There’s Something About Writing

there's something about writing

If you are not a movie person, you would miss the subtle pun in the title. I coined it from the movie, “There’s something about Mary”. The 90s romantic comedy that had Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz in it.

I watched a lottt of movies growing up. This also matched my book reading hobby. I read a lot of books. I mean, it’s incredible the number of books I read! So it is not out of place to think that this was what got me into writing, for being an “author” in some way. And that is the idea behind this post, to celebrate my being a ‘blog author’.

This post would be about me recalling and detailing the good old articles that have gotten quite some traction online (cue the views). I’ve never done this before, say, publish a post talking about other posts, but here we go. Amongst my almost hundred posts so far, hitting you up with a dozen…

Writing and Fifty plus Blog Posts Later

Even though this post is as old as 2013, it is still in vogue with our way of life, which makes it as fresh as bread. It is so cliché that this would be the first post on the list. Almost everyone understands the depth of my love for this write-up. If you know me as a blogger and ask for any of my posts, the default would be to introduce you to this article first.

This ought to be the quickest post I ever drafted, right in the middle of a conversation. Barely 40mins, it was initiated and finished – an idea popped in, typed with my phone and it was published in the next instance. It turned out good and I’ve never had to edit it to date. It has every bit of my to-the-edge sarcasm and character. And it was received as I intended it to be – sincere, humorous and conveying a message. In fact, I attempted a sequel, How to Approach a Lady The Guy Way,  because of how successful this one developed.

If you take some time to observe the way the world operates, or the way an operation takes place, you’ll learn that, not a lot of things are new under the sun. Recent inventions are not innovations, they’re byproducts of evaluation of creation or modifications of previous inventions.

When people act, they’re following a trend. The trend could be in line with another human, animal or thing, believe it or not. Your attribute might just not be unique to human beings alone. After thorough mind throbbing, I believe people can be compared with food, no pun. Read the post to understand more.

3. I want to say Husband Material but…

Aha! This one is humor redefined. The idea behind this was to make fun of the reference a lot of people give to marriageable characteristics in people, especially targeting the women.

4. What happened at the movie theater last weekend

A weekend that I couldn’t shake off. This blog has a niche “personal and lifestyle”, and this post emphasizes it. A day in the life of a clumsy movie cinema addict. This post got me answering questions on my WhatsApp about the state of my silliness.

5. What makes for a good day?

For you, what would you call a good day? Is it when you’re happy with your activities for the day? How about when you receive an alert? Or is it when you take care of someone else?

6. This is the reason why people cheat while in relationships

Sometimes you may wonder why some persons may cheat even when they seem to have the very best of partner. The ideal trophy-meet-humble-meet-homely-meet-ambitious-meet-totally-together mate. Here’s is a post detailing the factors that cause any partner to cheat, which has NOTHING to do with beauty/attractiveness.

7. How I Landed The Almost Perfect Job from Interviewing For a Job Position I Hated and Failed at

Two years ago before I got my former place of employment, I applied for a position I was unenthusiastic about and to a company that had a sketchy profile. I needed a job and I couldn’t think of another contingent plan.

8. When you have a building manager that knows he’s a boss

How well would you define your working experience both within the work and outside work environment? The commute, the meals, the relationships, what can you say about them? This is more of a hilarious post than serious.

When you have a building manager that knows he's a boss

9. Six Ways to prove you’re an awesome person

Here is my first article to Pulseng and their reaction to it was beautiful and amazing. This was the post that made me self host my blog from WordPress and shake off living in denial with the fact that I‘m a part-time writer/blogger.

10. When Is the Best Time to Deliver Bad News?

A more recent post than the rest relating to the best time you’d rather share horrific news to a person. What do you think about bad news being spread among various timelines of our lives, or just dished all at once at a time? Would it be insensitive to prefer a time to receive bad news? Is that bad karma?

Quite controversial but it started with a movie recap!

11. Gift Ideas You Would Think Aren’t So Cool

How come we don’t have the culture of exchanging casual gifts unless on a special holiday or event? What if you sent these as a gift to a friend, would they be glad? Would you like to receive such as gift?

12. Books You Should Read Before You Turn 30!

A perfect end to this list. Do you love books and long all day for what to read? If you don’t, do you have friends or people around you who make you suggest a book for them to read? Here’s a list of some great books and their reviews! It doesn’t matter if you’re past 30. These are amazing! About 13 of them or so.

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