Fashion Media Memoirs: About The FADAN Fashion Week (Pt 1)

About The FADAN Fashion Week (Pt 1)

There was this fashion event that took place after the week of the GTB fashion weekend around November 2017. You can guess that I made myself present for it. I’m just on fire for these things now, whoops. The event in itself isn’t recalled here, it will be in a post next week. Here is just an account of the crushing episodes I got myself into on the day.

Fashion Media Memoirs: My Concerns and Disaster Leading Up to FADAN Week

First, my attendance for this one was simply to pull partners for my personal business, not for shopping experience or what not. I didn’t really expect much from the event only for it to accommodate my requests, simple.

The GTBANK’s program didn’t work well in that angle; just like I tried explaining to someone, the shoppers and guests had class and attitude I wasn’t prepared for. Like when a snickering and spiteful laugh from a shopper is directed at you, what do you do?

To be me is to be a coward. There are people I wouldn’t admire should they have my kind of disposition to affairs. When I encounter someone, whether soon-to-be a new acquaintance or colleague or personal attendant, I would get uncomfortable if they had a trait I don’t approve of, say, talking to a person while having fingers and face glued to their phone without excuse or even a rushed apology.

I wouldn’t confront them or curiously inquire nicely, I will just move stealthily away from the person, literally and figuratively. I will see you from afar, watch carefully that you’re not looking in my direction, and then stride backwards. With my entire motion you’d think I was trying to meet up with some mayor or prime minister and I was running out of time.

I attended GTB’s fashion event with hopes of securing potential contacts, I secured nothing. I would start to approach someone, then I’d hear them argue loudly with the vendor about the price of a garment on display and my mind would go, “Ok, we have a shouter here. But auntie your uproar is not necessary”.

In hindsight, maybe her voice was loud but it wasn’t thunderous like my mind placed it. My mum’s is louder in a boutique and it’s never uncomfortable to me per se. It only makes me roll my eyes.

Perhaps because I’m familiar with her and I know she’s only trying to get a good bargain? But at the fashion week, I’ll just continue straight on with a look like, “keep walking. Mind your business. You don’t need such uproarious humans in your life. This place is filled with peoplessss. You will find others. Move along.”

Fashion Media Memoirs: About The FADAN Fashion Week (Pt 1)

Fashion Media Memoirs: About The FADAN Fashion Week (Pt 1)

And I met none of these “others”. How could I? This lady that I was wetting over the gown draped over her figure, as it was not only glorious, but the mixture of fabrics did well for the style and I just wanted to use that to start a conversation. She was with her friend (maybe) and they were just…discussing? But the moment I tried to walk up, she did this flicker with her hand that I immediately registered as “saucy”.

My mind: If she sassed you, how would you respond to your favor without alienating her? Think about it before you go to her.

I did not go back. Instead I looked out for simpler, less intimidating people. Only I found reasons not to settle for anyone I came across.

Now I saw this less publicized fashion event and I went, “Yea, this is low key. They’d have warmer and friendlier countenances” (as if the people I did not meet at the last event tore open my skin with their teeth) and I got myself an “attendance ticket”.

A ticket to attend, it was free. It was the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN). And honestly, I’d trade my presence at the previous 2days fashion weekend for this one should I have foreseen the future and was held at fashion gunpoint to attend only one.

Fashion Media Memoirs: My Concerns and Disaster Leading Up to FADAN Week

That I’d enjoy the day would have marvelled me if a soothsayer had predicted it at the start of the day. I had a vigil the day before the event (Last Friday of the month), so I overslept on the day of the event (the following Saturday). I got to the venue and got a stroke of bad luck almost at the entrance. I had this sandal mishap that caused me to compulsorily leave the premises on foot to about a 1000m away. It was embarrassing.

Fashion Media Memoirs: My Concerns and Disaster Leading Up to FADAN Week
What do you notice
Fashion Media Memoirs: My Concerns and Disaster Leading Up to FADAN Week
Hint: A road
Fashion Media Memoirs: My Concerns and Disaster Leading Up to FADAN Week
Now, put the pictures together

I would upload a 10sec clip of how I tried to cross a tarred 4 laned busy road that was scorched up by the sun, but somehow it’s refusing to upload. The pictures are screenshots from the video.

That happened, I fixed up. And the day got better some hours later.

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