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It was about this time last year I made a post. Oops 2022 has been so many things; my most trying year yet. A test of the 30s. But God made Himself known in every picture, every detail. I’m left with songs of praise on my tongue. 2022 has changed me and my story. 2022 has taught me that you […]

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2021 – A year of grace, but…

Many unique events happened in the past months leading up to this season – the season that welcomes the end of the year. Not a lot of the events were connected, yea, but they all had a similar theme: “Change in switching lanes” … “a different normal,” … “compromising better,” … “happiness in the unusual.” Do you see the undertones […]

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Apartment Vibes: How Have I been Living?

Apartment vibes

Spirituality has not been something I express but I have so much depth for my religion. So much so I regard some episodes in life as simply messages from God. For this, I don’t believe in coincidences. My belief is everything happens for a reason and it’s good to seek out the ‘whys’ when we are unsure. Many scientific theories […]

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Making plans and watching them flip in 2020

It’s the second month of the year and I’m yet to wrap my mind around what I’d like to have as the outcome of this year; if I could mastermind the planning myself. A lot of (amazing) things that have happened to me, I realize, were brewed from spontaneity. I wouldn’t have had the guts to initiate the majority. And […]

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