The mind works in mysterious ways

the mind

At work yesterday, *Lara got hungry and attempted to place an order for 2beef rolls, but apparently, the sum was not an eligible figure for a delivery. She decided, therefore, to include her order with *Mark’s, who also wanted a meal but hasn’t placed his order yet as he was in a meeting.

Me: (seeing Mark) Oh! You’re out! Lara’s been onto you!

Mark: raising eyebrows she has?

Me: Oh yes. She’s hungry!

Mark: eyes widening She is?

Me: Uh-huh. She needs some sausages

Mark: silence

Me: What?

Mark: silence hmmm dragging the word innn-tresss-tinnn


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  1. Lol..This got me laughing out loud. What an imagination!

    I just found your blog via Alara Karis’s blog. Must say good work you’ve got going here. Oluchi!

    PS: My Lara is not hungry. lol

    1. Join me in imagining that imagination!😂

      I should thank Alara Kari’s blog for bringing us closer ☺️😘

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