Is there truth in the truth teasers?

Is there truth in the truth teasers?

What constitutes what I like to call truth teasers are karma, destiny, chances, and fate. Truth teasers because sometimes I think they are a part of historic ideologies the ancient families had to fabricate because they needed to connect their existence with mysteries so they could live in fear. Fear nourishes survival instincts. If there was anything I learnt from The Croods animation, it was that. But some other times, all I think about is the truth in them. And then someone dies or something irreversibly tragic happens unnecessarily and these truths teasers don’t add up anymore. It’s like they are all just enigmas that are better left unprobed.

What confuses me is, being from the school of thought that believes everything happens for a reason, and there are no such things as coincidences, I know I’m still invariably somewhat a student of those enigmas and truth that don’t add up, and I go ahead and resume believing.

Lately, I’ve been more convinced of these truth teasers even though I still have those confusing times where I wonder if while we’re given the choice of free will, wouldn’t that thwart the prominence of predestination? If we can decide on what path we’d take on, doesn’t that obscure the whole pre-ordainment of events?

For why I’m getting convinced, in as much as I know there’s a fat line between logic and divination, I’ve grown to find an actual connecting line between these two. I have actually. I know a little about math and science to make me understand that karma is a lot more about cause and effect, chances tell about probability, destiny is similar to traveling distance with unknown variables like critical point, or mean free path. But this is just me trying to connect reasons to my beliefs.

How weakly do you believe in chances, kismet, luck, all those mumbo jumbos. On the surface, these all mean the same. If you were to come across a fortune teller willing enough to tell you about your fortune/future, would you pay rapt attention to what’s being said let alone believe it? Are there truth teasers you can believe, and the ones you won’t justify a second thought to because you think they are untruths?

Some truths are easier to handle because some are just as clear as boiling water being a result of temperature rise, or a wooden chair being a result of nailing wood pieces together. How about green being a result of blue and yellow, a million seconds being about 11 days, or a butterfly being an ex-caterpillar. Tricky truths. There are some other truths that don’t go down easily with your brain, which do not make them any less worthy a truism – saying we humans share 50% of our DNA with a banana, or humpty dumpty actually being an egg.

These are the truth teasers we can easily relate with because they can be proven, and they’re rid of mysteries. Unlike Fate and Destiny and Karma.

Is there truth in the truth teasers?

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  1. the search for reasons for me is the search for who to blame. good things happen so those bad things. though i believe in predestination but that doesn’t make me lazy and i as well don’t advice people to pay attention to purpose

    1. But you know, believing in mystical or controversial things doesn’t necessarily make anyone lazy, it doesn’t have to be that way

  2. you need to see whats happening in our present day church and how christians have been sweet talked into daily fasting and praying as against a bit of hardworking believing that what will be will be

  3. Like my pastor use to say ” any faith that makes responsible for everything is an irresponsible faith ” I still believe in predestination but individual has a definite role to play. If you are predestinated to become a professor but refuses to read, you are to blame not devil or circumstances. This things need being drummed into some christian ear with the believe that prayer and fasting is the key to a blissful life.
    When the bible says work out your salvation with fear and trembling, it means even though you are saved and cleaned up by the blood and water, you still have a part to play. Spirituality or predestination doesn’t induced laziness

    1. Wait… if you’re predestined to be a professor, will chance lead you to appreciate literature and education? Or will it be inbuilt and then you have to decide to like it or not? Like I said, these things confuse me

      1. The truth is whatever you are predestine to become comes in seed form. The seed has to be nurture or else it won’t grow. There will always be an expression of it though even when you don’t realise it.
        Let take the scenario of a professor . right from childhood, such people usually have an insatiable desire for books, information and literatures. It now depend on such individual to explore that desire or simply shut it down. But the truth is deep down in your heart you somehow know that you are born to become something which is planted by God.
        There definitely a difference between job and work. We are created for work but we created job to escape work. That’s the dilemma we find ourselves in most time, confusing work with your job.
        Nobody can fire you from your work except you but anyone can fire you from a job.
        Work is what you become, job is what you do
        You earn from job, you add value through work
        I could go on and on. I actually wrote a small book on this though.

        So predestination is important but God isn’t responsible for the actualisation – we do. Predestination is revealed in your makeup – your talents, gifts and abilities however it depends on you to act on them. One of the delay factor is the fact that we want to do that outside of the giver which create chaos

        1. Hmmmm Thanks for going rudimentary. Really helpful. In essence you’re saying what we’re destined for, is what we can fight for, and just like skills, you actually have to develop it or it will stay dormant; but really, it shows as an obvious/hidden talent in us and we could end up getting paid for it, whether monetarily, or in fulfilment stacks.

          1. On point! I feel like you are twins from the heavenly plane, perhaps we were paired off while on earth voyage 😀😀. .
            That’s why its foolishness to keep comparing ourselves with another person. The person we are comparing his/her success with is simply someone who has decides to minds his/her business giving it every thing it takes.

            Apostle Paul talks about running the race that’s set before us. One thing I learned early while growing up is living a purpose driven life. Fulfillment lies in fulfilling purpose which is embedded in predestination. Money, achievements, fame, accolades does not equal fulfillment. All this can makes for easier and enjoyable living but not fulfillment because you will just have this feeling and urge that you have failed somehow even in the midst of the wealth and achievements.

            No wonder many are in a rat race

    1. And I deliberately intended omitting it. “Fact” that is. Hence the title bit with “untruth”. There are still some gray areas around those two I thought not to confuse myself the more.
      Yes there’s a distinction, being that one is concrete and well proven than the other. And I know most of the truths I mentioned are simple facts, but I chose not to be explicit because I’d be lost on where to subject destiny, karma and the rest I’m about.

