Do You Think You are a Like-able person?

What I’ve come to notice is that quite a few positive terms are misconstrued for different kinds of other pleasant terms. When you say one thing and the receiver interprets it as another, but still in the same context of positivity. Like, complimenting someone for their hairdo/haircut and they genuinely take it to mean that their face looks good. Which may or may not be true. But it’s quite a different notice altogether.

This may give you a prompt to hunt through the complements you’ve received in the past and pore over them. But these misconceptions in terminologies are not limited to perceived compliments alone.

Common positive qualities are unknowingly misunderstood or waived for another, when used in communication. “Clever for knowledgeable”, “focused for determined”, “multitasking” and more. However, this isn’t bad. They usually fit enough to be clearly understood.

Also, they may be connotations that, over time, have come to stay in replacing the original meanings of words. Since they’re in the family of similar expressions, all is fine and well.

That’s why a hundred words can be used to express a picture and no word would miss the point.

But here’s the direction of this post. Some people do not know that actual differences exist in synonymous words, and the fact that they could be used interchangeably does not make them exact in meaning. They only mean they could suffice in that context for the sake of similar interpretation, or approach, simplicity, the likes.

Being “like-able” is one of those slightly misapplied words. Like-able isn’t necessarily synonymous to traits as “too nice”, or attractive, tidy, courteous, determined, or those others. Whenever like-able is employed for the place of those words, it’s just an overshoot. I’ve heard “like-able” used to substitute for someone who had a bucket of interesting stories, even though this person talks too loudly and spits also.

If you ask me, there’ll be more people protecting themselves from the roaring and spitting by dispersing, than converging for the interesting stories. That isn’t an effect of being like-able.

Honestly, that you are well-mannered probably wouldn’t even affix your name to the column of “Most Like-able People Under 30”.

If there was a Forbes list for “Likely to be Like-able Person for a day”, you may not be remotely considered with all your goodness.

I believe that all these terms (say, being attractive, well-mannered, clever, patient, understanding, etcetera) which may be attributed to being like-able are subjective relative (subjective?). Because while they may seem acceptable to some, they also may come off some-type-of-way to others.

Perhaps too strong, perceptive, dubious, pretentious, uptight, name it. The proclaimed like-able person may possess some less pronounced flaw that’d lurk in the shadows of the personality.

He’s caring but…

What Makes For Like-able

Like-able” should stand for a more universally acceptable personality. It should not be part-accepting-part-flaw but an overall satisfactory personality. One that is adequately pleasant, tolerable, and unobjectionable.

This is not to say a like-able person is one who is perfect, but the first impression usually takes note of only the good. The flaw is there, but the pleasant nature supersedes and rises above it.

Usually, when a person is described as like-able, it is less subjective (subjective!) and should mean other people of varied traits would find the same person agreeable.

This means that an obnoxious and difficult boss wouldn’t think otherwise about said individual being like-able, just as an angelic spirited human would also shake hands in agreement.

Mostly, the like-able term is not a singular trait. If it is, then the singular trait should define the person, and not the term “like-able”. For example, a good listener might be a non-contributor. This could be off-putting to some people. Said people may not tag listener as like-able, but simply “a good listener”.

You are like-able isn’t because you are kind or caring. If you are, then you are just a kind person, or a caring person.

How Do You Know A Like-Able Person

There are certain people that give off the right vibe to just about anybody they come across. You encounter them and you immediately deem them admirable. Delightful. Charming. Enchanting.

These are terms that come close to representing who a like-able person is. These terms are ambiguous and make you search further for a specific feature you appreciate in the person. They are not ‘singular’ qualities!

Parents of friends would ask to invite them over for the family dinner. Supervisors and lecturers adore them and maybe go as far as inquiring their opinion on certain subjects. Or regarding how they teach, or frequently suggesting a textbook title they believe the person would find interesting.

Your elder siblings agree they wouldn’t mind hanging around them because they make for good company.

Friends include them in every of their activities whether or not they fit the profile. Think about that person you’d invite to a party when you’re almost sure it wouldn’t be their kind of crowd. Still, you wish they would look past it and consider making an appearance.

That person you’d wish to come along with you so a deal could work better, or a positive outcome could materialize from engaging in an activity.

Sometimes it’s about the person being a good sport, other times you know it’s because they’re like-able so things will just work their way.

How do you become a like-able Person

From the 2014 sitcom “Selfie”, they gave quite a few pointers which I’ll go over in another post, since this is getting too long!

Before that, what do you think about being like-able?

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  1. I love the fact that I have been nodding in agreement right from the start of this post. Also I have affirmed what I have always known…that I am the most unlikeable person I know.

        1. I’m sure you’re not, but someone who would admit just like you’re doing, would be about 3 steps ahead of those that aren’t likable but think they are

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