Jon Bellion and The Music about Science Period

Jon Bellion and The Music about Science Period

Music reaches deep into my inside self, and in some ways, for me, it makes it all seem like I’m constantly being manipulated, for good reasons. It’s like, I know that I have a voice, but more so, I’m aware that someone else’s voice is being perpetrated through me, not by me.

That even though I can speak, I find that another voice understands me, and is speaking on my behalf. That my mind is not as locked away as I think it is. It’s mostly like there is a house inside of me, with an entire band working up melodies out of my thought processes.

Then there’s that accompanying feeling. The feeling where you’re making your way and trying to get a lot going on, and then you hear a song guiding you. The kind that happens in movies, the background music. Only you don’t know where it comes from, it feels like it’s in the atmosphere.

But it’s melodious and appropriate, and you’re comfortable. And you find that the music is the exact way your motion is, and that it is interpreting correctly. The dynamics of flow synchronizing so well. And you’re not scared of whether you ought to be scared or not. That’s the moment you hum along.

You’re scared sometimes, but not in a bad way. It’s like when you’re driving and you’re wishing you don’t hit someone. And then you get tired, and your hands are still on the wheels, and your legs have started to wobble and fall asleep because you haven’t been stretched out for a long time.

You still keep driving and at the end of the trip, you don’t hit anybody. It doesn’t change that you would worry the next day also. Just like when you worry that you put too much curry in the stew. But really, curry isn’t that kind of seasoning to make the stew taste bad if it’s in excess. It’s a good worry, but not a deserving worry.

That’s how it is with music for me. Music can create that kind of false worry, even right in the center of its glee. Like “Is this true?”How can this be so exact?” On and on, you could be led in the throes of doubt and incomprehension. The confusion capable of engaging your brain into emotional connections you didn’t think you were experiencing, or it can give you unexpected immature feelings.

That’s how you can switch moods when a certain song comes up. You’re meditating and reflecting one moment, and the next moment you find your weak knees falling in line with the rhythm despite your poor dancing skills.

Growing up, I believed I had a music fetish. If that is a possible fetish. Especially with listening to all sorts of genres although majorly soft rock and pop rock kinds of music. When songs had storylines and true plots. It was a reactive means to communicating one’s feelings, and it was about passing a message across.

You could form out relationship details, or personal experiences or what happened in class after the Science period from just listening to a song. You could learn about the song writer’s friend’s mum’s cooking and you could find out about their state of mind at certain timelines of their lives.

Music back then had lyrics that were tuned narratively and persuasively. You would instantly try to understand what was going through the singer’s mind. With just a light soul searching the connection would be made. Remember Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tees, The Man Who can’t be moved by The Script, You found me by The Fray, More to Life by Stacie Orico, Lifted by Lighthouse family. These music would overwhelm, intoxicate, and provoke you into a listening coma.

I discovered Jon Bellion mid last year. And I want to say that my perception of music has never been the same after that, but that would come off too strong. This one thing is certain though, it is not everyone that would relate with the kind of music he makes. And if you find that you do relate, then you are a hell of a special kind of person.

If you don’t relate, you are truly special too. You’re just one of the special ones who don’t relate to that kind of music, easy. This isn’t a big deal, and I have no idea why I’m getting too much into it. But I just listened to a couple of his songs and other great songs and this post became imminent.

Practically, If I were to recommend some of Jon’s songs and the other good ones that would get you backed up, it would be any of these:

+Eyes to the Sky by Jon Bellion 

+ Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion 

+ Chivalry is dead by Trevor Wesley 

+ Just you and I by Tom Walker

+Levitate by Imagine Dragons

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  1. Imo Jon Bellion is underrated. His kind of music is so unique and his voice! gosh. You should listen to Luxury, Simple and sweet, carry your throne to mention a few.

    1. I have! When the music come up on my playlist, they will definitely be put on repeat! You know good sounds bae

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