How would you wish to meet your partner?

If you were to create the perfect scenery for how you would meet your partner, what and where would it be? How would you choose to meet the one you’d want to share your time, moments, happiness, tv episodes, money, liberty, waffles, shower…

Say you’re given some paintbrushes and then acrylic paints or just some crayons. A mug with a little bit of water and then a palette. Also included will be a napkin and then a little soap. There’ll be frozen soup in the freezer and some protein bars beside it.

Right there, laid in front of you will be a canvas and some papers, which would complete the essentials you’d need to make a picture, clean up and then have some lunch.

a good day

You’d have a couple of hours to build on paper, the ideal picture of how you would rather wish to have your first “meetup moments” with who you would later have frequent dates with, or be in a relationship with.

If you have a partner already, how would you pretend you met or wished you did? If you don’t already have your partner, and you were to design your impending “first meet” moments, where would it be? How would it be?

There’s really no use getting sensitive, there’s nothing wrong with fantasies. Where we are, at the moment, is probably where we should be, and we assuredly wouldn’t have it any better. How we meet our partners or how we would meet them, fat chance is, it is the exact way it will be predestined that we should meet them, and we couldn’t change it if we tried (if you believe in kismet/fate).

So this is really just a harmless momentary thought. Not some wish to invoke magical powers and alter timelines.

It’s kind of like, remember that game “marry, kiss or kill”, where you pick names from a selection (usually celebrities) and depending on your gender, you pick different persons you’d wish to marry or kill or kiss. Haha which in no way signifies a lack of desire to kiss or marry your current partner or your crush down the road… I’m seeing how this may be a failed analogy.

The idea is just to think about the atmosphere that would pose as less difficult for you to start a relationship. The comfort zone that could make accepting a date a lot easier or quicker, you wouldn’t need additional time to “think about it” because the answer would be immediate!

The ideal situation that would almost always have favored the affirmative response for dating someone, irrespective of the kind of person that’s requesting for a date.

So much so that if you could find a “perfect person”, you’d snatch them up, and attach them onto the background of your “perfect moment”. So that if they would ask you out on a date, your answer would be a definite yes! Dreams!

This picture doesn’t have to be a moment in time like, while you were walking along a busy road, a Mercedes slowed brusquely and parked… Which is fine, but not necessarily only those kind of fantasies. It could be a period in time.

Say, would you rather have a person meet you at the park where you’re sure they wouldn’t mind since they enjoy strolls and walks and moments of serenity? Would you prefer having no surprises, but meeting a person you have known all your life at the exact way you’d normally meet up, and then having them ask you out on a date?

Do you think it’s fun to occasionally walk into someone while at the movies, and the awkwardness would make you both decide to go together to the movies another time? (Reference to other similar moments).

Partner + Relationship First Starts

Here are various common ways many people have begun their relationships!

Partner Meet-up Scenario 1

Lady has this male friend who has stayed a friend for a long while. There is no real memory of a first time meet up. They’re close enough that sometimes they call themselves family, and other more pleasant times they prefer to refer to themselves as besties. Now lady starts to like her “bestie” a little more than she thought she would.

One day, either by coercion from friends, or having seen the light, she asks him to be her boyfriend and he agrees. Now they’re in a relationship.

Partner Meet-up Scenario 2

Dude, along with his siblings, was dragged by the parents to a family-friend’s home for Sunday brunch. This family has a daughter of about his age also. Some other kids too but dude never really gave them a second stare. While the married adults’ steer to different corners to have conversations, the young adults too also entertain small talks.

Dude has his opportunity to get acquainted with the said daughter. More intentional frequent visits to this home alone and they become good friends. In a short time, he asks her to be his girl and she agrees. Now they’re in a relationship.

Partner Meet-up Scenario 3

Dude has this friend who has this other friend that dude isn’t familiar with. A certain concert and this friend comes along with the other friend, and dude meets her. Introductions ensue and subsequently, dude finds himself liking her. He asks this friend about this other friend and gets to know about her.

He states his wishes to continue on with this other friend and the friend approves. Dude admits his affection to this other friend, who confirms also that she likes him just as well. In no time they start dating. Now they’re in a relationship.

Partner Meet-up Scenario 4

Dude is acquainted with this colleague. They relate well and she seems like a genuinely interesting person. Then he asks her if she has been to *insert name of place of choice* and she says no. He further asks to take her there to which she agrees. And they gradually build a mutual affection for each other. Now they’re in a relationship.

Partner Meet-up Scenario 5

Dude is at a bar/ restaurant/ church/ wedding/ conference with maybe a friend or alone. He sees a lady somewhere around the corner and he gets attracted to her. Moments later he glides towards her, talks some, and she agrees. Now they’re in a relationship.

Partner Meet-up Scenario 6

Lady gets on a social media forum. She posts something, some dude comments and it leads into a conversation thread. They get private chats set up and then decidedly agree to meet up. She likes him and he concurs. Now they’re in a relationship.

Partner Meet-up Scenario 7

A friend/ parent purposefully arranges dude on a meeting with a lady. They meet, get talking, start dating. Now they’re in a relationship.

How did yours happen? Do you wish it could have been different? Or

How do you wish yours would happen?

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  1. I sincerely just wish we’d be friends for so long and then fall in love, like the first scenario. Because I value friendship in love. It’s the only thing that survives it all…

    1. I hear spontaneity creates sparks in relationships – meeting first time and hitting it up within weeks.
      And being friends already can get quite boring in routines.

  2. Met my partner through scenario 6. We were friends after the DM slides and we became attracted to each other and the rest is history. I’d forever cherish those moments before we finally agree to date, it was like we were watching each other and learning about ourselves.

    1. That’s really sweet, awww. As much as people think it awkward, I’ve heard a lottttt more about meet ups through the internet that last longer than those that encounter each other ideally in real life first.

  3. We’d meet at a regular job interview. We’d build a professional respectful relationship like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. He saves the world and I help him do that. It’s the kind of relationship where love is a choice and a sense of responsibility as we work towards a common goal.

    The perfect picture is him in his chair tie loose, top buttons undone. I’m cross-legged on his desk, legs dangling in blacl pointy high-heels. We are having champagne, laughing and drinking to a good day, to Saving The World.

    1. Like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts!! I love their relation. The sense of journey and understanding.

      Your perfect picture is the ideal classy picture omg

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