Fashion Media Memoirs: featuring FADAN Fashion week 2017 (Pt 2)

FADAN Fashion week 2017 (Pt 2)

To maximally understand this post, read here About The FADAN Fashion Week (Pt 1) first. This is a continuation.

I attended the FADAN Fashion week right after the GTB Fashion Weekend. What was first interesting was, I got to learn about this FADAN (Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria) week through a misinformation I captured online. The ‘information’ made the rationale for my appearance the fact that I thought I was going to witness Desmond Elliot anchor a gathering and probably share tips about his career.

FADAN Fashion week 2017

If I had pondered over it longer than the glance I flashed at the invitation I spotted and grabbed online, maybe it would have recorded in my head that the theme and title of the event was fashion related whereas Desmond Elliot is majorly a movie actor.

That I should google his name for other namesakes would have been an insult to my knowledge of who Desmond Elliot was. That name in Nigeria is already branded for acting. Am I right?

As if that error wasn’t enough, I had this misconception of what a workshop was supposed to turn out like. I haven’t been present at one before and when I read that the FADAN fashion weekend set out for a 2-day workshop, it felt like I had this fashion crash course that was already paid in heaven by Senior Jesus and all I had to do was show up. I couldn’t let Him down.

With the episodes that led to my final entry at the event (I talked about towards the end of the previous post series – how I had a sandal accident and had to travel a long distance barefooted on one foot. Even cross the major roads on the island) all I had in mind after I resumed at the venue was to view the occasion and vacate.FADAN Fashion week 2017The arena was smaller than i imagined it would be, since the event claimed to be an exhibition, workshop and runway event. The venue chosen was the Civic Center, Victoria Island. If you’re familiar with the premises of the place, you’d know you can’t fit the guests of a moderate one year old birthday party there.

As well as it could, the exhibition was squeezed into the arena and it wasn’t so bad. They had a section on the left for the apparels booths, and at the far right corner for chops too and you’d think that was all it was about. I was mildly disappointed it took about 10mins to conclude with the event I commuted more than an hour and half for groggily.

So I decided to tour the venue besides the premises since I was there anyway. I thought I should see how the Civic Centre was built besides it’s external capacity. That was when I conceived that I had wasted 10minutes of my presence for nothing.

The halls inside the building were packed with workshops being facilitated by various speakers. It was mesmerizing. There wasn’t any form of notice at the external premises that INSIDE the building was where majority of the masterclasses were being held.

I selected the hall that seemed to have more participants, and I took a seat at the back. Even though it was somewhat congested, I felt something must be good about the speakers/ speeches to have gathered such popularity in little time.FADAN Fashion week 2017Now time is usually my constraint. I had to leave in the middle of the 3rd speaker’s recount when the I caught the clock that read almost 7pm. Not bearing in mind that this fashion week had a theme of “A stitch in time”, the speakers un-calculatingly but generously served their messages across the hall. They geared their notes towards boosting for an entrepreneurial mind from the audience.

FADAN Fashion week 2017
What is a brand?

Generally, the messages had the intention of persuading youths to pique real interest in blue collar jobs and being workmen. One speaker went as far as to base his masterclass on researches on population and figures that all pointed to Fashion and entertainment industry being the forthcoming mainstay of promoting harmony in economy, and how there’s the need to ignite an inquisitive, daring and a ‘can-do’ attitude to our approach to financial freedom and total self dependence.

FADAN Fashion week 2017
The Future doesn’t just happen

Another speaker was all about the technology approach. He talked about the endless methods of marketability and how there’s a need, henceforth, to partner up and be open to other people and ideas. How having a business isn’t enough until it gets to the virtual communities. How affiliate marketing should be a common topic and social media participation is a need-to for every business owner. No exceptions.

FADAN Fashion week 2017

There was this masterclass concerning Law engagements in businesses and the legal matters that are often neglected. I couldn’t really listen here, somehow my phone kept buzzing and sadly I got distracted. I left midway during a talk by another speaker concerning Revenue and financial accounting.

It was an extensive class on book keeping and financial statements we should be aware of. This was day 1 only. I couldn’t make it for the day 2, and it included the runway show.

FADAN Fashion Week
‘Technology Approach’ by a speaker

Here’s something I saw online about FADAN and their involvements, so maybe you should look out for them if you haven’t taken note before. I know I would.

FADAN Press Conference Release – 10 October, 2017

If you recall, last year, we staged an international fashion fair that was preceded by donations of clothing materials to 5,000 displaced children in different IDP camps across the country.

This year’s event goes beyond the runway and entertainment, it involves a new direction in youth empowerment. This two-day event will x-ray the essentials in the fashion industry through training and sure-fire Master Class to be conducted by proven professionals and experts in Nigeria’s fashion industry…

And this initiative to train young people in the fashion industry will be a quarterly affair from 2018….

Funds received from sponsors and partners will be used majorly for purchasing state of the art sewing machines for over 500 trainees — some of whom will benefit from this year’s event, and others identified through our partnership with colleges and universities offering fashion design in their curriculum.

Funmi Ajila Ladipo, National President, (FADAN).

We need more of this. With the absence of sufficient white collar jobs to support the hundred of thousands of graduates universities produce yearly, engaging in blue collar jobs would be effective to curb the lack of productivity. We shouldn’t promote and encourage idleness. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop!

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