Here’s the blog plan for what will become of here

It would be assumed that I no longer take this blog seriously. That’s hardly the case o. Infact, been messing with the idea of expanding this space, in the sense of self hosting and attaching more categories. I wouldn’t spend money and time planning for that if I don’t think this blog is worth the process.

My infrequency here is not as though things got in the way that deterred me from writing, or that other bit about writer’s concrete block. I still write. Infact, the game got stepped up for me and I’m even contributing to other sites and brands, the craziest of the requests being to present articles on Insurance. Seeing as my first degree revolves around Maths and Chemistry, and my everyday life is all fashion, music and entertainment, I just felt this edge come upon me like..

Here’s the blog plan for what will become of here

But seriously, have I mentioned insurance on this blog before?

So my sporadic entries here have really been the way it has always been. It just got visible now as I used to have a bit more blog presence around this community that caused a lot of engagements here. Which I noticed have declined ☹️

I’m planning on self hosting, of-course I don’t intend to pull this disappearing writer bit. I’ve just been thinking too much even about this, about not just contributing sense to other sites but also bringing it here, alongside my life rants (this is a personal and lifestyle blog, some things won’t change).

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Here will change of-course and I remember when I said in this post about having no other exposure for this blog, no social media interference, no external promotion, nothing. This blog just grew independently with you guys. You people are wonderful!🙏🏽

Here’s the blog plan for what will become of here

***Cheers to 500 followers***

Well, that would change also.

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Some friends keep urging to post something here but I’ve kept refusing. Didn’t want it to turn a lot public and all. Now of-course, I’ll allow different selected voices here too, and we will all promote the posts together. There’s the saying that the sky is too big for two birds to crash ba? Yes. this internet is a wide enough space for everyone to air their views and not feel choked.

So that’s the blog plan for next year. Please don’t get upset when I ask you to subscribe via mails, because you may have to. If you don’t, I may badge in your mails to ask you nicely again …and again until you do. Before you get upset, remember for a minute that I really am a genuinely pleasant person and I’m just intruding for the blog 🙏🏽

Have you started making any plans yet?

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  1. First of all, welcome back.
    I have been having cold feet all tear round about expansion and part of me still does, but massive plans all the way, pray for I will pray for you.
    Let’s do this
    Nice read

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