Are you a fan of music or not?

How Well Can You Remember the Good old Songs

Are you a fan of contemporary Rhythm & Blues or Hip-Hop, or Alternative Rock, Jazz, Classical music? Or basically any kind of music genre?

It’s funny this question has to be asked and not assumed, that, automatically, a person born of a woman would take a liking to some kinds of music, any kind.

Apparently that’s not usually the case.

I asked the question because just the other day, the new knowledge for me was the phrase musical anhedonia – “the specific inability to experience pleasure from music.  or show autonomic responses to music, despite normal musical perception capacities.”

Yes, there’s such a thing where people respond to everything except music. Can you believe that?

One online magazine, the Atlantic,  wrote in a description about someone, “Songs of love and heartbreak don’t bring her to tears, complex classical compositions don’t amaze her, peppy beats don’t make her want to dance…”. And this isn’t a particularly peculiar attribute.

There are several people this way (as many as 3 – 5% of ‘people’ if you want to go by statistics). Even moving through the web, I found that it’s even nothing “strange”, and they’re perfectly healthy and it’s not a condition that needs to be “fixed”.

And then on the other end of the “musical spectrum” are the hyper-hedonics. People like us (well, me) that’d run into panic mode every single moment of life because it would be unimaginable to live without songs (since I have come to perceive and understand music). Though I have a feeling I’m on a clinically “to-be-observed-hourly” extreme case of musical hyperdonia.

Because who else would read an article about certain musical compositions and crying and emotions, and still cry! The article ended with “It’s that feeling of wanting to cry when you hear a particularly moving piece or feeling your heart soar as notes get larger and more grandiose”. And it felt like it was greatly regarding me.

But then, the same article would justify the tears and prove normalcy of it when it summarized, “It seems to be part of this whole cluster of feelings that people find very hard to have words for.”

Those Good Old Songs

Now, this post is for fellow hyper-hedonics, specifically. Here I pose this question to you! Do you remember the music/ classics that still give you the vibes today? Those tunes that’d cause you to scream “I remember this song! I do I do!” softly while in public (or loudly, if you’ve lost shame like I have whether amongst fairly reasonably behaved humans or not).

Sometimes I even tighten my lips almost painfully, so I can successfully detach myself from my spirit. Otherwise, the music spirit will shamelessly sing along even when it shouldn’t etiquette-wise.

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I just believe that some songs are timeless. Music hasn’t really evolved in the aspect of sound as much as we think it has. Since it’s the sounds that direct your appreciation towards it, and good sounds will just keep being what they are. Good. 

How Well Can You Remember the Good old Songs

Here is what I remember about music:

+ I don’t remember a lot of my early childhood years, but I have this memory. My sister was about 10yrs I guess and she was surrounded by people clapping to a beat. She could really dance and she was giving one of her frequent performances. She was dancing to “Getting Jiggy with it’ by Will Smith that graced the airwaves in 1997. Mad rhythm no doubt. Radio stations especially loved this song.

+ Don’t go “Chasing Waterfalls” by TLC in 1994 was one song that was permanently being hummed most weekends where I come from. Good enough it even had a metaphorical nugget. The kind that parents would love to dish out. “Don’t go running after the water in the waterfall. It will eventually send you over a cliff. Rivers and lakes are on flat ground and therefore safe”. 

+ The Greatest Love of All by George Benson was way back in 1977. With my little idea of sounds, I always felt the composer of this song defiled most musical rhythmical dynamics. The glide and transition in pitch and keys almost throughout the song. It’s fantastic that it turned out incredible.

+ Not to mention the schooling in “Doo Wop (that thing)” from the terrific album of Lauryn Hill – Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – in 1998


Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a gem

And for the men, “The punk, domestic violent men

Quick to shoot the semen, stop acting like boys and be men

+ There is one episode of American Dad that brought this song back to my head! “Nothing compares 2 U” by Sinéad O’Connor back in 1990. The video of this song would make you appreciate the evolution of music videos!

+ The first time I heard “It’s the “hard knock life”, for us” was by Dr Evil and mini me in the 2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember movie. A song from the 1977 Annie musical. I think JayZ ghetto sample in 1998 made it fairly popular. How Well Can You Remember the Good old Songs

+ If there’s anything I remember about this House of Pain’s “Jump around” of 1992 is the booty bopping. They probably released the song to assist our generation to prepare for our twerking years. Check it out if you didn’t hear it too frequently as I did. The hip-hoppy vibe of the song is highly infectious. Those kinds of groovy songs you’d hear incessant breathing of “Yo Yo Yo” from start to end. You won’t hear in this song, but the producers made the tone right there.

+ Another one, there are two entirely different “It’s my life” hit songs. One by our very own Dr Alban in 1992. And then Bon Jovi in 2000!

What other cool oldie songs do you recall without thinking so hard?

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  1. 🎵it must have been love, but it’s over nowwwee🎵…any “Pretty woman” fanatic with a penchant for short lived romantic relationships basically swears by this song 😉

  2. 🎵it must have been love, but it’s over nowwww🎵 …. any “Pretty woman” fanatic with a penchant for short lived romantic relationships basically swears by this song 😉

    1. It must have been love – 1987! How did I forget that song! Roxie!

      But my brother (and definitely me) that have seen the movie a hundred times, even till recent, would beg to disagree that the actual song to swear by is the actual “Pretty woman” song. 🎶 I don’t believe you, you must be true… way back as 1982!
      No one can look as good as youuu

        1. Oh that’s true. I really did overlook it. I saw “Pretty woman” and my lovey dovey mind went nostalgic on the happy lovey moment. Penchant for short lived romances, isn’t that a bit of an “under kill”

  3. I love ABBA Gold, we had their CD at home when I was younger….Dancing Queen, Take a Chance on Me, Knowing Me Knowing You, Mamma Mia, Lay all Your Love on Me…Basically their entire Greatest Hits album!

    1. ABBA! My parents had 2 vinyl records of their album. I remember seeing it growing up. Take a chance on me! So classic. So memorable.

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