Fashion Media Memoirs: The Fashion Weekend 2017 and GTBank

Fashion Media Memoirs: Featuring GTBank Fashion Weekend

About two weeks ago, I joined the train that led to the fashion weekend 2017 event organized by GTBank. Everyone was anticipating it and getting excited prior to the event day, so I tried to steal a little excitement also, seeing as the event would occupy one of my predictable weekends. And maybe it worked and maybe the event was sizzling.

My reason for wanting to attend was all too glaring to people around me. I’m fashion focused, additionally a subtle fashion related e-preneur, so all I could think about was the array of opportunities for patronage from guests, and the ideas I could get from the retail exhibitions I knew would be showcased, if not even make some unique purchases to sparkle my personal collection. See, I was about the search for that superb fashion experience.

Fashion memoirs: The Fashion Weekend 2017 and GTBank

But there was one intsy bitsy problem (or not) – I haven’t caught any one of these kind of social events before, whether The Lagos Fashion and Design Week, The Arise Fashion Week, or even the common Food and Fair events. So I had no idea of what to expect in the structure of masterclasses or runways or whatnot.

On one hand that was alright, in the sense that I could have fresh judgements that wouldn’t be tinted with reasons to be disappointed or thrilled, it would just happen naturally. On the other hand, well, nothing.

And then I missed the masterclasses of both fashion weekend days! The point of learning for this event, I went ahead and missed it.

I didn’t get the pass for the masterclass for day 1, and day 2 got spent like a deja vu of day 1 (in everything! so it would have been ok if I didn’t attend it at all. Note: don’t attend a 1 & 2 if you don’t see/hear any specificity in the schedules. Because that would mean they would follow the same program for both).

Fashion memoirs: The Fashion Weekend 2017 and GTBank

Thank God the retail exhibitions by the SMEs were spectacular, and especially empowering for me. It gave me that boost in ideas I was looking out for. There was this particular booth where they’d make your clothes from scratch. You hand over a fabric you got from one of the vendors showcasing, tell them a style, and they’d instantly get to work on it and produce a finished product in a couple of minutes.

Cheers to Fashion: Featuring GTBank Fashion Weekend
maybe here’s where they get the fabric. Then it’s moved to almost the end of this row to the in-house designers present to do their thing. It was interesting.
Cheers to Fashion: Featuring GTBank Fashion Weekend
They will cut and thread your fabric here

There was also this talented artist that would paint a picture on a plain T-shirt and it would come out beautifully. All you have to do is purchase a plain T-shirt at the stall or get one somehow, then you show him a picture in your phone.

He’d look thoroughly, get his brush sets and for the next couple of minutes, his eyes would go sporadically from the pallet to the T-shirt. You may request for an artist’s portrait instead and he’d make it happen. His booth was so mesmerizing and the crowd was choking. I couldn’t get a picture taken.

There was this other lady (ladies) that created henna designs (laali) but the fascination was about how quick she performed. It was the same technique as everyone else that does those kinds, but she was as swift as a dare, and the outcome was pure remarkable.

It was after waiting in queue for almost 20mins with about 6ladies ahead of me, that I shook out of the feeling of wanting one done.

Cheers to Fashion: Featuring GTBank Fashion Weekend

Cheers to Fashion: Featuring GTBank Fashion Weekend

And ofcourse the SMEs showcase of luxury apparels (emphasis on luxury), even footwear

Fashion Weekend

Cheers to Fashion: Featuring GTBank Fashion Weekend
this picture is because I was confused as to what her product was initially. Take a guess

If you want to see a bit more in terms of street style and personal style, you can check Grace Gigi’s post here on her experience at the event. It was also her first time at a GTB fashion weekend, so her opinion wasn’t tainted with comparisons. She even attended a TY Bello’s masterclass.

6pm brought in the queue for the runway show. Yes, it’s the runway show I went to get a pass for (You get the passes weeks/days before the event. It will be sent to your email address). What did I know about what to get passes for?

The day 1 happened without queries but the day 2 had the devil in the operations team. Some minutes after 6pm it was announced that the runway arena was packed full and they’ll have no one go in again and we should all find our routes elsewhere.

The runway show of the previous day wasn’t awesome, but I wasn’t going to just leave like that, that’ll mean I wasted the entire day, no way! Tadefabstyle’s blog about the fashion weekend, you would find glamorous pictures of the runway, lots of pictures. There were even mentions on fashion influencers and some designers that were represented. Also, you would even catch glimpses of street-style pictures, if that’s what you’re looking for.

My friends already left for the food court when they dismissed us at the queue, but I had a band pass (a GTB staff organizer/crew friend of a cousin gave me) (actually friends also had the band pass but they didn’t care much about it) so I felt I had an advantage and could pass into the show. I didn’t. The “bouncers” asked how and why I “came out”, and that my spot would have obviously been taken so I couldn’t go back in (if I was ever in, this could have angered me I’m sure).

So this lady at the queue hadn’t been at the day before runway show and she started to ask about it. I didn’t really think of the show after it ended that day, but when I tried to summarize it to her, I told her somberly that it wasn’t too fantastic and she shouldn’t feel any way about being refused to let in, she wasn’t going to miss much.

We talked on, she took my word for it and decided to go chill at the food court like everyone seemed to be leaving towards. And I stayed on at the queue explaining tirelessly to these bouncer people that I had my “imaginary” bag inside even after I saw their eyes move to the bag slung over my shoulders.

They eventually let everyone in, and I left the show 20mins after.

Uzo of Life of Uzzy, elaborated on the runway show on her recap here on her blog. You would get more information about it pictorially, even videos too, and not just talk.

So all in all, if you ask me how the event went, I wouldn’t say it was awesome, but it was not disappointing. The food court made me do a snap back though, I totally wasn’t expecting it. And being a junk food person, that endeared the event to me. It was a good event.

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