Do You Need Tips on How to Create Beauty in Your Craft Overnight?

How to Create Beauty in Your Craft Overnight

Here’s the truth. The act of creating beauty can be exhausting, and it can be expensive too. Then again it can also be a seamless, fun, and jolly good old process.

Beauty comes in various forms, each respective to one’s specialization. You could produce beautiful songs if you’re a singer, just as you could produce beautiful paintings if you’re an artist.

Your craft might lead you towards designing clothes, that could be represented as beautifully as could ever. Or you could handle your duties as a corporate body (eg. accountant) beautifully, in terms of responsiveness and capability.

Usually, for every craft, we always choose to aim to be the best. This can be translated to having to be the one with the most beautiful outcome, presentation, character, etc. And the reason we aim for this is that beauty reflects competence. And competence is attractive.

Misconceptions of Beauty

People seem to think luck and chances have so much to do with beauty. Or certain circumstances could only have made some results come out as they did “coincidentally”.

You have a beautiful personality, so it would be said that it is what you came by as, who you are. It is by virtue of the comfort you live in, or how little you’ve seen or you know. Your beauty is not so much of your effort in making your disposition attractive and approachable.

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Or you practice your profession beautifully -intelligently and proactively. Yea, well, it’s the same profession as the parent or sibling or so so, it’s just inevitable that you’d be brilliant.

But who are we kidding? Events and finances and happenings could only assist in beauty creation, and not develop the entire worth.

And it’s typically the entirety of a substance that gives the conclusion as “beautiful”, or “just OK”. There’s no sitting on the fence. Beautiful is a climax, or it’s not.

Do You Wish to Attain any Measure of Beauty?

How often do we care to understand the tasks involved in managing our works beautifully?

Because beauty is not simple at all.

Have you wondered how easily creatives seem to produce content? How professionals seem to solve certain problems with (slightly) common solutions? Do you ever wonder how and why you cannot come up with the same/ similar ideas, or ideas in your occupation just as easily?

Have you ever been smitten with embarrassment when, if you’re (aspiring) content creator, you read an article regarding just about anything, and it hits your heart? The content was just something you could easily have developed because you HAD THAT SAME IDEA AND THEY JUST TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH FINGERS.

Or if you’re (aspiring) media guru and you watched a YouTube video, vlog or movie you already planned out in your head. But seeing it live on the internet or screen, and knowing you did not produce it, someone else did.

The same type of feeling if you’re a corporate professional. Imagine being in a meeting, or just a gathering, and there needed to be idea contributions for a project, or advertisement, publicity, or business strategy. Or simply way forward movement scheme.

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And before you could think through the curves, someone already articulates a thought. And they soundly resonate with your impending thoughts. JUST THE IDEA YOU HAD IN MIND.

You did not openly share any ideas, just as no video was produced or any content written. In other similar scenarios, no model was designed, neither was any plan constructed. Simply for the fact that creating beauty sometimes requires bursting the brain. Which is no easy feat.

If instead, the above analogies were registered as successful or positive, they would all be viewed as a beautiful result. When contents are produced, solutions are delivered, pictures are painted, relevant ideas are communicated, posts are written…

As cliche as this may sound, a child that was born beautiful even took 9 months to form.

You don’t create beauty overnight. It must have started from a process. A process that involves consistency, commitment, and a drive to keep working.

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