How I feed off your happiness and sorrows, I’m sorry

Happy Easter!

My battery is really far spent.

I’ve literally spent the last couple of hours on social media. If I have to be exact, I’d say approximately the last 4 +half hrs on WordPress and twitter apps combined (very little on Pinterest and tumblr. Instagram just for reference to something).

This is not new, and spending lots of time on these social apps is pretty easy if you’re not counting the hours. I’m not, and that doesn’t mean I’m not ashamed of it, I am, but not so much. I’ll like to go with the excuse that I’m taking my much needed break from studying and worrying. I need this time to faff pls. Normally I get that guilt feeling when I’m doing something I shouldn’t, but I don’t feel that way at the moment, so maybe I just need this relax time (though it’s getting too much).

Here’s what I love about the media, which is the reason I have this blog (as a lifestyle blog) and my other media accounts (esp twitter. Been around since ’09. I’m an oldie whoop whoop!). I like learning how you spend your lives, how your activities run. What you resolve when you get bored, how your family is like and the kind of people you surround yourself with. The time the weather affected your thoughts and the times the food affected your body. Your new relationship and your former. Your involvements with every other thing, how your days play out. What new things you’ve learnt and why you do the things you do.  

I just expect real details and happenings, and not anything wholesomely interesting, if it turns out as such, then it’s a bonus to construe that I’ll pretty much get gung-ho on your dealings and assume most details beforehand.

Learning your information might not affect my life, but it will give me a sense of belonging in relation to the universe. Here’s what goes through my mind – I’m occupying a space on earth just as someone else, and this is what they do differently as opposed/similar to how I do mine. How are they using their God given gifts or how are they pushing to discover them? How are they surviving in their towns? How are their markets? I’m not going to live different lives or be at all the countries on the planet to be able to see and have cognizant of the various cultures, but I can enjoy them by relating through this individual. My life may not be connected with yours, but I can live vicariously through your wins and losses. I’m not going to be wrapped up in my one (mundane) life and not care or learn about the technologies, the improvements, the foodstuffs, the ailments, the reasons for laughter or protests, the struggles, the becoming attitudes, the hairstyles, the dresses, the insult comebacks, the slang, and many more things that make life have more assortment and variance that I may not live long enough or travel enough or associate enough to be a part of. And I don’t want to not know! The world is really a big sphere, and I cannot, by myself, revel in its fullness.  

These thoughts ring through always when i see any tweet, picture post, blog or blog post. My mind goes, “oh do tell! How’s life going?” And then I read your post to answer the question.

But sometimes, learning how pleasant/unpleasant others have had their lives may not be the ideal, because it could be a great cause for comparison, or depression, or a reason to ponder over the essence of life. Sometimes it gives another reason to count your blessings. God knows I’ve been at every stage.

Why do you have your social media accounts? Which is your favorite?

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  1. I love social media becuase it appeals to the stay-one-place introverted side of me. I get to be all up in my friends’ businesses without the trauma of dressing up and *gulp* interacting with actual humans.
    I love that it teaches me the different facets of human beings. We’re all so similar yet so very very different… Our choices, ways of lives… So so different. A lot of arguements birth from people not understanding why someone isn’t more like them.. Think back to the last arguement you had, someone doesn’t flush after they use and you are ballistic, “WHY DIDN’T YOU FLUSH?! YOU INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLE!!” Said person is probably an inconsiderate asshole but chances are that are just non chalant and forgetful.
    Socail media helps me view lives. I don’t have a very robust view of marriage, “WHY? ARE? YOU? DOING? THIS?” Is all i think about at weddings. But the blog of married followers have given me a sneak peek into that joyous relationship.
    Personally I prefer the written section of social media (wordpress and twitter) to pictoral (instagram and snap)… Except pinterest sha… When i die, i want to be buried at the house of whoever created pinterest

  2. You just listed all the reasons I spend hours on social media, even the reasons I couldn’t articulate before.
    I’m most active on Facebook because I somehow managed to acquire the craziest set of human beings as friends there. But I do love WordPress better, you see around here we are more honest, less about glitz, more substance. It’s the easiest place to be you.

  3. So nobody has asked for your Twitter handle so far ? 🙂 I’ll like to follow if you don’t mind sharing your handle. I keep migrating from facebook to Twitter. Completely deleted my Facebook account and deleted most of my tweets this year before starting afresh. I believe that shows I can’t leave altogether and be a hermit. That being said, I like Twitter because of the personal diary vibes it gives off.I can tweet random things and not have to worry if they make sense. No one’s busy liking my tweets as they did on Facebook. I don’t feel any compulsion to make so much sense, even though I do make sense lol. I think I’m currently using Twitter to read positive thoughts and just lay mine out as they come. Helps with stress

    1. Honey, you said it. They just simply help with stress. And it helps when you also don’t stress how far the post/tweet go especially when they make sense. For about 2 years now I’ve been almost lowkey on fb and twitter. Just logging in to read tweets and posts alone, get inspired, retweet, share..
      Old folks on here already got my handle. its @ssup_Oluchee 🙂

  4. Social media has sort of broadened my horizons because I get to observe people I might normally not come across. I’ve come across people with varying opinions and experiences that sometimes affect my perspective on certain issues. I always say this, social media can be a powerful learning tool, it just depends on how you look at it. Nice post👍

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