When are you content with being single?

When are you content with being single?

There are times when I’m content with being single.

+ Having no one to check with concerning decisions I should make/intend making.

+ When accepting an invitation from someone of the opposite sex to hang out guilt-free. Not worrying if it could cause a trail of jealousy on some boo.

+ When indulging in myself, thinking absolutely about myself and my direction only, with no one to account for on my whereabouts.

Then I have those other times where even while ecstatic about my single life,

+ I wish for a 3am call, or an early morning text, or a midday call from someone intimate.

+ I really don’t want to worry about a date for an occasion because I’d already had a default plus one.

+ I’ll go and fall in love with a married person, or a friend in a relationship, and then there will come a moment of disappointment and clarity where I’m reminded I’m single, and I should expect little loyalty in some situations from them and back the hell off.

+ While enjoying my playlist, this Loving you tonight by Andrew Allen plays, and turns me into a total mushy baby.

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  1. I love this post…especially how it contrasts and shows the other side of denying loneliness…in all, friendship is essential

  2. I really like this. But being single can be awesome too, for me it has helped me to rely more on God and trust him rather than trust the crush. But at the same time I was still ranting yesternight about the soon to be boo and how he should come soon so I can act all mushy. For me I’ll enjoy every phase of my life. I really love this post no doubt.

    1. I’m also trying and trying to love this phase of my life. It has stayed on too long tho, but I’ll sha keep trying to love it. No sweat

      1. Very true… exactly the same for me. Sometimes, I just have to blank things and smile brightly at the world while ignoring subtle barbs from marriage zealots

  3. I totally feel you here darling….am a huge romantic so most nights am. listening to this I Need You now by Lady Antebellum usually by 2am or 1am, and others usually thinking of some faceless person to cuddle then when I wake I think of how grateful I am for breaking up my terrible relationship and then all I can listen to is Kelly Clarkson Since You ‘ve been gone, or Demi Lovato I Will Survive.
    p. S I am really loving your blog…. And am constantly looking for new blogger boos 😁😁😁

  4. Vincent sounds quite emotional lol.

    Great post nonentheless Oluchee. I feel the same way right now in my life.
    Happy to be single but also sometimes crave some emotional support, tje kind you get when you in a relationship.


  5. I totally understand this even though I’m in a relationship. One thing I told myself before I started dating again was I wanted to enjoy my ‘singleness’ as much as I could. Once I figured that out, it centered me and made me not settle for less.
    Great post Oluchee.

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