      Still “facts” are truths too yea

      1. oh alright. cool. i think i see what you mean. in attempting to talk about truth and fact one might find oneself sucked into a wormhole of philosophies beyond the scope you intended for this post. i can see that.

  4. Truth or Untruth. Interesting. Truth is, words like “predestination”, “destiny”, “lazy”, “church”, “pastor”, “fasting”,

    “prayer”, “heavenly plane”, and “rat race”, on the comments, draw a map not too far from the truth but too close to the


    Truth is simple. Give and take. Problem is, we go in circles trying to figure out what exactly we need to give and what

    exactly we need to take. And we end up saying truth is relative to justify our world, a relative world – one govern by time

    and chance.

    And about the idea or theory of predestination, it’s overrated and misleading. Where or what is the destination? Destiny?

    Right, lol. And what is destiny? Something that’s going to happen to us sooner or later, huh? Something we GET in front, in

    the future? Or something we experience throughout life? Well, I guess we all can agree and say Destiny is something…

    Truth is, an axe can’t cut down a tree, but can be used to cut a tree down.

    1. You know, you shouldn’t fixate your opinions on absolutes. Maybe these things are true, and maybe they aren’t. Maybe they’re concepts we have to know to live with caution, and maybe they’re a lot understated we certainly can’t tell. I just hope this “misleading” thing you say is farther from truth and close to untruth.
      For all our sake

  5. Am I fixating my opinion on the absolutes? Did I say truth is absolute? Nah. Pls reread my earlier comment slowly. You could say I’m talking about a part or aspect of the “Truth and Untruth” facet. I (and my opinion) embrace reality and all her relative. I acknowledge her “maybe” just as I acknowledge her beauty. But I know also how vain her beauty can be, and how not knowing (and accepting) some of her “maybe” can be the blissful ignorance that destroys a man.

    I once had such hope as you… ok, maybe for my own sake only. Then I realized that my city was without walls… I realized it’s better to be safe than sorry. I couldn’t leave it at “maybe”. Couldn’t afford to hope against hope (still can’t afford it)… had to be sure I’m in sync with truth and not with an illusion (or the untruth). I’m not saying I wanted to know all or I know all (it’s mortally impossible btw). And I’m not saying we shouldn’t live with caution either. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: “Sit on the fence by all means, but know which side to come down on – Winnie the Pooh”.

    Hope you get my point.

    P.S. about my earlier comment, sorry the format appears wrong – no thanks to my notepad. Noticed it after pressing Enter

    1. Yes I do get your point. I thought the last comment had an ok format already.
      And I like Winnie-the-pooh’s quote. Haven’t heard it before

      1. Yea, knew you’d like it. But he obviously couldn’t come up with such wise words though lol…subtle and straight to the point. Problem is, knowing where exactly to stand – at least for many.
        Don’t know if you belong to the school of thought that sees life as a battlefield. Do you? I think the idea exists in all religion though. Every man is supposed to be a warrior of sort. Every man is supposed to know the art of war – Sun Tzu style, Kung fu Style, or whatever style is endorsed by your belief. Mine’s a simple Life style, works for me any day lol.

        Btw, have no idea how my last comment ended up as a new comment and not a reply. I remember pressing reply. Wonder if it was pre…

        1. I feel sometimes that I’m too young to understand the thoughts that are not useful to me. Because it’s not enough knowing the concepts – karma and the rest – but living by them, like you said, knowing where to stand firm.
          Yes, battlefield in terms of religion, I’m about that too!
          Reply…comment…dearie…some worries are ‘not useful’. Don’t be like me.

  6. Worried? Nah. Just felt it should have stayed where it should..You know, some people take their toothpaste tubes seriously -and I don’t want to offend.
    How ironic… You also need to be too young to understand the thoughts that are useful to you. A wise man once said that you need to be as little as a child to get there. And once you understand the useful thoughts, you see the useless thoughts clearly.
    Not going to ask you how this battlefield (in terms of religion) connect with the idea of predestination, fate, etc, cos I think I know your answer. Question is, who exactly is the enemy? I believe strongly that if you know the enemy, you need not worry about the concepts of destiny, karma, and the rest.

  7. I don’t think everything is inbuilt. Everyone is different, for some they find the right path later on in life. Someone destined to be a professor might initially hate literature and reading. The whole destiny thing can be misleading sometimes though. But I definitely believe in karma, it’s really a bitch.

  8. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jer 29:11). As a Christian, the bible coupled with the Holy Spirit has always been and will always be my source of Truth/Inspiration. After creation, God gave us a very dangerous, important, and great gift, Freedom.
    [This abstract and realistic term, “freedom,” is what begets “Choice,” and the choice we make is what begets the results we receive.] We must all understand that evil arises not from God, but from the actions of his creations, which we humans are responsible for, but not all humans.
    Destiny and Karma are complicated ideologies. Some people say “Bad things happen to good people and vice versa.” Profanely, this is true. Spiritually (Godly), it is so wrong. “If God can be for you, who can be against you? (Rom 8:31). Job in the bible is a very good example, he was a perfect man, but the predicament he suffered is enough for him to give up on God. But he didn’t, because he was indeed perfect! Now speaking of we contemporary beings, who aren’t perfect, how do we deal with such unfortunate event? Well, as a godly being, all that’s needed of us is to do what is right (God’s will), and only then can our life be soothing. There is more to Destiny and Karma that goes beyond what our minds can comprehend, but the Choice we make, either as a believer or a nonbeliever, determines the results we receive. (Romans 13:3).

        1. Lol nah. It isn’t a nickname. Well.. kind of. The real form is ‘Oluchi’. The ‘chi’ is pronounced chi: as in cheeeeee.

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