Idle head’s Confessions That Should Never Go Public

Little bits of confessions (featured image art: @creoconceptsgh)

1. No matter how polite and well-meaning it is, I always get offended when on the phone and the person at the other end says “Could you speak up, I can’t hear you”. I’ve never understood till date, why I feel affronted by that.

2. I try to exercise as often as I remember. Not those cardio kinds, the weight resistance ones. I have an abs target.

3. I don’t take lightly to mimicking my voice. It dampens my mood about you already. I won’t take what you say next seriously. (See point 11)

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4. People grow out of their penchant for cartoons but I never did. It’s even embedded in my personality.

(Fun fact: 2 years ago I worked as an assistant to the creative director of ROK Animations Studios – IrokoTv. Fascinating experience).

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5. I like to think I have selective OCD for configuration. I may not be the most organized person on earth, but the patterner in me loves to have certain things put in a certain order. If you have been my friend for a while, chances are that I have once or twice snatched your phone and re-done your Home Page(s) outlook [create folders and arrange apps accordingly], and corrected your picture folders [by deleting pictures I think are multiple or too hideous].

6. Unlike the infamous discussion among the association of females universally, I’m not crazy about sleeping naked.

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7. I forget to eat sometimes.

8. I have a short fuse. The speed at which I get infuriated, you wouldn’t have seen it coming.

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9. I’m slowly overcoming my “r” speech factor. I slip sometimes and you hear it, but you wouldn’t know because I’ll quickly correct myself

10. When it comes to money, I can be a miser. I plan my expenses to the last naira. Rarely do I follow through, but I make an account of every splurge buys.

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11. My feminity is more pronounced in my voice than any of my feminine qualities. I have a voice that’s like the sound of a child’s. I don’t hear myself to accurately confirm whether it’s true, but I’ve constantly gotten feedback on how it’s super soft and thin. The kind they call bedroom voice. So when I speak, it pulls attention and I hate that much more than you would think.

12. My mum thinks I’m inconsiderate and selfish. Everyone else thinks completely differently. She’s my mother, so maybe she’s more right?

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13. I greatly enjoy chicken. Boiled, grilled, or fried it doesn’t matter.

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14. When I get frustrated like when I think I wasted my time on something, I hold back tears

15. I dislike being made to guess who’s on the other end when I receive a call from an unregistered number. Whether It’s intended to be a joke or a way of showing a fondness for a familiar person, it takes everything in me to stop from dismissing caller.

16. I used to watch porn. I knew I needed help when a “brother” in the church said he had a dream where I was struggling with the sin of sex. I haven’t blinked as fast as I did that day before. The fear of God came upon me instantly that period. I mean, His omniscience attribute suddenly seemed overpowering.

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17. I’m one of those that would pat the dashboard and say “I’m sorry” to the car when I’m driving and it suddenly hits a pothole

18.  I can do this thing where you write upside down or laterally inverted (mirror reading). Just for the fun of it. I’m almost as fast as with writing properly with my right hands. It’s  nothing, but I found out that most people can’t do it and whoever observes me at it gets super fascinated.

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19. Every weekday for about 3 months, I gave money to a beggar consistently every morning if I remember well. Not out of pity, but out of a sense of duty. I’ve tried to think about what spurred that act that period, but nothing comes up.

20. I love the idea of “love” too badly. I love to be in love. It makes me a happy, creative, and better person, I found out. And I love being all that.

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21. I started putting money aside in early 2016 to afford myself a decent car before the end of 2017. It’s 2018 and I’ve moved all the money saved into building and managing an eCommerce store. The balance, I have no idea what I spent it on.

22. For the past 2years, I have planned to partake in the annual Lagos Marathon but I have always fallen too late to the registration date. Which makes me wonder if I truly want to participate.

23. Makeup is something I wish to become perfect at, surprise surprise. I would love to get the hang of highlighting and contouring and the less everyday average look. Too few times my eyebrows have been woke, but those were flukes.

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24. In secondary school, I think I fell in love with my best friend. A girl. Till now I’m still unsure whether I was in love with her, or I just loved her.

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25. I enjoy solitude more than a person should

26. What goes through my mind always is, if I could adopt the mustard seed faith of the centurion in the Bible whose servant was severely ill, even if just a quarter size of it, I would not be where I am today.

And that’s all folks!

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I know a few confessions tidbits were quite personal, which is funny because I wrote a post about how the internet never forgets details. I’m going to leave this up anywho. It’s not a grave disclosure.

Edit: PS: It was baby girl’s birthday at the time of this post (June 8!)

This time last year. I was in love with a CEO who loved me first. A very interesting man I met while he was searching for a lie detector for his lying wife. The wife that happened to share the same name as me, and their son my birthday mate. If you wish, you could read about it here.

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  1. Awwwn…Happy birthday girlie. You are my writing goals, I can’t wait for the time I’ll be able to spin my posts as nicely as you do.

    This post is really nice. I’m boss in No. 5, I’m with you on 6, I wish I can be you;10
    12; Made me really laugh cos that sounds like my mum
    13; Me too
    17; 😂😂😂😂
    18; That sort of thing would fascinate me too.
    25; I super relate.

    Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful day dearie, God bless you.

    1. Thank you for your nice intro sugar. You’re making me smile. Stop it.

      See as you relate to everything. Are you sure you’re not Gemini?

      Have a beautiful day yourself 🌹

  2. Haha… Beautifully written!!!!

    On your number one – I once went to my colleagues office to set someone straight because he answered the phone with ‘yes!’ not even ‘Hello… turned out it was a new I T student who had no phone etiquette. Trust me to give him lessons. I was so upset.

    I still love cartoons…. fave time is still breakfast time on Saturday morning.

    Number 9- This may or may not be me too.

    Number 10- I want your spending habit…

    Done the marathon once…..lets plan for 2019…maybe?

    Oh!!!! I love solitude too

    Have an Amazing New Age Dear…. hugssss

    1. Yes let’s plan for 2019 marathon please!! I’ll check online for when the registration is past due and I’ll be serious this time!

      Thank you sugar. Hugggs

  3. Happy Birthday darling, may this year bring you all the joy you need and deserve.
    Lovely read by the way, your writing is amazing.

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