The biggest hair decisions of my mane life

The biggest hair decisions of my mane life

It’s mane story time! Is it okay to talk about my hair…again? I promise this one has an interesting end!

It started from getting aggravated at my hairdresser for charging extra for a hairstyle she could easily have made for half the price she’d collect on a regular day. It was big box twists for half my mane. I made her first weave 3 rows from the bottom perimeter of the hair at the nape of my neck before proceeding to braiding the rest of the hair.

I was in a hurry, I didn’t want to go through the next day with a wig, it was past 7pm, and she was in the middle of a client’s hair. All of that came into thoughts when I got her scurrying along to attend to me.

The biggest hair decisions of my mane life

It wasn’t until the next day I realized how untidy and badly done it appeared. It wasn’t until my boss asked me what happened that I realized how untidy and badly done the mane appeared, and then I felt betrayed. I felt it so strongly that I resolved to change hairdressers immediately.

Rash decision, yes, but asides feeling cheated by her, from where I stood, her flaws had overfilled the cup and was starting to run over.

Fast forward to a week later when I got bored with the style so I had to uninstall the braids, call for a friend to make some two strand twists I could wear henceforth underneath some wigs. I was finally relieved of my job (long story) so I had ample time to play around with wigs.

I figured, conveniently, my hair dresser could keep her expertise away from the mane, thank you very much.

While in the process of taking my bath yesterday morning, I had an epiphany of a fresh hair start. Ofcourse I dismissed it as it made no sense. Infact, I thought the soap lather had gotten deep through my ears to the insides of my brain.

I mean, I’ve spent so much lately trying to revamp my hairline and hair growth, why would I want to cut off my hair?

The biggest hair decisions of my mane life

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I left the bathroom a little uneasy but also a bit relieved the right side of head could counter with matching arguments why the sudden devil’s idea was the worst possible option at this point in time of my life.

I’m not convinced how I can pull off a low cut look. Plus my efforts at my hair care game were yielding good results gradually.

What I could think about, after towel drying my body and then having my right thumb against the nozzle of the ACV applicator bottle as I was set to spray on the cotton pad balanced on my left finger tips, was how I could end the year with daring hairstyles since I would chop it all off come next year.

While I was putting on my underwear it occurred to me how I could color my hair with the remainder of the spicy red hair dye I had kept after employing it for a second application to my hair during my NYSC year (which was like 2years ago).

The biggest hair decisions of my hair life

Then struggling to fit the ankles of my jean pant through my feet, then past my ankles, I realized I could even scrape the side of my head (Say what??). What I’ve been longing to do, but the need to appear responsible stayed trumping the desire to experiment with incredible styles.

The biggest hair decisions of my hair life

All the while I was dressing up, it didn’t occur to me that I WAS DRESSING UP. I was at the act perfunctorily, having been used to dressing up after bathing to head for work, or some activity usually slated for early mornings. That’s been my life everyday the past 15months.

Typical me, I grabbed it as a sign. I saw my dressing up as a ticket to leave the house. To leave the house to the shopping plaza. The shopping plaza at Eko market (Lagos Island). Eko market to buy a couple more wigs. More wigs to emphasize the comfort and lack of distraught in my plans to reduce my 9-1/2 inch length of hair I’ve learnt to maintain, to a mere 0 inch.

The thoughts came swirling through my mind in bullet points. Point. Go to Zee, friend, to help apply the hair dye all over the hair generously. Point. Weeks later, head over to Iggy, bro’s barber, to use his clippers on one side of your hair, and then behind.

Point. Last week of December, let mother snip off the tresses with a scissors like she happily performed the first time. Point. First week of January, permit Iggy to scrape off all sighted strands on the scalp and leave his salon with a David Beckham’s hairdo (maybe I’m mixing up the footballer. The one with flat blonde).

Point. Re-dye the hair so you’re on red lowcut for a week or more. Point. When tired, finally scrape off the hair completely and let a fresh new responsible hair see the light of day.

The biggest hair decisions of my hair life

Banging the gate behind me, already en route the market, I sent a WhatsApp text to my trusted hair buddy.

The biggest hair decisions of my mane lifeMehn Zee, this time around, I’m really going to cut my hair o. Like I’ve actually made up my mind and all.”


With the various transitions I have planned, won’t everyone think I’m going mad because I “lost my job”. I can imagine my mum being assured of my new reckless phase and planning how to book a deliverance session for me.

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  1. This post had me laughing cause I can so relate. I had been juggling the thoughts of cutting my hair in my mind but I didn’t cut it until Sunday. In fact it felt so unreal until I heard the first snip of the scissors in my hair and I felt a little depressed afterwards but now I’m so in love with my twa!

    1. If this isn’t a booster, what else is?!!
      You know these kind of things, you’ll keep going back and forth on the decision until you actually do it. Even after all these plenty writing, I’ve just been staring at the hair dye like, “please go back to where you came from. My hair is good this way.”

      You just gave uplifted my hair mind by sharing that you’ve had yours cut too!

  2. I’m sorry about your job, curious about what happened too, cos i could have sworn you loved it..
    Anyhoo, totally relatable with the hair dreams.
    considering i took the initiative to cut mine first, do u mind pointing low cut maintenance tips?

    1. Thanks sweets. I actually loved my colleagues, not the job in itself. About 7days old unemployed. Sigh

      Absolutely zero tips for maintenance because It’s easy caring for short hair. I’d say always keep it moisturized and comb less, preferably finger detangle. If you crave protective styling, because you might get tired to be seen on low
      Cut, lol, try not keeping it beyond 4weeks pls (especially braids). It can be tempting to since it’s short and all.
      And also, quite frankly, you don’t need all those products you use on a full big hair. It’s not so necessary, it will grow regardless. If you have to use productsssss, make it really little quantities.
      If you ask me, it’s until the 6th month or farther that you should pay keener attention. By then the strands would be longer enough to play tangling games. (3 inches and all)

  3. You always have a way of making me giggle silly like a little child with your post. And no, she won’t think you are going mad. She will understand you are an adult and it;s time to start taking decisions…hehehe.

    Welcome to the fro gang!

  4. This made me laugh.😂😂
    I understand your struggles….although I pay little or no attention to my hair.
    I always have hair extensions on so most of my friends have never seen my hair cus my edges are doing their best to stay away from my face.
    Cutting my hair appeals to me sometimes but since my hair texture can easily be compared to a wire….I let the hair be.

    1. Compared to a wire….hahahaha

      I just realized also that I’ve been more on extensions and wigs, so this hair business is just stress. Let me let it breathe pls

  5. You’re so funny!😂 So what’s the update regarding your hair?
    So sorry about your job. I pray you get an amazing one soon. One where you’ll love both the job and your colleagues.

    1. Thanks dear. I pray so too. Really. Adulting will be easier.

      And my hair! Uhhh I went ahead and colored it hun. Red. Or what I wanted it to be, only it turned out like…isit burgundy? Light wine sort of. So it isn’t so obvious. Been almost 2weeks now but I Haven’t taken any pics yet

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