Throwback to College: The Beauty of Knowledge and Information

ThrowBack to College - Beauty of Information

All I could think about throughout the process of drafting this post was Monster University. So I’ll make it the theme haha!

The disguised truth about knowledge in studying that you may not like to hear is, if you’re patient enough, real patient, it’ll never be a waste of time, as it’s likely to pay at the end. “Patience” here isn’t relative. The measure of effort or time you put in, that’s relative, because there are people who don’t need so much of anything to gear up their understanding, unless of course, they’re excelling under the blanket of beginner’s luck, but even that is bound to run out since you don’t remain at the fresher’s level for a long time, traditionally. But patience works, when you’re not really eager for a short cut to mental renaissance.

So as studying begets information, information in-turn breeds knowledge and knowledge would always remain a timeless entity since information is limitless! (I said all that in one breath. ). Information gets passed around in crowds like current in a circuit, and transcends generations such that facts remain facts 100years down the line. And when information gets to you, and it processes as something useful, and you apply it, you would have already created a window for a discussion. A discussion is all it takes to get things moving, people acting and a party brewing in a university!

ThrowBack to College - Beauty of Information

The poised and carefree life in university give one the illusion of presently being able to hammer out windows from concrete stacks of blocks, concurrently having the future sculptured into a fine image as that on the poster usually plastered on a bedroom wall. It would mold your thoughts into presuming happy moments to only happen when you’re not by yourself. You’d gain a sensational feeling, for the most part, of a hopeless mix of gratifying independence, quest for atonement and a tingle desire to get detected. These all depend on the channel of knowledge you subscribe to.

If I could change anything about my University days, it would be the way I processed and managed information. Maybe studying would have been less skirmish and a lot more whimsical (and phenomenal!).

Maybe when informed about the stiff nuts around the pipes at the laundry room in the dormitory some Friday evenings before bed time, the right move would be to get some pails underneath the working tap same way majority thought to do, just so staying in queue for the first 4hrs on a Saturday morning after the break of dawn and then proceeding onto another queue for the laundry line would be averted, because that right there is a waste of a potentially productive beautiful part-weekend. Why shortchange yourself when you know productivity engages and enriches the mind.

ThrowBack to College - Beauty of Information

Maybe when informed of some launching/ pre-event shows (like that Finger-Licking Chicken or Tee’s welcoming) of one who is neither a relative nor a close friend at a town away from school’s, rather than travel all the way there just because a friend is and convinced you to tag along, spend nonrefundable cash and get shitty treatment, I’d simply send a congratulatory message across and perhaps a gift card. Once bitten was never twice shy, why? Check the trends. Trust me, when you wait for that event where you’d be invited and appreciated when recognized, the fun would be greater than the fire dragon game in your phone. Aspire to attain certain levels of peace of mind (by the way, this is the new kind of success). You don’t get it by hopping towns and feeling bitter about wasted efforts.

ThrowBack to College - Beauty of Information

Maybe when informed of the date for turning in the Lab assignment reports of the biweekly practical for which an average score in all the total 4 reports of the semester would elevate the grade point average by a good margin, I wouldn’t wait 2days to deadline before readying and compiling the materials, which always turned out poorly, and cause me to struggle more to earn good grades. A mere attention to an assignment that could be collated on google should be more appealing than the idea of midnight candle burning that would achieve the same kind of success. Really.

ThrowBack to College - Beauty of InformationMaybe when always informed on the possibility of a surprise quiz at the next lecture session, I wouldn’t call the lecturer bluff, even at the least, skim through the immediate past lessons, because as it were, girls who did better were more recognized and had better chances at favors (incentive to encourage the too few engineering females). Some ladies got sought after by this Oil servicing company for internship, and right after graduation got an instant job, they had no idea their common grades will serve well at the final year. Talk about surprise surprise.

Maybe if I used the information I kept reading about wise choices in spending, and took more precaution on how I made purchases, I probably wouldn’t have spent frivolously on items I didn’t really need at the moment (or anytime at all. In hindsight, having a glittered hat isn’t something you should buy just because it’s on sale). Certainly I wouldn’t cringe so much at the thought of the savings I could have accumulated after school and how it could have helped me survive the first few months post-graduation, without having to be ashamedly dependent. Make better money choices and you wouldn’t have to miss the money you spent in the past years. Refinancing your student loans through a company like Earnest is a way to save money after graduating. Check out more information here.

Simply put, if you enthuse over brilliant knowledge and believe that you’re not misinformed enough to follow through, you’ll watch your school years pass by so lit!

What would you change about your University experience if you were to relive it?

What are you doing differently as an undergraduate because you were informed about something? What did you change?


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  1. I always procrastinate a lot especially the laboratory reports and term papers. I always end up doing them late and my grades weren’t so cool last session. This post is a real booster and I’m going to put in more effort this session. Thanks so much for this

    1. Who doesn’t procrastinate? It’s the way of life. Lol but it takes real concentration most times to do the right thing at the exact right time. I don’t even know why we keep pushing things for later when we know if they’re performed at that time, we’ll be the better for it.

        1. Do you think maybe you’re getting overwhelmed at something else that’s making your thoughts elsewhere. You know how easy our interest sways when focus shifts. Or what I did, I found myself an incentive. If I could do anything book related for 1hr in a day, then I’d do anything else GUILT FREE for the rest of the 100hrs left in the day. 1hr is a lot in school trust me, so at first I just opened my book and stared at it and time passed. Then it progressed to looking at the past lessons for some minutes, do something else non book related, come back to books to add up to 1hr. Then it progressed also to reading only to fulfil righteousness (for my 1hr). Then it became steady a bit.
          Or you could just join some tutorial class (for the sake of it).

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