When the rain isn’t cool

The rain isn’t always cool right? Sometimes this saying, ‘It never rains but pours’ couldn’t be more true. When everything bad happens just once to you. Just all at once. Like minute after minute, you just hear another bad news. Maybe not a minute after, probably like the next day and the day after, but the interval between the next bad omen is usually really close.

After a while, the frustration and the bitterness really get to you. Maybe the first bad news you get, you just shake your head and go, ‘Shit!’. Then newer bad news again 2 days after and you be like, ‘Oh c’m on..’ Before the week gets exhausted, you are on your 4th bad news and you just don’t know what to do. Not everyone breaks down in tears.

You are probably one of those few that just take it in and then go spiritual. Like, well, there should be a reason for this, like really God just doesn’t…He can’t…can’t…. This just isn’t it. You stammer trying to make sense of it all, when really, you can’t make sense of a bad event. How is there a sense in bad news.

You might decide to let some steam off your chest by telling someone. Someone real close. Because you know these kind of stuffs are real personal. Can’t nobody else know about this. Hell no! Probably a medical issue was a part of the bad news kpa kpa. You tell this person hoping the oath of secrecy she took within 7secs which you forced her to, she really gave more than the 7secs thought to it. You sigh and you spill your guts anyways, planning to slit your throat afterward.

But wait, she understands. You slightly pray she doesn’t think you are telling her, expecting her to help you with the financial bad news part. Some people have more than one loosed screw in their head, with all the unfortunate story they hear, they could just round it up to what they want to hear. But not this one, so you wait. You see her facial expression turn in different mixes and you can’t decipher her thoughts thus. You wait.

She holds your hands. You wait. You hope she says something pranky..like she knows the gang responsible for cooking up these silly stuff and sending the message to their ‘person pick’ of the week, or month. You wait, your soul getting calmer. She was going to say the gang stops after scaring the sh*t outta the victims, when they think they have enjoyed the panic reaction.

And she would give you stories about this person and that person this once happened to, and how one victim actually had to sell off even the bulb in his room to raise a little money. Yea..that serious. Cruel gang. They wouldn’t stop until you cry blood. And they that’s when they stop.

She hasn’t said anything yet. Or did she. Your mind blanked for a minute there. She is saying something now. You listen. Something about it being a test from God perhaps. Not comforting. She says there is a reason for everything, stressing on EVERYTHING. You wait on for her to continue, maybe tell you the reason these bad stuff happened to you just at once, and right now. Terrible timing couldn’t she see that? But she didn’t continue on it. You let go of your hands and slouch on your seat. You are ready to take the next bad news. And it had better come, because you are waiting for it. The joke would be on the news, because you shouldn’t expect bad news, for if you do, then the bad news isn’t bad, it’s just ok news. And since the bad news was supposed to be bad, well, too bad for the news! What rubbish did you just think? You sigh again because you are even starting to lose your mind too.

She punches you on the shoulder and says, ‘Assclown, it’s just a phase you are going through joor. Bad stuff could never linger on with you. You can’t have it all good all the time. This might just be on a little longer, but it will fade, and you’ll be OK. Pain happens, and life must be beautiful still.’ You smile for the first time that week, because you know you truly will be ok even if it gets worse.

And then you say a little thankful prayer to God right there and then, because you feel better and you feel guilty for not having thanked Him even for the gift of life at the least. Thank God for little mercies you say.

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