Do You Think You are a Like-able person?

What I’ve come to notice is that, quite a few positive terms are misconstrued for different kinds of other pleasant terms. When you say one thing and the receiver interprets it as another, but still in the same context of positivity. Like, complimenting someone for their hairdo/haircut and they genuinely […]

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How would you wish to meet your partner?

If you were to create the perfect scenery for how you would meet your partner, what and where would it be? How would you choose to meet the one you’d want to share your time, moments, happiness, tv episodes, money, liberty, waffles, shower… Say you’re given some paintbrushes and then […]

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What makes for a good day?

a good day

Ambiguity in words or sentences can be damaging in the case where your aim is to be understood. To have a good day could mean just about anything to anyone. For one person alone, it could mean a hundred scenarios, depending on the broad position of life at the time […]

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5 Exact Ways to Manage Disappointment

Manage Disappointment

This was originally titled “What to Do Next When You Don’t Get What You Want” because it sounded catchy and inviting, until I realized the ambiguity in it. Here, my standpoint is from the experience of genuinely being hurt and having to successfully deal with the emotion. I’m not sure […]

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