Here is how the internet features in A Love Story

Here Is How the Internet Features In A Love Story

The Virtual World of Love | How the internet features in A Love Story

Love and Love stories are one of the most searched-for entries on the internet, just as well as in real life. How I figured this out was when I wrote some time ago about what we do with our Internet time and space, to which the popular answer to that happened to be “to search for love”.

This answer isn’t out of place, and the internet as the medium for the search isn’t unbecoming. You really can find love on or through the internet, or steer love on the internet, or sparkle your love through the internet, or manage love through the internet. And much more.

One of these happened with a particular couple I’ll talk about.

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If you have followed this blog for a long time, you would know that there was a time most of my internet joy came particularly from the social networking site depicted as a bird icon. Yes, Twitter. It served well for the times I couldn’t lay my hands or eyes on any movies.

Here Is How the Internet Features In A Love StorySafe to say that a lot of my emotional intelligence and fascination on melodramas get refined by consciously relating and resonating with the information drawn from either movie plots or twitter fellows.

I doubt there’s really anything that would surprise me about what a person in love could do, or would do; or the kind of information that could or would be posted on the internet.

Here Is How the Internet Features In A Love Story
Image source: Twitter @sederapelocin

The Virtual World of Love

Now one of the everlasting recurrent news is that of people meeting online and kicking it off into marriages and other companionship programs. Various online chat sites and dating sites have people really connecting and building love empires whether temporary or permanent.

This happens especially on twitter. Well, other online social forums also, but twitter has a certain class and commonality to it, for me, plus it’s more popular and accessible. Also, people tend to share stories (successful & unsuccessful) after.

There have been the intense “forever-after” stories, the heartwarming “I-can’t-believe-it’s-real” stories, the careful “slow-and-steady-into-relationship” stories, the disgracefully shameful “slept-with-one-of-my-followers” stories, the nervous wrecks “move-interstate” stories, the virtual quickies “direct-message” stories, and there have been hookups with a lot of TMI (too much information) disclosure.

There have been cases where people meet random other people at parties but they separate without sharing identities. But isn’t the beauty of the internet the fact that it connects people and nations together?

So what they do is, they’d come on twitter (I don’t know of another medium where this triumphs just as same) and they’d post a picture taken in the parties (or events) if they have one.

There’s usually a picture or some sort of memo, and they’d request that people who are familiar with whoever had been marked in the photo(s) could assist with details concerning them. Twitter comes through and these strangers get chances to unite into friends.

The Internet Features In A Love Story

Now there’s this beautiful love story that trumps all other love stories I’ve had to read about – a hook up that got detailed online from the inception of the couple’s first contact right to their marriage, and even currently, while married.

Unlike stories where happy stories tweeted are usually some plot to forge the appearance of living a dream life offline, this love story could be real as we can see the updates as months pass by.

I’ve followed the story since 2016, not religiously though, only when I stumble on the tweet in my favorites. How it started was with a love sprung lady, Zoe Calcote, tweeting about meeting some guy at the phone store and they went on to date months later.

Their story has gotten a lot of recognition by international media, even Bella Naija talked about it back in July 2017. Here are some screenshots I collated. To best understand it, be sure to read numerically as I tried to arrange it, and take note of the circled dates.

At the time I came across and favorite’d the tweet, the update ended at their having been on several dates and the lady meeting his parents. It was February 2017 then and they had been together since November 2016.

The update of their life continued months into months. I stopped checking after November 2017. The beauty about the updates is the fact that it discloses no personal information, just insights on travel, school, food. Basically common information but with a companion she loved.

I tried hopping unto the page some hours ago, but it appears as though they have deleted ALL tweets and left this one below as their only update. Sometime late January, 2018. They are supposedly having frustrating problems with stalkers (my ‘fellow’ people) and chose to quit all regular updates on twitter, but retain their Instagram fan page.

Here is their latest post on Instagram of 4 hours ago, from now being 11:42pm, 10/02/2018

I’m indifferent about Zoe putting up her affair online. As long as it doesn’t seem to disclose any private information or interfere with the couple’s real life interaction, I guess it’s quite cute. Especially as updates could even be months apart.

And if they choose to only put up their good times on the media, and exclude all bad times, honestly that’s their personal business. So long as their good times are not make-believe, carry on!


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