got mine

Just Fine by Mary J Blige. Remember?

From my last post till now, sturvvsss been happen! It’s been busy in a good way. The Highlights:

  • A friend got posted for NYSC – You don’t know how that news gave us joy, a circle of close-knitted friends that is. There’s been over 5batches of NYSC after I served and she still had problems with the University so she couldn’t serve. Now she’s cleared, and of-course, that called for a celebration!
  • One of my best friends (and Uni roommate) had to travel out so she came into Lagos for her VISA interview. She got a good job some months before I got mine. Hers came with the whole ten yards of job perks and security. When we were still in the Uni, way back in our first year, I remember telling people that I get a friendship allowance from her. It was just some random talk because we were always asked why we were usually together.

But some people would take it seriously and criticize our money induced relationship. See, I joked on, till our fifth year even. The joke improved because from being departmental best friends, we even lived together at some point till the end of our school year. So you can imagine how that would have appeared, after trading the allowance jokes and then we got too close. Well, with her new status and all now, she needs to make that allowance a real thing please. That’s where all those long stories were headed. Remind me to remind her.

  • Some courses in some schools where a boo is a professor at, was supposed to get accredited and it was one helluva process. It’s a course he introduced. He, being the current Chief Librarian, (in his words) “..noticed the bridge in learning and wouldn’t let it continue in his tenure”. Which led to a 2-week long event of Lagos State Government this and Province head that and Vice-Chancellor this. After all said and done, Successful! I got some dash money in the process giggles
  • I had another free manicure from heaven!
  • There was a one-day holiday last week right? I remember. Yes. Friend got stuck at the airport before 7am. Our Arik people shifted her 7:30am flight t0 5:30pm. Imagine. Arik! I had to go pick her so she could chill with me till her flight departure time. And we chilled ok. We wrapped it up by going to the movies to see “Moana“. You all need to see that animation. It. Is. Awesome!
  • At work, we had our Christmas Lunch last Friday. It was a bit high-class, at the Intercontinental Hotel. The start of the day was chaotic with the planning, but at the end of the day I couldn’t even walk home.
  • And the best (and recent) news, I got tangled some days ago with Red Media! Before the weekend I was shortlisted to cover The Future Awards Africa 2016. You guys! The Future Awards that happened on Sunday at the Federal Palace Hotel! #TFAA2016. I’m still going about the hows in my head. The show was insert your preferred exclamatory word!!

Here is an update. It's been a long month

I had press access to the Show, and that gave me mad privileges. You could go in and out past the bouncers, you could go back and forth the backstage, you could eat whatever and you could accost a celebrity without being mistaken for a groupie or stalker. The only downside was the pressure of the deadline of the work given. I had to send in 2 stories before midnight that day, and another 2 before 12 pm next day (me that’s not even an actual writer. What do I know about covering events. Giving me deadline, wawu).

It was incredible because it meant you had to be thinking up things and asking questions and getting your story ready while the program is in progress. And you had to be attentive also while watching the performances, or the Awards being received, or the speeches given by the invited Governors, even Ghana’s President-Elect, because those were the key parts of the events. But in spite of those frenzies, Sunday was amazing. For the first time, almost midnight I was still on the Island with no care and plan as to how I would get back to my home that was all the way on the mainland. Omg. And the day after was to be a Monday, which of-course meant workday.

  • I’m getting a new phone! I know it doesn’t seem like newsworthy information, but it is! I hope I don’t disappoint myself. I’ve talked about this phone thing for months, but the money. I’m looking for who will go dutch with me. You know, someone I can split the payment in half with. That’s why I waited until this period. Let it be sort of like a Christmas gift. I’m in need of some love 🙁

That’s kind of like all folks!

Cheers :*

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  1. “I know this post is a long read. Thank you in advance for reading to the end”

    This opening reminded me of a tweet I saw where a lady promised to start thanking people for things she used to apologise for and made me chuckle at how apt it feels here.

    This is such a great end to the year for you. But there are more days to come; I hope they hold more pleasant surprises.

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