There’s Something About Writing

there's something about writing

If you are not a movie person, you would miss the subtle pun in the title. I coined it from the movie, “There’s something about Mary”. The 90s romantic comedy that had Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz in it. I watched a lottt of movies growing up. This also matched my book reading hobby. I read a lot of books. […]

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Are you a fan of music or not?

How Well Can You Remember the Good old Songs

Are you a fan of contemporary Rhythm & Blues or Hip-Hop, or Alternative Rock, Jazz, Classical music? Or basically any kind of music genre? It’s funny this question has to be asked and not assumed, that, automatically, a person born of a woman would take a liking to some kinds of music, any kind. Apparently that’s not usually the case. […]

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How I Got The Almost Perfect Job from an Interview For a Job Position I Hated and Failed! Part 3 (final part)

If you haven’t read the pioneer posts on this Job Interview topic, you should. So you’d get the full benefit of the idea behind retrospecting to this event. Don’t make your understanding of the lesson here incomplete please! Here’s part one, and here’s two! Read: How I Got The Almost Perfect Job from Interviewing For a Job Position I Hated and […]

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