What Did You Leave in the Past Year + What to Construct of the New Year

What Did You Leave in the Past Year?

A little backstory. About the start of the year this time last year, I came across this YouTube Channel that was created by a Congolese living in the U.K. Originally, her aim for the channel was to record and air beauty videos, so I read.

But apparently it has outgrown that niche since the channel now admits series that would bring together friends of varied races to exchange views on selected topics, especially those of common disputes in school, or within their ethnicity, racial groups, families, or just encounters with other people. Typically, group topics and discussions.

She’d hash over a theme with a category of questions to a set of people, and then video their responses individually, mostly collectively. Usually, in a posted vlog, there are about 3 – 6 sessions of group chatter edited together, with each session comprising 3 – 10 ladies and guys. The discourse usually turns out very interesting as the friends would relay their differing experiences, make loud outbursts of ideas as it flows through their heads, or simply howl backlashes!

(Link to her channel, super hilarious).

This said YouTube Vlogger, Nella Rose, had this vlog in December 2016 titled “THINGS WE NEED TO LEAVE IN 2016 – WIGS, HIGH TOPS, MARGIELA’S + BLOOPERS.” and it became one of most viewed videos till date. The theme of the video concerned the prevailing trends at the time (2016) that needed to be forsaken before the following year (2017).

The sessions also had them talking about activities they indulged in that haven’t been helpful and what they expected of the coming year.

What is interesting is that most of the trends that were suggested to be surrendered in the past year, only blew up in greater forces in the following year. And some of their concerns that needed to quit were:

What To Leave behind in the Previous Year

  • Hairstyles – French braids in reverse,  and Wigs 
  • Slang words – Wawu
  • Twitter – Relationship twitter, Goodmorning to certain people
  • Fashion – Yellow tights or jackets, High tops, Disconnecting beards
  • Male/female tendencies – “You don’t get wived in…”, Stop generalizing Nigerian boys as demons “Do you know what a demon is -@nehi_a”, Body count, Jumping to conclusions…
What Did You Leave in the Past Year? What to Construct of the New Year
YouTube Channel

What to Construct of the New Year

Now, Why we are here, what did you leave in the Past Year?

From all over the internet, here are a few thoughts from people.

  • @Dyg_this

Leave situationships in 2017

  • @Menaaaa_A

Firms in Nigeria please leave unpaid internships in 2017. Interns not slaves.

  • @iamshylaoliver

Let’s leave making jokes about mental illness in 2017 thank youuuuu

  • @younggatsbyy

Men, Leave ‘chasing women’ in 2017 & chase wealth in 2018

The way this recession is shaped, you need to start converting your resources (time x energy x money) into assets. Women are smarter entrepreneurs. They know how to negotiate you out of your money, save & invest theirs

There are couple of thing I think needs to end in 2017. Internet trolling…rape needs to stop…

Another thing is domestic violence

  • @eketiette

“I need a man that will take care of me and can handle my expenses.”

Dear young women, let’s leave this line and the mentality that goes with it, in 2017.

  • @hannaheroddy

Gender shouldn’t matter. Sexuality shouldn’t matter. Religion shouldn’t matter. Race shouldn’t matter. Ethnicity shouldn’t matter.

If you’re a good person, you’re a good person. Leave the close mindedness in 2017.

  • @RealistBigR

Pls let’s leave inconsistency in 2017

  • @abigail1037

Let’s leave being jealous of other people in 2017 and learn to appreciate ourselves aside from the things we lack

  • @t_stringsssss21

WHATS SO BAD ABOUT GIVING YOUR ALL TO ONE PERSON???? It’s not cute to mess around with multiple people. Let’s leave the fuck boy culture in 2017. 2018 is all about love and shyttt

  • @koifresco

Leave all your shortcomings and insecurities in 2017 & start the New Year with a clean mental slate that is ready for love, abundance and joy!

  • @Chike___

Guys!! Let’s try and leave this rubbish in 2017.

A girl rejects you or someone and next minute your contribution is “Soon, aunty will be 35 and Start going to “××××××” begging for a husband. The joke is overplayed, cringe worthy and annoying at this point. Respect yourself

  • @lanelissa

Let’s leave all of the guys with fragile masculinities who think they need to eat meat to be real men and all of the girls who can’t give up their chicken nuggets due to fear of losing their relatability in 2017.

  • @mouadhayachi

Leave the bad vibes in 2017

Let’s make 2018 be the year of love and positivity

  • @markessien

What killed African development was tribal warfare. When you split up into tiny cliques and start fighting other cliques. Let’s leave that in 2017.

  • @ambssanchez

Don’t try with people who don’t put in the same effort you do, to hang out, text you. Leave those people in 2017 where they belong 🙂

  • @bradyhandrews

Let’s leave biphobia, transphobia, homophobia, discrimination, etc. In 2017 please.

  • @BittnerMeagan

My only goal in 2018 is to be genuinely happy and leave all the negativity in 2017

  • @Samyaaa_x

Leave the phrase ‘men are trash’ in 2017, annoying afff

  • @KingUcheOdoh

You see that thing when you see someone you are familiar with and they are waiting for you to come say Hello first, let’s leave that in 2017 guys!

  • @HeavykDrumboss

Guys please leave people with bad hearts in 2017 & surround yourself with people who are full of love & positivity!

  • @TheRealFeliz

Can we leave everything corny in 2017, like fake smiling in selfies cause you want everyone to comment “you’re beautiful”

  • @tetrabromide

Can we leave the people who think being anti-politically correct is the same as having a personality in 2017

  • @wedolikeitrough

petition to leave …in 2017:

– people who think they’re better than others

– people who make others feel stupid

– people who are fishing for compliments 24/7

  • @J_maineyoo

Ladies, can we please leave the lip syncing snaps while you’re on your way to work in 2017? These have been cringeworthy since 2015 if I’m keepin it real with you.

What did you leave in 2017? What did you bring to 2018?

What Did You Leave in the Past Year? What to Construct of the New Year


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  1. i am leaving Fear and negative thinking behind in 2017 and embracing courage and positive thoughts abeg. I am too young to be carrying baggage upandown.
    interesting post!

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