Can Traveling Be Your Hobby if You don’t Have a Traveling bag?

Can Traveling Be Your Hobby if You don’t Have a Traveling bag?

Growing up, I was one of the kids who had “traveling” at the top of their list of hobbies. Even though for ten years and more, after I was born, I had never left my place of birth. Apparently, for me traveling was just a word, not an activity, hobby, or something you do.

But just like other kids, the idea seemed fascinating to me. It wasn’t just to travel, it was to ‘travel the world’. (Watching the Disney cartoon Aladdin, helped strengthen the desire. “I can show you the world, shining, shimmering splendid”)

So globally, traveling would happen to be one of those wishes people pen down when asked what they would like to do if they had ample time and resources. Traveling to multicultural cities, to other countries, traveling with friends.

It would take a couple of years more before I would travel to a different state other than my place of birth, being my state of Origin. And then a different State for higher school learning.

It wasn’t until after being a graduate that I decided to fully explore the wings of my adulthood, independence, and discretion. Still, I didn’t crack open any wide adventure. And then this year happened.

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Now, the majority of people seem to think traveling is something they would enjoy. Adults who have only visited one other state in their country have traveled at the top of their hobby list, just like I had back then. Talking about, “Yes, I enjoy traveling”, and beaming with gladness.

5 Questions & Answers to see if Traveling is just a word for you, not a hobby per se

Here are some things to consider if you believe traveling is a hobby you would relish even though you’ve barely traveled to any city. Or if you’ve visited a couple of cities.

#1. Do you care about any other thing asides the beach, cinemas, and party culture?

Can Traveling Be Your Hobby if You don’t Have a Traveling bag?

You travel outside your city to another, yet you don’t want to visit their state-of-the-art museum, the peculiar food markets, or the tourists’ zones. You heard about the cinema innovation and the bikini beaches, the kinds of places that got you drawn to visit the place.

Exploration of a lifestyle different from the one you’re used to is out of the question. Whether the food culture is unique – too spicy, too saucy, too healthy, too oat-y, isn’t a big sight.

If you feel this way:

The whole idea of traveling is to understand yourself better. It’s a vacationing time to break free from the aspects of you that weigh your spiritual mind.

To escape emotionally from stress and relax your muscles and mind. It’s an exercise that’ll keep them idle and roaming shackles free. Rip the surfboards, sky diving, go skiing!

Perhaps, beaching, partying, or yoga-ing may be your hobby, not necessarily traveling?

#2. Do you really enjoy traveling for the history of past heroes or celebrated icons of certain states or countries you don’t know about or heard before?

The community is filled with kind and interesting people. They have a rich culture and history. And their past generations contributed immensely to the present growth of the nation.

Quite frankly, that’s the only wholesomely glorious detail about the state. Other attractions are very minimal. You didn’t know this before you arrived.

If you feel this way:

What would I do with the historic information? What’s the idea behind learning how they weave their mats since it’s no longer in existence and it’s not a useful skill in this present government.

I’m not really political, so this all doesn’t interest me.

Perhaps, your hobby is in modern cultural anthropology. You know, pop art, pop culture, modernity. That’s the trigger that could lead one to travel.

#3. Is it an adventure if you walk more than you think you enjoy, and get easily tired of seeing similar features continuously?

While traveling, you’re bound to be feet locked if you wish to absorb every sight around you without missing any. You may see a lot of twin items – similar structures, signposts, kiosks, vehicles- and nothing may be outrageously ‘fascinating’, only new, fresh, and unique.

Would you care to know what other things are out there in the city and not search for a way out immediately?

If you feel this way:

I don’t have to walk when I travel to a new place. I could always use their means of transportation- it could be a motorcycle, a tricycle, or a taxi! You’d still see a couple of sights from those. If not all. After all, nothing is really different.

Perhaps, taxi rides could be your hobby, or, yes, riding! Or even web surfing – access to different images in a minute?

#4. Do you mind traveling to an all-expense paid trip solo?

It’s a place you would love to explore, and you have only one opportunity to do so. At the same time, the opportunity is single and you’ll have to travel and visit this place alone.

Can Traveling Be Your Hobby if You don’t Have a Traveling bag?

If you feel this way:

Would the traveling be worthwhile if I go by myself?

Perhaps, your hobby is socializing. The excitement may not be the “traveling” in itself. But being surrounded by friends and acquaintances in a space.

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#5. Would you consider traveling to a remote state or country if given the opportunity and finances?

Let’s paint a picture of the model community in question. It’s lively, the headcount is gigantic, and surprisingly, there’s steady electricity. There’s a lot of time to fool around, learn a language, take pictures, and have an absolutely lovely time.

You may, or may not know one or two people, but they are all friendly. They may, or may not have a primitive lifestyle, but it affects little around the city. They have good manners.

But there’s no internet. Would you visit?

If you feel this way:

I’m not sure it’ll be fun to visit a place that wouldn’t have an internet connection. What’s there to enjoy when I won’t be able to share the experiences as I’m living it on my social media.

Perhaps, finding ways to have fun is your hobby, or connecting with an online audience, not traveling?


So many other instances! My opinion. I realized lately if we are specific about what we enjoy about “traveling”, we’d find out exactly why we love it.

And we’ll learn more about ourselves and make better choices at staying happier, and even save more money.

The love may really not be the activity, or the countries, or the places visited. It could be as measly as the love of airplane seats, or the idea of being away from one’s comfort zone.

(The point is, this “idea” may not necessarily need to take you out of the zone, state, or country. Again, this “idea” may need to take you out of the continent).

Can Traveling Be Your Hobby

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  1. Insightful I must say. I actually love traveling. But, I think after reading this post, it dawned on me that I love some other things beyond the traveling.

  2. Interesting read.

    I would say Traveling could be a hobby even if the primary reason for the desire to do so is different for different people.

    I think the idea of travel, the idea itself, not the actual thing is intriguing for many people – and that idea is something to love. Some eventually begin the journey and realize, ‘I actually do not like this that much’.

    Case in point, my mum – she hates the process of traveling but often fondly remembers the good times she has had traveling in her younger days. Right now, she would refuse any form of travel if she could but then again, if there were a way to close your eyes and miraculously appear in a destination, she would jump on that in a heartbeat!

    Essentially, what I am trying to say is that, you may enjoy socializing, or parties or just lounging by the beach. That may your primary reason, but being in another environment, doing all these things you love, solo or not, having the opportunity to break out of your normal routine, meeting new people, learning and expanding yourself in ways you didn’t even think was possible? That is something.

    All of this is not subjected to whether you travel out of state or not. Whether you visit other countries or not. Travel for me, is more of a mindset. In the end, my conclusion is the same as yours. As many people would say, ‘Sometimes, it isn’t always about the destination. It is about the journey, the idea and the ‘in-between’.

    1. What you said! I wish I could have a lot of money to test the theory – travel across the world and see if I’d love to do it over and over again, if it’s a thing of joy, or realize how exhausting the whole shebang is.

      For now, the interval between travels are so far spaced, it makes the longing and desire for every trip genuine

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