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A lot of obscene languages and filthy words spew out of the mouths of most of the hip hop artists we got, so I try consciously to unlisten to their music, making me a not-so-real fan of hip hop and some kinds of secular music. I use the word “real” because you might find that I enjoy listening to Kanye’s tracks, or maybe Mode9, many others, shalla to Chris Brown! and think you can call me out on this, please calm down. I might disappoint you if you choose me to be your second speaker at some debate on how HipHop Should Stay Alive or something corny like that.

You’ll hear me opposing the motion and then tap me and whisper like “Oluchi we are for the motion, not against” and I’ll be like “wait… oh?” And after deliberating, “Distinguished Panel of Judges, this is not for me. I’m going. Take care”. Lmao. Think you can sneak up some Hip Hop forceful love on me. Chill

Some track’s lyrics can stick even if the rest of the same track has crappy shallow pangolo verses. There are artists that, as vulgar and mindless as they can be with their lyrics, they make (make?) cool catchphrases, at least the ones I catch. Believe it or not, one of such artists is Lil Wayne, for me. (I honestly did not believe a day would come that I’ll be throwing shout outs at Lil Wayne. But here we are).

Seriously, it was Lil Wayne that introduced me to Purple Heart. The first time I heard any mention of Purple Heart was in the 2004 Destiny’s Child song Soldier where he was featured alongside T.I. And part of his rap that got me feeling him:

.. see cash money is a army
I’m walkin’ wit purple hearts on me
You talkin’ to the sargeant..

It’s all disconnected lines, messed up composition and sucky definitions, true, but the song and the whole rap just tickles and gets you giggling and nodding (in comprehension), and so good a tune with such an intense (no. i need a rap term) a sick flow I knew it by heart. Whenever the song came up anywhere, you’d hear me rap along spit verses, fake limp like rappers do and throw my hands about (in the air and wave it like I just don’t care).

I know we know what Purple Heart signifies but let me still say it, so we’ll be on the exact same page. If you check here The Purple Heart, the oldest American military decoration for military merit, is awarded to members of the U.S. armed forces who have been killed or wounded in action against an enemy. It is also awarded to soldiers who have suffered maltreatment as prisoners of war.

On this day in 1782 (Aug 7), in Newburgh, New York, General George Washington, the commander in chief of the Continental Army, creates the “Badge for Military Merit,” a decoration consisting of a purple, heart-shaped piece of silk, edged with a narrow binding of silver, with the word Merit stitched across the face in silver. The badge was to be presented to soldiers for “any singularly meritorious action” and permitted its wearer to pass guards and sentinels without challenge. The honoree’s name and regiment were also to be inscribed in a “Book of Merit.”

Mind you, its not every soldier who gets hurt in a war zone that gets awarded a PH medal. Contrary to popular belief about the US soldiers, not all Prisoners of War are eligible also. In fact, there are eligibility criteria for the Purple Heart medal and you can find it here and it just says a lot about who gets to get a merit badge and who doesn’t.

It’s not by popularity with your servicemen or the number of votes you can pull off from civilians and even those not remotely affected by war. You’re not entitled to it because you’re a soldier and you participated in a war. Sure, its a big deal so I think there’s even a medal for that, for having participated and survived a war. I think it’s the Good Conduct medal or so.

It was around the time that Soldier song got aired that I got to see the movie, A Few Good Men. It starred Tom Cruise and a lot of other A-List actors. It was a military-war themed movie and Purple Hearts was mentioned there also that made curiosity almost kill this cat. I checked it up on Britannica (it was installed on the desktop in my mother’s room and that was my google equivalent back then). I was amazed at what it really meant.

Growing up, soldiers were my favorite “career” men because I thought they were the best of humanity. Not because they were willing to kill, but because they were willing to die for others for explicable causes they believed in. Maybe because I and my siblings attended Military secondary schools, maybe not. But when I got to learn the essence of the Purple Heart, to me it meant wounded troops were being given some form of recognition and appreciation for their sacrifice, and that made so much sense to me.

