20 Confessions if you want to get to know me…

a good day

1. I’ve had only one childhood hero(ine), and she was never a hero or looked to be one. She was just an actress that played out a script well. Yet unknown to her, her act would script how I would envision my life from age 8.

2. I fall in love too easily, sometimes for the wrong reasons. You may have sleepy eyes and I’d think I should cuddle you with affection.

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3. All my life I’ve thought God gave people talents unequally. Almost like He has favorites. I’m still learning to unlearn that.

4. Yoga has always seemed like a peaceful routine that I can indulge and enjoy. I will definitely get into it someday.

5. I get scared I might not really know what really interest me. I’ve just worked with things I’ve offhandedly been good at.

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6. I faked a limp for an entire day because I didn’t want to receive sympathy for the real reason I was sad.

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7. When I get disappointed badly, I cry bitterly, no matter where I am. But I can prevent tears from flowing if I firmly touch down those little pink things by the corner of the eyes. I did some reading, I think it’s called caruncle. Just where the eye boogers get deposited when you wake in the morning.

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8. I believe I was born too early. I also believe I lost some teenage years, then early adult years. They passed uneventfully without forming much character in me.

9. My self esteem is probably not up to the size of a peanut butter jar, that’s if the jar you also have in mind is not bigger than 5/6″.

10. How regular I do my laundry is dependent on my emotions and my state of my finger nails (but I’m hardly an untidy person).

11. I very much love material substances. But I’m hardly vain. I stay away from conspicuous items, i’m a minimalist too.

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12. If you judge me by my bathing frequency, you will be both disappointed and misled. If not that daily baths are relatively compulsory…

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13. In my little lifetime thus far, I’ve had only about 2 people attracted to me beyond physical appearance, and I doubted them too much I think I scared them away (because now, they don’t seem like they care anymore).

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14. In the past, I was envious of a lot of people. A lot. I walked around feeling like my life was cheated and I deserved to be cut some slacks.

15. You won’t be making me too happy if you decide to feed me with only real ‘food’ and hardly junks.

16. I’ve given too little than I’ve gotten out of this life and made use of less of my knowledge and time. I still think I deserve more than I’ve gotten (who doesn’t?)

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17. Sometimes I see my phone ring and I don’t pick because I’m scared I wouldn’t know how to express “hi” to an old friend.

18. Is Irish cream an alcoholic flavor? If yes, then that’s my favorite brand 

19. I’m sad that I know my parents deserve better than they’ve gotten from their children. They’re getting old quickly and we’re still not there yet 🙁

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20.The bane of my existence lies in Jesus’ parable of the talent.

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  1. “I fall in love too easily, sometimes for the wrong reasons. You may have sleepy eyes and I’d think I should cuddle you with affection.”

    This here is so me!

          1. Oh yes! You do! Ally’s character in entirety made me aspire to be her – her bold, articulated, brillant, witty, erratic self! Please don’t mind me o. I advice kids to look up to Michelle Obama’s types as role models.

  2. !!!!
    I got an uncanny feeling at a point whilst reading this!! It felt like you were writing about me. It’s always comforting to know that people similar are out there and thriving.

    1. We were moulded out of the same image, so yes, I should think we possess more similarities than differences. If you’re weird, then I’m weird too, and we are all weird together!

      1. looool! I know right! the problem is I just can’t seem to find Shame right now. I left Shame behind a long time ago.
        About being scarce, it is all UI’s fault. Plenty school wahala. Oh well! I would try to be here more often.
        thanks for noticing and caring!

  3. This is a beautiful and hilarious post! I find your honesty and openness very endearing, plus oh lawd, I can well relate to most of the things on your get-to-know-me list! Especially number 19! We will be fine. We will get better at being better and everything will be fine too! God will see to it! ♡♡

    1. The last person that should be anyone’s heroine. Ally Mcbeal. Not Calista Flockhart, the lead lady that portrayed her but the character in the movie 😒😔😐

  4. Daily baths are not compulsory. lol I am not ashamed to say I don’t shower daily anymore 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. I however clean what needs to be cleaned daily. 😆

  5. It’s ironic sharing these sensitive yet factual snippets about yourself right after reading your latest article on the unknown drawbacks our online history might have on our future selves. I enjoyed the read though.

  6. I think Number 1 is so cute, why didn’t you mention the actress, haha. I used to feel the same way about God and talents too! Fueled a lot of my insecurities. Number 11 is sooo me, I don’t fancy being conspicuous. I do not enjoy taking my bath too, I used to think I was alone 😂. Disappointed is the word. I do number 17 on a regular basis, I generally detest phone calls.
    I totally enjoyed reading this post and I likeeee you already! xxxxx
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. I like you too are you kidding! You don’t enjoy taking your bath omg! We will be swinging around kicking it with our womanly scents 😂

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