What makes for a good day?

a good day

Ambiguity in words or sentences can be damaging in the case where your aim is to be understood. To have a good day could mean just about anything to anyone. For one person alone, it could mean a hundred scenarios, depending on the broad position of life at the time the words or sentences were verbalized. The environment stuck in at that moment of the expression, or even the climate condition at that time.

In the same manner, a good day for a career focused person could be a dissatisfying day for a post-graduate student. In the constraints of a career division, a good day for a Lawyer wouldn’t be a quarter of a thrilling day for an Optometrist. That could have gone without saying maybe, but if you tried to delimit it to similar professional industries, a banker and chartered accountant wouldn’t even agree on matching good days either. And remember, this is just one grouping to consider – career.

a good day

There are tons of other groupings that would sway our judgement in marking a certain day as “good”, or “good enough” asides the career division. It could be the state of the spiritual life, the academics, physical, economic or social life. Not to even mention personality traits, and a lot others. The proportion of the balance in all these states combined could be a determinant for the rank of any day, or simply the stability in any of the independent states.

Typical Analogies of a Good Day

A Career Person

At the stage of life where career is the pivot of your dealings, a good day could mean having had a sound presentation, one in which you spent the entire week before preparing towards. Having landed a prospective client, gotten a raise in salary or being selected for promotion considerations.

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A good day could even mean having shook hands with someone that mattered in your profession, or having made your mean boss twitch his lips into a smile that lasted even only 2 glorious minutes.

a good day

A Business Person/ Entrepreneur

Where career is not of utmost concern, maybe because you hate your job, or you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing amazing at it, a good day could be when you discovered a swift/real working strategy for driving in clients/customers. It could be when you successfully delivered a job/service and it wasn’t contested or rejected, it just occurred without unnecessary hassles.

a good day

Failing those, a good day could simply be when something you’ve labored at, for a long time finally worked, or there were perhaps less failures that day. Maybe, just maybe, things fell into place quicker than how it regularly happened on an average day. That would make it a good day.

A Struggling Employed or Unemployed Person

What about when you hate your job (or you don’t have one), and you also don’t have a side business to invest time and energy into, a good day could mean having received a call from an old friend after a long absence of communication. Or the reverse, where you rung up a number of old friends on the phone, and reminisced over a lot of past events. You probably ended the call with a huge grin that lasted the entire day.

a good day

Not necessarily that alone, even having had a working internet to surf readily on the web, or at the very least, be at a place where there was access to electricity to power your phone, and keep it turned on the entire day could equivalently pass for a good day. Having undertaken a DIY (Do It Yourself) perhaps, and produced a beautiful result at the end, completely by yourself, could also fit on the list!

Frankly speaking, here a good day may just be one where you weren’t reminded of how sucky your job was or being out of a job, or having no secondary sources of income.

a good day

A Relatively Idle Person or a Student

Say you aren’t employed because you’re having some sort of challenges, or perhaps you’re a student at whether the first, second or post graduate degree, a good day probably is one where you understood what was really going on in the lecture hall/ resident/ hostel/ vicinity that you hadn’t been able to come to grasp with for a long time.

You visited a park, zoo, museum, mall or a location that you’ve looked forward to visiting for a while, or someplace where the ambience does you well. Or you had a sponsor for a square meal or two, or three meals that day and you didn’t have to spend a lot of money for yourself.

a good day

In terms of money, when you maintained the budget for the day or you managed your spending well, may be reason enough to declare the day as good. That you didn’t surrender when being subconsciously challenged by the clothing at the cloth store while walking along the street/road, or that you didn’t give in to your appetite cravings when hungry for an extra ration of meal could qualify for a good day.

A Stay-At-Home Wife/Mum/Worker/Person

For this category of person(s), a good day may sincerely be one where everything was ticked off on the to-do list (in flying colors). It may also be when there was a time in that day that was dedicated to yourself selfishly, with no guilty feeling. A day you chose to spoil yourself (in your own definition of the term).

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Or when you remembered to call your parents, or in-laws, as opposed to having thought about calling them, and then having them call first reminding you to remember to call them. (Or when they call with some positive, non-aggravating news).

a good day

These are common examples and patterns that could act as a trigger for the phrase “good day”. Did you see the one that fits your average day? Or in this list, has there been one pattern that has happened to you and made you feel good about the day? Is any of these patterns for the categories of people even accurate?


Everyone targets to have an incredible day. They start the day with nice frame of mind, positive ideologies, and maybe position themselves at a working coffee pot or tea pot. A good day gives us a good reason to be optimistic and a reminder of a good life that could ultimately be great.

Here’s how I know I’ve had a good day. No matter how tired I may be, I sleep off with my phone on my hands, or closely around me. Sad?

a good day

Was there a category of persons or an analogy I skipped? How do you term your day as good?

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  1. Interesting topic. Having a good day is relative and probably depends on the current situation around you. For a while, my idea of a good day is going to bed knowing that everyone I love and care about are fine.

    1. Now you’re going to make us all feel tingly for not including our loved ones in our average idea of a good day 😂

  2. Okay, this is honestly the most detailed and interesting write up I’ve read all week… I’m beyond impressed and weirdly super proud rn.
    Plus can we talk about your blog layout and how amazing it looks, first thing I noticed and I was like damn!!!!!!
    Amazing post. Amazing blog.

    1. Hahaaa awwwww thank you Michael! Even though you didn’t mention when you call a day a good day, after reading that I’m shallow enough to have my good day end with my phone!
      I appreciate your comment, you’re amazing!

  3. This post made me think. But again, it’s true. A good day is relative. As a grad student and an employed person, I find that I have a good day and a not so good day in the same day depending on for what category you are asking or from which angle I’m answering from. Still, I strive for my day to be good regardless

    1. Don’t we all!

      I didn’t really consider multiple categories for a person, as you fall in! I agree that it’s good to actually work towards having more days that are good, and not just leaving it to “chances”.

  4. Very interesting post. Relatable and such great analysation. I would definitely be under the category of ‘Career Person’ hehe


  5. I like how detailed and relatable this post is.
    Yeah, a good day is relative for different people. For me, it also varies on my mood. But highlights of my good days would include a charged phone all day, available network, achieving a work skill, closing early, reading and 6 straight hours of sleep!

    1. I didn’t know how to put all you said in the post, but every single thing is exactly what makes for a good day for me!!

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