2021 – A year of grace, but…

Many unique events happened in the past months leading up to this season – the season that welcomes the end of the year. Not a lot of the events were connected, yea, but they all had a similar theme: “Change in switching lanes” … “a different normal,” … “compromising better,” … “happiness in the unusual.” Do you see the undertones in all those?

Turning 30 did not seem like a big deal in number, but when measured against the typical yardstick, it is a mighty lot for me. And it is so because not a lot changed if you look holistically, which is not a good thing. Some things should when you move from a dependent adult to a fully accountable, responsible, expectedly fearless adult. Especially one who is doing real big adult things like moving intrastate and moving houses, having a casual sex partner, and paying bills for others.

The big 3-0 should have set a path for a new light. A record. Growth. Perspective. Journey. Adventure. Dare. Love. Relationship. Going by how my growing years have been, I should have attained a mindset of self-awareness and/or free-spiritedness. I should have ticked off some milestones and celebrated some breakthroughs. I should. But it is as though Ezinne, a close friend, had been correct all this while. I am a late bloomer.

I’m trying to concentrate hard on the wins of 2021, but they really are very little … if any. I type this with utter gloom.

But guess what, because we have God, there’s a chance for a rerun next year – starting from tomorrow, the 1st of Jan. And since I have a lot of ideas, we’re definitely going to make a win and make 2022 a year in history!

Wrapping up with this mantra from a movie that I sure will make background music for 2022.

Sometimes it’s best to act first and then think later. Because if you’re like me and you sit around thinking, you might think for so long and do nothing. Things will not change.”

*Ps Edit: At the crossover service, the lead pastor declared 2022 the year of Flourish. (Bloom. Blossom. Growth). Do you see God’s message in there???❤️

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  1. It doesn’t really feel like a year ending for me yet. This could change when I get to Church tonight – maybe not. I will not be motivated to buy any notebook and fancy pen this new year’s eve because “my life is a pencil in the hands of the creator” already.
    If I have to, I would “tear” off the pages 2020 – 2021, so I can keep clean sheets in the absence of erasers.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Temma my darling! I do do miss you! I understand you too well! I understand you! Welcome to a new year hun. Cheers to our flourishing this year.

  2. Happy belated birthday Oluchi! I know you write this not in the happiest of emotions but being alive is a luxury worth celebrating. So I celebrate you and with you! I wish you a much better 2022

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