I think most countries have some other medals roughly equivalent, as the wounded badge or wounded stripes for UK and Germany respectively (if I’m not mixing them up). But it’s rare now, award-giving and all that. It was a busy medal period around the post WW2 period I guess.

I don’t even know how they give awards in industries and institutions these days. Are they merited? The awardees, are they credible enough to deserve them? Do people really strongly represent their area of assignments? Are there people you can vouch on, career-wise?

Are there industries that stand firm on their integrity and values irrespective of customer demands? I know of one highly esteemed Bank that’s popular in a few African countries that actually paid for their award. I didn’t even know how to feel then, if that was the way things operated like… a bank’s got to do what they got to do?

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  1. Here in Germany (where I live), there are also awards awarded by NGO’s big and small, by newspapers etc.
    Everyone can award an award, if you think about it that way. Of course, there are more renowned, and more obscure awards that way 😉

    Also, there are negative awards also, like for the most bullshitty conspiration theories.

    1. Hmm if awarded by NGOs, I’d assume they be legit enough. Lol Yea… everyone can award an award.
      Lmao @ most bullshitty…
      Oh oh.. those awards that ain’t by merit.. the ones people knowingly compete for, best moment is seeing them kiss ass. And sometimes, for nothing

    1. no I don’t!
      Hmmm its a thing? Lmao in my head this pfft is a first. I always try to erase it after every post when I remember I’m not “tweeting my mind”😂

  2. Thanks to you I now know the meaning of PH, whereas awards in most part of the world is 70% meritorious, I can’t say the same of our naija, its either you are paying for it, or stealing to be recognised(I mean dansuki kind of stealing). I don’t even think the word “meritocracy” exist in the Nigeria man’s dictionary….. Our soldiers gallantly die every day with no sand medal in their honor or a tuition free school for their offsprings and nobody care to venture into the research as to why most rogue assisins, cultist and robbers and tauts are sons of late military and paramilitary personnel’s…………trouble in the land, but jah will spare us. Very educative, you could actually still be a great writer in Army khaki….lol

    1. It seems Freeman & i are operating on the same frequency. I remember a former governor in Naija that was given soo many excellence awards meanwhile he owed workers salaries of more than 6 months, road networks even in the capital city were non-existent and you would wonder what excellence he achieved.

  3. Good write up. The soldier song brought Lil Wayne to the limelight so I guess he has a purple heart on him after all. As someone highlighted, meritocracy is non-existent in the country. It is all about who you know and how much you are willing to pay for it.

    1. See what I said. Non -existent. I was hoping it wasn’t true.
      Hmm… limelight huh. What you said. I see it. Points for Lil Wayne

  4. Merit!
    That word has been causing problems since almost forever. I knew about the purple heart but you just taught me a lot more about it and made it sound interesting too.

  5. Oh man! I just got schooled, hehehe.

    I share same sentiments with you on our artistes and singers, there are few musicians. I used to listen to rap songs too but lately none existence – an old soul like me. But MI rap is always bar anytime though.

    About merit, awards and the many shenanigans that parade those filthy piece of metal plate on our face. When corrupt people are giving out awards, what dies that speaks of the recipieñts? – partner in crime.

  6. And I am coming in late, but even at that, I grabbed a lot from this.
    *covers face* I was supposed to send a shoutout yesterday but…
    Could you please send me your email or something so I can apologise properly?.
    But still, better late than never! Happy Birthday in bae, though I just met you but I could tell you have a really warm heart, I can’t help but feel endeared towards you, for this reasons, I wish you all the happiness your heart can contend and I pray your birthday brings you to all the fulfilments you ever need. Lots of love

  7. Very good read. I like the way you layed out the background of your piece with earlier reference to Hip-Hop… etc, and how you first came to hear about the “PH”. Very good questions you raised in this literature. I’m from Uganda and we’re a country that almost always raises eyebrows questions when considering merits and awards… thanks for sharing a well researched piece. Stay blessed.

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